Wisdom Teeth Removal Process, Aftercare Suggestion and Recovery Tips

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Lots of people in the age of early twenties have to remove their wisdom teeth. However, everyone doesn’t like to pull out these teeth. Generally, dentists have differing views about this. The best way is to meet with an experienced doctor if you want to remove these teeth.

Wisdom teeth are those kinds of teeth that rise from the final teeth of the mouth. Generally, people get four wisdom teeth. All of these four rises from the four ending corner of the mouth. It generally develops between the ages of 10 to 20.

It only rises from the corner places of the mouth. The remaining 28 teeth stay at the right place. Our mouth has no extra place for extra teeth. So it rises from the critical position and gets stuck. It causes huge pain inside the mouth. So wisdom teeth removal is very essential to get rid of this pain.

What is wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom tooth extraction or removal is a medical procedure which is done by an oral specialist or dentist. It can be done in both dentist’s chamber and any hospital. If you are facing serious wisdom teeth removal issue, then the hospital will be the better place to continue surgery.

  • If you have an infection inside your body, the doctor will never recommend you for surgery. In serious cases, specialists use medicine to reduce the infection.
  • Wisdom teeth removal surgery starts with local anesthesia on the removal places to daze the whole area. It brings sleep to your eyes and keeps the teeth pain far away from you.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything for the last 6-8 hours before starting the surgery of wisdom tooth extraction
  • At first dental expert covering up the gum cells over the teeth. It brings out the bone that screens the teeth.  A dentist generally isolates the cells from bone and removes a wisdom tooth.
  • Here is the last step, dentist stitches the surgery place. He recommends the patient to come after few days for removing of the stitch.

Within some days you will be okay to eat anything you want. These are the whole procedure of wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Wisdom tooth extraction aftercare

Surgery or medical treatment is not good enough to get rid of the pain of wisdom tooth. After surgery, the patient needs to take wisdom tooth extraction aftercare. Following procedures should be maintained.

  • Take ache pills according to the recommendation of the dentist. Don’t take over. The excess dose of painkiller is very injurious to health.
  • For the first week after surgery, the patient may see his/her blood splitting from your mouth. Slowly sting gauze pad over the teeth. Always remember to change the gauze after drowning it in blood.
  • Don’t try to sleep in a horizontal position. It lengthens the bleeding. Put your head over pillows while sleeping or lying down.
  • Put a pack of ice on the outside of cheeks. You can heat up from outside with warm water. Continue it for at least 3-4 days after surgery.
  • For first few days avoid solid foods. Eat soft and liquid foods like soup, jelly etc. Slowly adds solid foods in the regular food routine.
  • It’s a very common mistake to use straw in drinking water after surgery. But it is totally wrong. Straw eases the blood spots.
  • Wash your mouth with salt water, 2-3 times in a day. Saltwater reduces contusion and pain both. Clean mouth softly not harshly. Otherwise, it eases blood spots and stops healing.
  • If you are a smoker, then the vital wisdom tooth extraction aftercare is quitting smoking for one day after surgery.
  • Avoid to brush or touch the removal place with tongue or fingers.
  • Slowly brush the upper and lower side of your teeth to remove bacteria.
  • If you are still bleeding then contacts with your dentist.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery time

The pain you feel at the extraction of wisdom teeth will be existed for extra some days. It’s a very common question among people to know the wisdom teeth removal recovery time. Let’s clear the concept of recovery duration.

Wisdom teeth are called the third molars, but no one wants to keep it in the corner of the mouth. It has no health issue. Besides it troubles and pains inside the mouth.  By using local insentience, the dentist removes the wisdom teeth and then starts wisdom teeth removal recovery time.

After successful teeth operation, you have to maintain the rules and regulations of extraction aftercare strictly. The recovery time depends on the level of aftercare of operation. The more you take care, the more you will recover soon.

According to the information of dentist, Dr. Joseph Arzadon of Arlington mentioned that removal recovery time is at least three to four days. Sometimes it takes one week to get well. There are some ways to reduce recovery time easily.

  • Don’t pressure or touch the blood clot inside the mouth. It delays the healing system and recovery time both.
  • Use prescription recommended painkillers, ice pack or warm water to reduce pain.
  • Brush and clean the mouth softly and easily. It reduces the infection from the mouth.
  • Start feeding with liquid and fluffy foods

If any patients just follow these easy rules, it will need some days to one week for recovering. But if you still feel any pain, continuous bleeding, meet with your dentist and share the problems.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery tips

If you are facing the problem of wisdom teeth and your dentist recommends for surgery, don’t afraid.  Here I am sharing wisdom teeth removal recovery tips for the patients.

  • Patients will be recovered soon if dentist treatments according to the standard of Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)
  • Apply ices outside of the mouth. It reduces swelling and pain. If patients get infected with teeth, use heat to moisture inside.
  • Bleeding is very common after surgery. My tip is to use gauze pad over the removal places. It stops bleeding after a while. Instead of the pad, the patient can use dampen tea packets. It contains tannic acid that stops bleeding and recovery soon.
  • Limitation of feeding and drinking before and after 6 hours of surgery.
  • While brushing your teeth, don’t touch the removal place.
  • Leave the habit of smoking for early recovery of wisdom teeth.
  • Drink lukewarm. It hydrates the mouth from infection and other germs.
  • Avoid carbonated snacks and foods because it put the flack inside the teeth.

If you follow these wisdom teeth removal recovery tips, you will recover soon.  If you face further problems like swelling, over bleeding or pain, my tip is to counsel the problems with your dentist.


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