Teeth Reshaping Treatments and Costs

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The teeth reshaping is a treatment to modality with aesthetic benefits. Cosmetic dentistry can be related to other operative resources. These are more satisfactory to patients. In this way, this work aims to present a clinical case. In which the cosmetic remodeling is associated with different operative resources. It can be used as a conservative aesthetic treatment option. This article aims to summarize techniques about teeth reshaping. When talking about dental aesthetics, you should not only consider the color, shape, and size, texture of the teeth but also consider the periodontium and the lips. Think the relationships of all these elements with each other and with the whole of the face.

Aesthetic surgery

The term aesthetic periodontal surgery is used to refer to the surgical techniques. It aims to improve the aesthetic conditions of supportive tissues. At first, the terms surgery were used interchangeably. Friedman introduced the mucogingival surgery. It referred to corrective techniques of the alveolar mucosa. The philosophy guided these treatments to achieve the least amount of inserted gum. It is to achieve and maintain a periodontal health condition.

How are teeth reshaping done?

The remodeling of the teeth is done by using different dental instruments with abrasive properties. The first thing is to do a full examination. That includes x-rays and photographs to ensure that your teeth are healthy. Then the dentist will proceed to design the suitable changes marking the teeth with a pencil to highlight the areas. It needs to shape, then use a sanding instrument to reduce the imperfections on the surface of the teeth. It is almost an artist work to outline the sides. Finally smooth or polish using strips of sandpaper. Remodeling and contouring are conservative approaches to change the appearance of dental pieces.

Initial exam: Your dentist may first take x-rays of your teeth to find out the location and size of the tooth pulp. If the enamel layer is very thin or if the pulp is too close near the surface of the tooth, remodeling is not possible. Another process, such as dental veneers can be applied in place.

What are the risks of dental remodeling?

The remodeling process should be considered carefully since the enamel is not replaceable. Here only one risk is to involve the thickness of the enamel. One idea should guide any aesthetic treatment. Without care, it is very difficult to achieve aesthetic satisfactory results. Aesthetic periodontal surgery techniques must be applied on tissues that should be healthy. It is essential to study the state of the periodontium. If there is a periodontal disease, it must be treated. The tissues can be manipulated in better conditions. This principle also implies that in order to get the results to maintain over time. The patient must follow a periodontal maintenance program.


In order to improve the results obtained, principles of microsurgery have been applied to periodontal surgery. It is especially to periodontal aesthetic surgery. This does not mean that a microscope should be used to perform aesthetic periodontal surgery. The use of this technology can mean a significant improvement in the results.

Treatment of alterations of the gingival margin

Alterations of the gingival margin: If the gum is inflamed, we will have to diagnose and treat this gingivo-periodontal disease. With this way, the gum will return to us. Its normal characteristics and the patient’s smile is its aesthetics. In the case of the gum, present an overgrowth. We will have to do a treatment first. Then surgically correct with an internal bevel coronary lengthening the gingival enlargement.

The situation occurs when we have lost soft tissues around the tooth. When the loss occurs at the interproximal spaces, we see black triangles in a very unsightly situation. The main cause of papilla loss is due to periodontitis. If the distance between the alveolar bone and the contact point increased to 6 mm, the papilla was only present in 56% of the cases. This distance increases to 7 mm. It was only present in 27%. Currently, we do not have any periodontal technique. That is predictable when it comes to reconstructing the papillae.

Another situation that we can improve the aesthetics of our patients is the asymmetries of the gingival margin. We solve this situation with an internal bevel gingivectomy or a coronary lengthening.

The advantage of teeth reshaping

One of the main benefits is dental contouring is much cheaper than other techniques. Another amazing advantage is that this technique does not generate any kind of pain. Since the tools only have, contact is the tooth enamel without reaching the tubules or dental nerves. You can say goodbye to the needles, anesthesia, and discomfort.

Finally, it improves the health of the teeth. It also eliminates crowding, minor defects, and imperfections. In which dental plaque could accumulate and become tartar. It is a minor defect and it was caused by an accident. The remodeling is an excellent option to replace the lost tissue with tooth color. Consult with your dental insurance to know if it covers these treatments. In some cases, dental remodeling is an alternative to orthodontics. Since it eliminates small overlaps in the teeth making them look straighter.

Teeth reshaping cost

The cost of teeth reshaping is in a range from approximately $ 1800 to $3000.  If we talk about a treatment with a fixed device, it would cost between $2400 and $6000. You can compare the price of the budget. Copy your budget data. You will receive free orthodontic offers that recommend for the type of orthodontics you need.


Teeth reshaping is perfect who suffer from teeth with is a little crooked one side stands out, or too pointed. Dental reshaping is not suitable for root canals, decayed teeth, or harmful gums. Sometimes these simply invasive processes are the initial steps towards a wider cosmetic dentistry work. It is important to know that teeth reshaping before and after the advantages and disadvantages of applying these procedures. We should take advice from a specialist before teeth reshaping.


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