Instructions for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

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The extraction of wisdom teeth requires extreme and particular care after surgery. This will help you to avoid pain. So, it is very essential to know about the wisdom tooth extraction aftercare procedures. When completes the extraction, we place surgical gauze over the area. That must keep in place for at least half an hour to remove all the blood in the surgical area. If you need to rinse your mouth, do it gently. A strong rinse can remove the blood clot that forms to help to heal. As the local anesthetic disappears, you will have to take pain medications that we have prescribed to minimize discomfort.

Dental extraction

A dental extraction is a surgical procedure. It is a procedure consists of removing a tooth from the dental socket. In the bone cavity, the roots of the teeth lodged always under local anesthesia. Sometimes during extraction, the tooth has to separate previously. The rubbing of the bone lodged to clean the area well. Suturing the gum finished it to help a good healing. You can also give the tooth included and has not emerged from the gum. We have to make an incision in the gum to remove it. If you have a dental infection surgeon will treat by extraction. In these cases, the surgeon will previously prescribe an antibiotic for you to take wisdom tooth extraction aftercare. It is important that you follow the guidelines prescribed by the specialist. When the effect of the anesthesia is over, it is easy to notice pain or swelling. To avoid pain and inflammation, the specialist will usually prescribe analgesics, anti-inflammatory, and a stomach protector.

After a dental extraction, you have to take care of yourself at home

If you do not know what the wisdom tooth extraction aftercare, we will tell you how to avoid the discomfort of it. We will also show you how to get a quick recovery with the following recommendations. After this procedure, you should follow the recommendations indicated by your dentist. You will also need to follow the necessary aftercare for wisdom tooth extraction being the following:

  • To control the hemorrhage
  • Place some compresses with ice.
  • Take the medication
  • Avoid restricted foods.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Do not use that molar.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Care after extraction
  • Control bleeding

After an extraction, it is normal that bleeding occurs which can last for a short time up to a few hours. To control it, it is the best to bite antiseptic gauze in cold water or a wet tea bag. You can repeat the action until it stops bleeding. If it continues after several hours and is excessive, go to the doctor to receive the most appropriate assessment.

Here we have shown some guideline about aftercare for wisdom tooth extraction.

Place some compresses with ice

The placement of some compresses with ice on the side of the face of the extraction will help you to reduce the swelling. We recommend applying them for 5 minutes, resting 15 minutes, performing this action for 2 hours.

Take the medication

The list of medications the dentist has prescribed to take, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. That will help you to avoid infections and reduce bleeding after tooth extraction during the first days after having done the extraction. This is one of the best cares about an extraction of a wisdom tooth. That you must carry out avoiding your recovery can complicate. As a result, you need additional attention from the dentist.

Avoid restricted foods

The most advisable after removing a tooth is to avoid eating food during the first two hours. Later you can take liquid or soft foods during the first 2 days, not including those that are sticky.

Give up smoking

The toxic substances contained in the smoke as well as the action of inspiring, irritate and affect the healing. It is causing the clot to remove from the wound. Therefore, in case you smoke, our recommendation is not to do it for at least 1 week.

Do not use molar

When you start to opt for soft foods, it is essential that you chew on the side. There the extraction has not done to avoid removing the clot when eating. It is essential to avoid hot foods or beverages. That can cause more bleeding and hard or crunchy foods.

Maintain proper oral hygiene

During the first 12 hours, you should not wash your mouth until after that time. After the second day, you will be able to wash your teeth with soft toothpaste. Brush the area very slowly. Now you will know more about the wisdom tooth extraction. You can have a quick recovery and improve your oral health quickly. If you have more discomfort, we recommend you to visit a dental specialist.

How should I act after a tooth extraction?

  • Do not spit and swallow saliva in case you are very scrupulous and cannot hold the taste of blood. You can use gauze to clean your tongue and blood in your mouth.
  • You must bite for half hour sterile gauze. That you will place in the consultation in the area of extraction.
  • It is important not to smoke. Since tobacco has a negative effect on the healing of the wound. That can cause infection.
  • Do not consume hot foods for 24 hours after extraction. Avoid spicy foods and soft drinks. It is important that you make a soft diet during the first postsurgical hours.
  • You must use cutlery to cut the food before putting it in your mouth. Do not cut food with the teeth that have temporary crowns. Therefore, we will prevent them from falling or breaking.
  • If you had a sudden loss, repeat the same thing you did the first day. Bite funky gauze for an hour without speaking.
  • If 4 days have passed and the pain does not reduce, go back to your dentist because it could be a dry socket.
  • Do not brush the surgery area for 24 hours.
  • Do not use mouth rinses for 24 hours.
  • It is important that you do not lift or make efforts during the first 24 hours.
  • At bedtime, we recommend that you put a larger pillow so that your head is higher than your feet.
  • Apply ice wrapped in a towel for a few minutes and then remove it. By performing this operation several times, we will help you not to swell your face a lot.
  • After 24 hours you must do:
  • Brush the area with care but keep the stitches clean.
  • You can use the mouthwash to make mouthwash.

Finally, we can say all of these recommendations are effective for wisdom tooth extraction aftercare. We hope these recommendations will be helpful to those who will soon remove a tooth. You can eat normally, using cutlery to cut food before putting it in your mouth. You should avoid cutting food with teeth. That has temporary crowns to prevent them from falling or breaking. Most of the complications have appeared after wisdom tooth extraction. Since patients do not follow adequate guidelines. That is why it is very important to take good care of ourselves during those days.


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