What Are Anxiety Attacks? Causes, symptoms and remedies of anxiety attack

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The other name of anxiety attack is the panic attack. Both anxiety attack and panic attack people feel the same experiences when getting the attack. They can occur without any warning. So, they are the cause of terror and fear.

It will be the cause of actual harm of your body. They gather a lot of people as they suddenly occur. Then it becomes the source of anxiety and worry in panic attacks persons. When one gets a panic attack, it will be the cause of further attack too. So, it is necessary to know the incident to reduce the chances of another attack.

There are seen some physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. These are the symptoms of increasing sweating, palpitation, trouble in breathing, light headed, feeling nauseous, disordered, chest pain, numb feet and hands and the other symptoms. These all symptoms don’t mean that you have occurred an attack. The three main symptoms are feeling of approaching doom, trouble in breathing and palpitations.

There are some unknown reasons of the anxiety attacks. Without any reason, many people may suffer from these attacks several times in lives. There may also be an incident taken into the very stressful condition.

The children and women are the most prone to suffering from anxiety attacks. They will report for an original emotional issue. So, these types of attacks are assumed to be the result of anxiety more than others.

Causes of Anxiety Attacks

There are many causes of anxiety attacks such as financial problems, stressors, relationship problems, sorrow, medication and medical conditions. Generally, there are many medical condition causes which is interrelated. The doctor examines to determine some issues for confirming anxiety attacks of the patient. These issues are people’s personality, measure environmental issues, past disturbances, brain chemistry of patient and personal medical history.

The environmental matters are poverty, very strict parents, fearful parents, unnecessary family conflicts, anxious parents, childhood and parental separation, very critical parents and insufficient support system.

Personality characters are the power feeling limitations, seeing the threatening world, low confidence and inability to deal with daily things. Brain chemistry is irregular cortisol levels (stress from hormone) and neurotransmitter inequities (epinephrine, serotonin, GABA).

Family medical history shows people a design of misuse and illnesses all over generations. It shows the genetical disposition of anxiety attacks. Past traumas are the clear effect of childhood events, natural disasters, abuse, war, and crime.

Symptoms of Anxiety Attack

Now a day anxiety attack is one type of global problem. Lots of people all over the world are suffering from this disease. It can exactly happen to anybody. Moreover, anxiety is not differentiated. It may activate physical anxiety attack when nervous feelings are peak among us. Then, it can make the things sad.

How sad is a anxiety attack?

An anxiety attack can be the cause of stroke, heart attack or some other severe medical emergency. Many people, who first suffer from anxiety attacks, are hurried to take in an emergency room.

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are the same things. It begins shortly and it lasts for about 10 minutes. Sometimes, they can be occurred for about one hour or more.

The quick feelings of discomfort, terror, and extreme fear are the main cause of anxiety attacks. Panic or anxiety attack incidents can occur suddenly while you’re sleeping. The common symptoms of an anxiety attack are given below:

  • Feeling less control over the body
  • Feelings of fear or dread
  • Urge to escape
  • Swallowing difficulty
  • A choking feeling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Racing heart
  • Going crazy
  • Lightheaded or dizziness
  • Production of sweat
  • Need the feeling to produce
  • Stomach cramps
  • Unsteadiness and shaking
  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Chills

How to Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks?

Anxiety Attacks is the incidents where one feels dying fear, extreme nervousness, hot chills, sweating, uneasiness, choking sensations, feeling and heart attack. Anxiety attack will come up with these feelings that last for some minutes.  It may also last for many times.

These attacks can happen without any type of warning. So, you will fall into it anytime. Thus, it becomes the cause of anxiety disorder. An anxiety attack is similar to a hysterical condition of mind where you forget what is to be happened. It may be the source of depression for you. At times, it becomes the cause of suicidal tendencies.

Methods to get rid of anxiety attacks

The common question among people is how to get rid of anxiety attacks. It is asked for about all the time. In order to get rid of the illness, you need to know how to keep your mind fresh. It may be completed by practicing some important steps regularly:

  • Talk with your family and friends: It is important to discuss with someone about how to get rid of anxiety? Family, friends and your colleagues will help you to reduce your anxiety if you discuss with them about your cause of anxiety. They must be careful for you. They will help you to become stress-free. Moreover, they can help you successfully if you feel into an anxiety attack.
  • Keep you away from stimulants: Some of the stimulants such as cigarettes, coffee, ephedrine, and cocaine must be escaped. These types of substances help to motivate your body. Then, it may be injurious for you if you suffer from anxiety.
  • Avoid taking stress: It is important because the stressful situations can be the cause of an attack. You should keep you in relax. Try to avoid thinking about some serious issues.
  • Breathing exercises: Meditation and breathing exercises is the best way to avoid you from pressure. You should contain these activities every day and notice the change.
  • Meet with a psychiatrist: It is very important to meet with a psychiatrist if you suffer from anxiety attack. You should use behavior therapy to take guidance from the good psychiatrist.


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