How to Stop an Anxiety Attack Naturally? – Helpful Tips for You to Control

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Our life isn’t easy to handle. Every day we need to do thousands of work. We meet new people. We have to attend new events. We don’t feel well or comfortable all the time. Anxiety attack is a common problem of our life. In this article we will know about anxiety and panic attack. I will write about how to stop anxiety attack. How you can handle the situation. Hope this article will help a lot about panic and anxiety attack.

What is Panic Attack?

In our life suddenly we feel very nervous and tensed. We feel a heavy pressure and our heart starts beating very fast. We can’t even take breath properly. It is known as panic attack. It sometimes leads to panic disorder. It is not necessary to have in pressure for occurring panic attack. It can happen to anyone who is even relaxing. It can happen more than one times in one’s life.

Symptoms of Panic Attack

The symptoms of panic attack are shown here:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Choking feeling
  • Can’t take breath
  • Having fear
  • Over sweating
  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Heart rate is faster


 The real cause of panic attack is still not found. It can happen to anybody who is healthy. But normally people who are in stress face panic attack. Important life events like getting married, having a baby, graduating from college, giving interview, job stress, family problem etc. can lead one to panic attack.

Besides mentally and emotional aspects physical causes can also be a reason for panic attack. Such as low blood sugar, taking cocaine, caffeine, medicine affect, thyroid gland etc. are also reasons of panic attack.

How to Stop Panic Attack?

 If someone suffers from panic attack he can take some steps to stop panic attack. I am giving the points with description. If you follow the rules you can overcome it.

  • Recognize your symptoms: If you feel uncomfortable first recognize the symptoms of panic attack. Check the symptoms and think that you are not going to die as it is not heart attack. It will help to be relaxed and fear free.
  • Take deep breath: Though you will feel choking, try to take breath. Take a long deep breath, hold for some time and leave them slowly.
  • Give concentration to a focus object: look and find an object. Give all your concentration on that. It can be a mug, a painting or anything you find. It will help to stop panic attack.
  • Say something again and again: Say a word or sentence to stay your brain calm down.  For example: I am okay, it is good, or anything you can tell. Repeat it. You will feel calm.
  • Close your eyes: Close your eyes for some time. You will find it easy to take breath and relax.
  • Practice mindfulness: Being mindful will help to control anxiety. It will help to stop panic attack. Try to understand what you are hearing, try to know what you are seeing. Feel the smell you are getting, feel the weather.
  • Exercise: Try to do light exercise. You can start walking or swimming. Relax your muscles. You will feel comfortable.

Anxiety attack

 Anxiety attack is a common problem of people. Most of the people have experienced anxiety attack during their lifetime. Our body starts shaking, we feel like our heart will be exploded, we want to cry and scream loudly.

Causes of anxiety panic

  • Thyroid problem
  • Diabetes
  • Heart problem
  • Wrong uses of drugs
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Extreme fear
  • Depression

What does an anxiety attack feel like?

 You will find these symptoms for anxiety attack.

  • Fear and restlessness
  • Distress and worry
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Chest pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Shortness of breathing
  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Choking feeling
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling of losing control
  • Want to escape and cry
  • Turning pale

We can see anxiety and panic attack is kind of similar. But they are different too. Anxiety attack causes because of stress and worry. But most of the time panic attack occurs without reason. Anxiety attack is milder than panic attack.

How to stop anxiety attack?

You can stop anxiety attack fast by doing these steps.

  • Take breath: As you will feel choking, try to take deep breath first. Simply take long breath and leave. Repeat the process.
  • Drink water: To reduce panic and fear take a glass of cold water. Take small sip and drink slowly. It will help you a lot.
  • Stay calm down: Tell your mind to calm down. Feel relax. It will help to end the anxiety attack. Close your eyes and think that matters which makes you happy. Count to one to ten. Slowly you will feel good.
  • Stop being afraid: One of the main reasons of anxiety attack is being afraid of something. So you should stop the fear. Try to think about other ways. Remind your brain that you can do this. It will help you to control your brain. You can prevent anxiety attack by this way.
  • Relax: Relax your body and mind. Relaxing the body will reduce the stress. You will start feeling normal. Change your position. Try to sit or lay down. Relax your muscles. You can start doing light exercise.
  • Focus on something: Look at the picture or a clock in your room. Or look at the tree or other object. Focus on that. Find out the color, the shape of that object. It will help you to forget about your stress and fear. Distract yourself from your fear and situation. The chance of attack will reduce.
  • Move: Change the position of yourself. You can start walking. And move to other place. Your brain will feel comfortable. If you stay in that place your brain will not let you work properly. It will think you are in danger.

So you can stop panic attack by doing these things.

In our daily life it isn’t possible to stop anxiety. But we can take proper steps to reduce the risk to face anxiety or panic attack. The anxiety attack isn’t dangerous. So don’t worry about it. Just relax and do the work.


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