You Should Know How to Stop Feeling Anxious

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Are you feeling anxious? It’s mean, you are worried or concern about something. An interview or examination may be the reason for your concern. It has no definite focus. But you should know how to stop feeling anxious or get relief from anxiety.

In medical terms, anxious means feeling worried or uneasy, but not with any specific focus. It may be you are eager. It can be negative or positive.  It can be you are interested in something.

Human is different from other animals. Think more about something, unrest, feeling anxious all the time etc. are human birth behavior. It’s also a disorder that causes fear, apprehension, worrying and nervousness.

Causes of Anxiety

Every people are feeling anxious all the time or specific time. It’s a normal feeling of a person. For example, we may feel nervous before a test, an interview, or when we faced problem in work.

But when this anxious affects our normal work, it leads to mental illness, it called anxiety disorder.

We cannot stop feeling anxious. We can feel it anytime, anywhere. We are feeling nervous and anxious before the examination. There is no reason for feeling nervous. But it is our human tendency to feel anxious and nervous.

Effects of anxiety

Additional anxious have a bad effect on our normal life. It gives us stress. Stress is very harmful to our brain. It creates dread, fear and worries in our mind. Due to extra stress, people are addicted to the smokes, drugs, and alcohol.

When we fail in examination or refused in the job interview, we are feeling anxious and depressed. Due to depression, we are addicted to drugs. Occasionally, the tendency of suicide increases due to anxiety or depression. Due to depression or frustration, many of the future will be lost.

Sometimes, anxious have an effect on our physical conditions. Anxious has seen signs of many physical problems. For example, chest pain is a symptom or sign of anxiety. The heart attack is caused by anxious feeling in the chest.

On the other hand, upset stomach is caused by anxious feeling in the stomach. It has a very serious effect on your overall happiness. Upset stomach has a tendency to make you feel ill.

Tricks of Stop Felling Anxious

Sometimes, we think a lot of things in our life. Some little things make us disappointed. This disappoint creates anxiety in our mind. But we are feeling anxious for no reason.

Our unconscious minds always feel anxious for no reason about our life. But we cannot find a way that what to do when feeling anxious. If you do not find a way out, how to stop feeling anxious, you can do following tricks to stop feeling anxious. 

  • Take long Breathe: When you feel worried about something, you need to take long breathe. It helps you to be calm and re-center your mind. It also keeps distance you from anxiety and helps to focus on your target.
  • Watch a Funny Video: Funny things make you laugh. Do something funny, or watch the funny video, cartoons, comedy movie etc. which makes you laugh.

Laughing is a good medicine for your anxious mind. It gives you relief from your stress. It also helps you not to feeling anxious for no reason and makes your mind refresh.

  • Do something Quick: When we feel anxious, we must do something which is our favorite. Focus on what is helpful for you. We can watch television, listening song, take a walk, which helps you to control your wake up feeling anxious.
  • Find out Thought Reason: Sometimes, we cannot understand why we are anxious. It gives more stress on your brain. You must find out the reason for your anxiety. Then, if possible try to solve the problem of your anxious.
  • Maintain the 3-3-3 Rule: There is a unique rule to get relief from anxiety. First, you look around three things at near you. Then, name the three sounds which you can hear. At last, move the three parts of your body like your fingers, arm, or ankle.

This is the mental tricks that help to center your mind, bring back you to the present moment.

  • Share with Family, friends: When you are worried, text or call the family member or friend, share your problem with them.

If you share problems with your friends, family members, or nearest one, the thinking is reduced. They can give you opinion or can help to remove you from anxious.

  • Stay Away From Sugar: When you are under stress, sweet things, chocolate can do harm than good. In a research shows, eating too much sugar can spoil anxious feelings.
  • Stay in the Present: Are you thinking about future or past? Don’t think about past and future. If something negative happened in your past doesn’t mean that it will happen today. It will happen in future.

Everything changes with the passage of time. With the passage of time, you are being more adult. You have more choice, more ability to fight or leave a bad situation in your past.

  • Widens Your View: Narrow minds are the main obstacle to our liberal. It creates anxious in our mind about little things. It is also threat to our identity. In this situation, it is wise to ease up on the worry and broaden your view.
  • Try to Overcome Situation or Problem: To overcome the problem is the solution of anxious rather than avoid them. Practice observing of mind is very helpful rather than react to them.

You can also do “Yoga” to be calm your mind. The Yoga helps to overcome thoughts of your mind.

If you are feeling anxious all the time, it can cause your mental problems. It can harm your normal life. For feeling anxious all the time, it can end your peace.

If you do not find a way out, how to stop feeling anxious, you should try the above rules. These tricks will help you stop feeling anxious and help in living a healthy and cheerful life. Without feeling anxious you may succeed in your life.  


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