How to cure hemorrhoids naturally?

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Hemorrhoid is a common health hazard when people enter into their middle life. The presence of hemorrhoid makes your life a miserable one as it causes several discomforts and immense pain to the patient. The patient has to suffer a lot as there is a chance of profuse bleeding. Also, the patient finds too much pain while the defecation procedure goes on. It becomes challenging for a person to have hemorrhoids to pass the days smoothly. So the patient has to treat himself well to return to his daily life soon. 

The patient may have the question in his mind that can I cure hemorrhoids naturally? It’s obvious to have this question in mind, as many people find it tough to get treatment from the hospital. And here comes the good news that You can cure hemorrhoids entirely naturally.

Is it possible to cure hemorrhoids naturally?

Cure of hemorrhoids is never a strict procedure to go through. Proper medication, regular follow-up works best to cure hemorrhoids perpetually. But you are a person having faith in natural healing; don’t get tensed about the cure of piles. Piles can be cured entirely naturally and without any involvement of modern medication. Several options are available to cure piles naturally. 

How to cure piles naturally?

There are so many ways to cure piles naturally. All you need to do is, maintain the regularity. Try to follow the home remedies regularly until you obtain a complete recovery. Following a home remedy for a short period will not help you in the long run.  

  1. Take a hot water bath regularly: The patient needs to take a warm water bath for about 10-15 minutes at least twice or thrice a day. This bath is a must after defecation. The warm water will soothe the anal area to a great extent. This remedy is beneficial and also provides hassle-free treatment to the patient.
  • Application of which hazel: Application of which hazel is a proven remedy to reduce the pain of hemorrhoid during the defecation procedure. Witch hazel also can reduce itching in the anal area to a great extent. However, there is no scientifically proven information about how witch hazel works to cure hemorrhoids. But scientists have found out that witch hazel contains oil and tannin, which helps lower bleeding and itching to a great extent. So you can use witch hazel to cure hemorrhoids naturally. The best thing about witch hazel is that it doesn’t have any side effects.
  • Application of Apple cider vinegar:  Some older adults suggest apple cider vinegar to cure hemorrhoids naturally. They think that Apple cider vinegar is helpful to reduce pain and itching. Apple cider vinegar is also beneficial to reduce bleeding. But usually, doctors advise avoiding the application of Apple cider vinegar. Because apple cider vinegar is acidic. For that reason, apple cider vinegar may injure the skin. The patient may feel a burning sensation in the anal area. Even there is a chance of getting the skin burnt in excess use of Apple cider vinegar. So it would help if you were careful with the apple cider vinegar.
  • Intake of psyllium husk: A hemorrhoid patient may find the intake of psyllium husk very helpful for his health condition. Because the intake of psyllium husk increases the intake of fibre. A massive intake of fibre causes the softening of stool. As a result, it becomes easy to pass out the stool through the anus. The main difficulty of a hemorrhoid patient is the immense pain felt during defecation. Intake of psyllium husk provides relief from this pain. Psyllium husk doesn’t have any direct impact on hemorrhoids. It only works on softening the stool and makes detection easy and painless. Doctors also suggest taking psyllium husk regularly. This one also shows no side effects at all. But the patient has to take plenty of water if he takes psyllium husk regularly. Dehydration is to be avoided with utmost effort.
  • Application of Aloe Vera gel: The application of Aloe Vera gel is a very effective way to reduce itching and inflammation of the anal area. Aloe Vera gel is an effective remedy to minimize any inflammation of the skin. Aloe Vera gel is not specified for use in hemorrhoids. Instead, it can be used in any itching. Aloe Vera gel has no side effects at all. So it can help you to cure hemorrhoids naturally without any side effects.
  • Application of tea tree oil: Some people suggest tea tree oil to be used in the anal area to soothe that area temporarily. Tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to reduce itching in the anal area. Also, tea tree oil helps to reduce the swelling to a great extent. Gel made of tea tree oil will provide a soothing feeling in the anal area. But there is no scientifically proven information to assure the effectiveness of the application of tea tree oil. So you need to be careful if you want to use tea tree oil to cure hemorrhoids naturally.

Application of a solution made of Epsom salt and Glycerin:

  • Take two tablespoons of Epsom salt and two tablespoons of Glycerin in a bowl.
  • Stir the mixture properly to mix the ingredients properly.
  • Take the solution into a cotton pad or a gauze pad.
  • Apply the cotton pad or gauze pad to the area where it is painting.
  • Apply the pad for 15-20 minutes at a stretch to obtain a better soothing effect.
  • Try to go through this procedure at an interval of six hours.
  • Repeated application of this solution will provide a soothing effect on the affected area. Doctors also suggest this remedy as it has no side effects.


You have plenty of options to go through if you want to cure hemorrhoids naturally. But be careful to choose the remedy as there may arise some side effects which may worsen the situation. So if you are confused thinking that is it possible to cure hemorrhoids naturally, go for these home remedies without any doubt.