Cure Hemorrhoid Fast

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Hemorrhoid is a pretty common health hazard to people. Almost everyone faces this hazard once in a lifetime. Most people of middle age suffer from this irritating health issue. Hemorrhoid is never a fatal disease. It only causes immense irritation and huge pain while the patient goes for defecation. The hemorrhoid patient will never face the risk of losing a life. Still, hemorrhoid causes severe irritation, itching, and tremendous pain. So the patient can’t concentrate on his daily life properly. For that reason, the patients need quick recovery from hemorrhoids to focus on their daily life. The hemorrhoid patient might think about how to cure hemorrhoids fast and easy. And the patients are not to worry as there are so many available treatments.

Is it possible to cure hemorrhoids fast and easy?

Hemorrhoid is not a disease that requires huge medication or expensive treatment procedures. 9 out of 10 hemorrhoid patients will not need to go through the surgery procedure. Good medicine and care are enough to cure hemorrhoids fast. If the patient follows the doctor’s instructions correctly, the recovery will be effortless and fast. A hemorrhoid patient requires care and attention as much as he needs medication.

How to cure hemorrhoids fast? 

If you want to cure hemorrhoids fast, you are not daydreaming at all. It is possible to cure hemorrhoids easily and quickly. Some ways to cure hemorrhoid are:

  1. Intake of a large number of fibres: If you are a hemorrhoid patient, then the main challenge you will face during defecation. You may meet profuse bleeding during the discharge of stool from the body. Also, that will cause immense pain. For that reason, you should take a considerable amount of fibre daily. These fibres will soften the stool to a great extent. As a result, you will not feel too much pain while you are defecating. If the stools are soft enough, that will reduce the bleeding also. So take a huge amount of fruits, vegetables, and brown rice. Drinking a lot of water is also a necessary and effective way.
  • Application of wet and warm tea bag: If you suffer from external hemorrhoids, then the tea bag can provide you with some comfort. You should apply a warm and wet tea bag to the affected area. The presence of tannins in the tea bag will reduce the swelling and itching in the anal area. Also, warm tea will reduce the bleeding highly. Even the tea bag will stimulate the coagulation of blood to reduce the bleeding.
  • Try to avoid sitting for a long time: If you are a sedentary worker, then hemorrhoids will trouble you a lot. So try to walk for 5-10 minutes every 1 hour. Avoid sitting for a long time at a stretch. Also, avoid sitting exercise in the gym. A long time sitting will create immense pressure on the rectum. Increased pressure on the rectum is very much harmful to a hemorrhoid patient. Instead of sitting exercise, go for walking. Walking will improve bowel health as it stimulates bowel movement.
  • Take a warm water bath regularly:
  • Take a warm water bath regularly to soothe the affected area.
  • Fill the bathtub with warm water.
  • Sit into the bathtub folding the knee to maximize the exposed area to the warm water.
  • Warm water can reduce swelling and itching to a great extent. You can also use some Epsom salt in the warm water. This warm water solution is very much soothing to the hemorrhoid-affected area. Because warm water will shrink the swollen vein. As a result, hemorrhoids will be cured soon. 
  • Application of ice bag: Hemorrhoid causes swelling of the vein and production of a lump of the vein. Ice causes shrinkage of hemorrhoids. Apply ice bag for 15-20 minutes at a stretch. Coldness derived from ice is a wise choice to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids. Repeat the procedure at a regular interval of time to obtain the best result. 
  • Stay clean all the time: Don’t depend too much on taking a shower to stay clean. Try to take a warm bath several times a day to keep clean. But always avoid soap and wipes containing alcohol because soap and alcohol will worsen the condition of hemorrhoids. Don’t worry too much about the cleanliness. A warm water bath is enough to keep you clean. After taking a warm water bath, use a hairdryer to keep the anal area dry.
  • Try to lie down as much as possible: You should try to keep your anal area free from any stress. Long time sitting may worsen the condition of hemorrhoids. Sitting causes increased pressure on the rectum, which will cause you pain later. So try to lie down on the bed as much you can. As a result, there will be no extra pressure emerging on the rectum.
  • Use ordinary toilet paper:  Try to use regular toilet paper regularly because scented toilet paper contains extra chemicals that may harm hemorrhoids. Even colorful tissue paper also endangers your health.
  • Application of petroleum jelly on the sore: You will feel tremendous pain and itching in the rectum as a hemorrhoid patient. If you apply some petroleum jelly to the rectum, you will get relief from itching and pain.

How to cure hemorrhoids in just 48 hours?

If you are in a hurry to cure hemorrhoids, don’t lose hope. You can get rid of hemorrhoids just in 48 hours. For that reason, you need to go through a surgical procedure. Laser-based surgery is very much helpful to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently. Also, there are no side effects of the surgery. So go for the surgery to have a quick and easy recovery.


Hemorrhoid is not a complex disease to cure. You can avail yourself of treatment whenever you need it. A cure for hemorrhoids is possible even within 48 hours. So never get tensed on thinking the cure of hemorrhoid fast and easy.