Fast and Effective Cardio Exercises at Home

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Cardio is an exercise that moves the main muscle groups for 20 minutes. In this way, the oxygen demand is constant which means the body must burn fat to maintain energy. Make a routine for cardio exercises at home 3 times in a week. If you do it for several days, you can burn up to 2000 calories in a week. You do not need to go running to have an excellent cardio routine. In fact, with the only cardio workout, you can complete an excellent routine. You will lose weight without leaving home with this cardio exercises.

List of the best cardio exercises to do at home

1. Jumps with leg separation

There is no better cardio than jumping the rope. It is an old exercise but incredibly effective from the point of view of cardio exercises. You can perform an exercise comfortably in any sector of your home. Use your best weapon against those extra pounds. Remember that you should only move your forearms and jump as fast as you can. Do jumping jacks or jumps with leg separation for 2 minutes. You should do it as fast as your body allows.

2. Climbing stairs

Do not run out or get to the point of dizzy from excessive effort from the first day. The best resource for climbing stairs will be your house staircase. Go up and down for 3 minutes without taking rest.

3. Mountain climbers

Perform this movement repeat for 3 minutes without stopping. It will be difficult, but you can do this good cardio exercises. Do not give up it, take a deep breath and keep going. Do not forget to keep the abdomen contracted and not move your back. You will not go so fast in this exercise, but do not stop. Do it for you, for your health and your figure.

4. Custom squats

It is one of the favorite exercises to lose weight. You can start it in the simplest way even leaning slightly on the back of a chair not to lose balance. Then you increase difficulties and intensity. It is very simple that you stand with your feet slightly. Apart from you, feel better to achieve good balance and counterweight right back. You bend over and from that position; you rise again until you stand one hundred percent. At first, you do it gently when you start repeating and repeating. Checking after a few minutes how you start to sweat.

5. Intense leaps with kneeling

It is very simple. It consumes powerful caloric expenditure. It is one of the best cardio exercises at home. You can do it in a short space. Even if you have little time at home, you can do it in the privacy of a bathroom. Moreover, you can do it in your resting time during the workday.

6. Skipping

This type of cardio exercise simulates all the movements of a race but without moving. This mode is called skipping. Raise the knees simultaneously with the arm on the side opposite the leg. Start with about 10 repetitions every day and then increase.

7. Abdominals with increased difficulty

If you start and you increase repetitions and difficulties as you strengthen the abdominal muscles. You lie on a comfortable surface that can be a folded blanket or a sleeping bag. You start by lifting your legs one by one, bending your knees. Then you lift them together, then one but without flexing knees and finally both without flexing knees. Leave your legs on the floor. Begin to raise the chest, at first you help with the impulse of the outstretched arms. Then begin to place them with their hands behind the nape of the neck. You can, believe me, if you follow these steps with perseverance and patience, you will get excellent benefit.

8. Imaginary bicycle

The bicycle is very easy if your back hurts a little. You can do it even in the comfort of your bed. It is very simple to raise your legs and pedal in the air. Intensely as if, it was about pedaling to move. Besides burning calories, you strengthen abdominal and leg muscles.

9. Frog walk

Bend down with your legs quite open and with your arms outstretched and your back straight. You start to walk one-step at a time. You should always keep squatting. In the beginning, it will be slightly difficult a bit, but it is a very complete cardio exercise. That also puts in play the musculature necessary to keep you in balance.

Benefits of doing cardio exercise

  • Cardio exercise promotes the healthy muscle development.
  • It will increase your heart rate, which immediately promotes an intense blood supply that spans the entire body. It is what usually defined as warm up. In fact, your whole circulatory system is activated.
  • Cardio exercise increases your breathing rate. By increasing the frequency of your inhalations and exhalations of air, it improves the supply of oxygen to each of the cells in your body.
  • If you perform these exercises, you will get a refreshment mood. This type of physical activity is qualified as aerobic.
  • It increases the process of sweating. This process helps to eliminate toxins from your body as you transpire. Your whole appearance, starting with your skin, improves after a few days.
  • You can obtain best cardio exercises to lose fat from your body.
  • It reduces blood pressure.
  • Cardio exercises at home can take away the risk of depression.


The process called fat burning intensifies. If your purpose is to lose, weight and improve muscle tone simultaneously in a healthy way, do not hesitate to maintain the proposals. Cardio exercises are exactly perfect what you need. You do not need to pay for a gym, nor do you need to invest money in sophisticated and expensive equipment. You just have to have enough commitment and set aside a time and a small space in your home. When you start exercising your body uses glucose mainly as food for the brain and nervous system. To burn fat by cardio exercise is the best way.


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