Causes, Treatment and Medication of shoulder blades and back pain

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Shoulder blades back pain is an ordinary matter. Doctors call the problem interscapular pain. Suffering people attack problems such as aching, dull, sore, or shooting.  Most people think the shoulder blades problem is not a serious problem, so they don’t take proper treatment to reduce them. As a result, in future, they will suffer from various problems.

Keep your eyes on my text because I will show you the causes, symptoms, treatment, and other necessary things of shoulder blades pain.

Causes of shoulder back pain

Some people suffer from this pain. But they don’t know the causes of this pain. When I ask a person where is your problem? He says, back pain between my shoulder blades. There are many causes for occurring between pain shoulder blades. Injury and muscle pull are responsible for creating shoulder blade pain. Muscle pulls may happen in many ways. Like-

  • Heavy lifting
  • Bad posture
  • Working on a chair for a long period of time.
  • Exercise
  • Other activities

Moreover, when you sleep, pain between the shoulder blades can occur. Sometimes, when you are injured by other parts of the body, such as rotator cuff tears, spine fractures, and other injuries leads to pain between shoulder blades.

Now I will show you other causes of pain between shoulder blades. Include:

  • Bulging disc in the spine
  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoarthritis in the joints around your neck, spine or ribs
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Acid reflux
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Shingles
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Certain cancers
  • Nerve compression
  • Gallstone

When women are attracted by the shoulder blades’ pain, she falls to death. It occurs heart attack and other serious problems responsible for the man’s death. Shoulder blade pain attracts people who also suffer chest pain and shortness of breath. If such problems attract a person, it is essential to take treatment.

Back pain between shoulder blades treatment

Some people recover their shoulder blades’ pain without medical treatment with their home remedies. I will tell you some remedy treatment formulas that you can follow.

  • Home remedies: Some people reduce their shoulder blades pain at their home. You can also reduce your shoulder blades pain in your home if you can maintain my instructions. Some home remedies are-
  • Exercise:  For reducing your shoulder blades pain, the most important home remedy is daily exercise. Daily exercise strengthens your back, which helps your strength back and reduces your shoulder blades pain, pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups.

  • Stretching: If you want to improve your blood circulation in your muscles and joints, you can do yoga or stretching at home. It’s a very easy and better way to reduce shoulder blade pain. You can do shoulder stretches by following some instructions which I am giving below the line-
  • One hand crosses over you’re your body.
  • The other hand uses to pull the elbow of your outstretched arm toward your chest.
  • Keep this stretch for about 10 seconds.
  • Diet: Some foods are responsible for this shoulder blade pain. For this reason, you must avoid those foods, and you will eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can eat omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon.


If your problem becomes very serious, it is better for you to take medical treatment. It can reduce your shoulder blade pain permanently. You can take some medical treatment which I refer to you.

Surgery: If your problem becomes very serious, the doctors might recommend you to take surgery. But it is rare. When it needs to remove scar tissue or repair your shoulder’s tendons, the doctor applies it. But 90 percent of people recover their pain through non-surgical options.

So, now you will decide what process is better for you.

Dull pain between shoulder blades

Dull pain mainly occurs on the right side. But it occurs below the scapula and the middle of the back. The victims suffer serious problems for a few days, weeks, or months. You will see that sometimes this pain goes to the upper right side. But don’t worry. Because you can remove this pain in three ways that are sleep, applying moist heat, and vigorous exercise. 

Back pain between shoulder blades

There have many kinds of shoulder blades, and they may occur in some areas. Now below the line, I will try to show the various back pain between shoulder blades.

 Pain in the middle of the back

Shoulder blade pain has many kinds. You may suffer upper, middle or back hurt pain in the shoulder blades. It will just be like a pain in the middle of the back. Your lower back affects your livelihood much more than your middle or upper back. Because your lower back bears the whole weight of your body.


When you are affected by back pain, some symptoms become visible to your body. Such symptoms are

  • Aching
  • Stiffness
  • Sharp
  • Burning

Without these symptoms, you can also see some symptoms like,

  • Weakness in your hands and legs
  • Numbness in your hands, legs, chest or belly
  • Control loss of your bladder or bowels


A lot of reasons behind middle back pain. When you overuse your middle or lower back, your injury occurs, and you will suffer from middle back pain. Most of the time, it occurs for poor posture. Now, I am showing you some causes of middle back pain.

  • A pinched nerve
  • A fractured vertebra
  • A herniated disc
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Gallbladder

To reduce this problem, you can try daily exercise, keeping diet control, taking medications, stretching etc.

Gerd back pain between shoulder blades

Gerd pain is a serious pain for your body because it relates to heart problems. Gerd pain doesn’t directly connect with the between shoulder blades, but shoulder blades can result from Gerd. Sensory nerves diaphragm can really cause pain in the mid back, such as a gallstones attack or pancreatitis.

Pain between shoulder blades and chest

Chest pain is more dangerous than any other problem for every man than any other problem. Because it occurs a heart attack. So, chest pain should never be ignored.


Although chest pain is one of the most dangerous problems, every chest pain doesn’t relate to a heart attack or life-threatening problem. But if you attack by chest pain, I suggest you go to the doctor. He will check your pain, and then he will give you the best suggestion that you need. Some causes of chest pain below the line.

  • Anxiety and panic attack
  • Lung conditions
  • Muscle problems

Without those problems, chest pain has some other problems, like,

  • Shingles
  • Acute cholecystitis
  • Stomach ulcers
  • A pulmonary embolism
  • Pericarditis

The second types of cause are very serious for people. So, if you see this problem in your body, you should go to the doctor for a better diagnosis and treatment.

Now we will explain another serious problem: burning pain between shoulder blades. Keep your eyes below the line.

Burning pain between shoulder blades

Burning pain is the most unpleasant for every man. It mainly attacks when people go to sleep. It attacks small areas or travels down the arm; sometimes, it attacks the neck or back. The main causes of this problem in the shoulder joints or surrounding tissues.

Heartburn pain between shoulder blades

Heartburn pain is a serious matter. You can’t imagine its bad effect. It is the main cause of heart attacks. Mainly it occurs among the woman. If this problem occurs two times per week, you should go to the doctor without losing time. Because before, I had said that it is the cause of a heart attack. So, don’t neglect this speech.

Back pain between shoulder blades

Back pain between the shoulder blades is a very serious problem. But if we can remove it permanently, we should follow the prevention tips I am giving below the line.

Prevention tips

Home remedies, medication, and some measures can help you prevent your shoulder blades pain. If you can follow this measure regularly, you will reduce your problem.

  • Practice good posture: I will suggest you always try to stand and still. You can keep a chair for this activity to help with spinal and neck alignment.

  • Avoid lifting heavy items: Heavy lifting is responsible for shoulder back blade pain. It causes serious injury. So, you should try to avoid heavy lifting-related work. You don’t carry heavy bags on your shoulder. It is necessary for you that you should carry heavy-lift bags. You must know this so that pressure may not be on your back.

  • Don’t sit for long periods: If you work for a long period of time, it is essential for you to stand up and stretch so that it helps you to keep your muscles loose. Moreover, you can talk to your office boss at a standing desk.


The above topics show the disadvantage of back pain between shoulder blades. Mainly it occurs in the shoulder area. It needs to know that the shoulder is connected with some frequent joints. So, in this area, it is very sensible and increases the risk of injury. But there are many treatment options you have. If you don’t get benefits from home remedies, you must go to the expert doctor who will give you the best suggestion. Keep in mind; it is the cause of a heart attack. So, don’t neglect this problem. Otherwise, in the future, you will suffer from this problem.


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