What are autism and the primary signs of autism in toddlers

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Autism is a kind of disease or severe situation of mental conditions. It starts from an early stage of life (childhood) and characterizes by following facts:

  • Low communicating skills
  • Unstable forming of relation with people including family members, friends, classmates etc.
  • Usages of same words or speech repeatedly
  • Lack of general knowledge & skills etc

Actually, there are not only one signs, there are lots of signs of autism in toddlers cause for different genetic and environmental combination.  Signs of autism in toddlers appear from the range of 2-4 years. It should be treated without delay. Early treatment as from 18 months can even diagnose or recover signs of autism in 1 year old child.

Some shocking facts about autism

  • Around 50,000 toddlers are losing Scholl & growing up with autism every year
  • From the one-third stays nonverbal in their regular life
  • Around one third autism patient have less intellectual ability than others

Let’s discover the signs of autism in toddlers. It’s very difficult to determine autism children because there are lots of children whose don’t have any disorder but act same behave like an autistic child. But the treatment should begin from an early stage. The earlier the treatment starts, the better the output will come.

Signs of autism in 1 year old

To realize the signs of autism in 1 year old child, you must need to pay more attention to his/her developmental milestones.  These following facts need more attention:

  • Don’t concern any kind of activity over their face
  • Don’t do any eye contact with the known persons or laugh. In general sense, no one cares about it or they don’t think that these are bad signs for child health
  • They don’t react to any kind of sounds; even you call him by name names he/she will not turn back to find where the sound is coming. On another hand, loud sounds cannot make him frightened
  • Never cuddle or get close to anyone
  • Lack of interest in cartoon or games like other Childs
  • Lack of physical gesture & communication skills

These are the major signs of autism in 1 year old child.

Signs of autism in 2 years old

Signs of autism in 2 years old are looks similar but pretty much different from previous one. These includes following facts:

  • Lack of gestures and communication skill. Example: lack of response when someone asking anything, never mention goodbye, hard to indicate the things he/she wants
  • In 2 years age, every child tries to draw your attention to share their interest. But in case of autism, it is hard for a child to express what he wants
  • Lack of using single word or remain silent whole day
  • Lack of verbal skill to communicate with others
  • By 2 two years every child tries to start walking, but in case of autism child star to walk lately

These are not only signs. Read more to know the Signs of autism in 3 years old which I mention below.

Signs of autism in 3 years old

  • Language & communication problem. Some try hard to express their opinion. But most of them remain silent. On another hand, another child grows up fast.
  • Lack of participation to any kind of conversation with others
  • Develop an awkward communication pattern. Example: using one word or repeated word to point something, use flat tone or low voice tone to speak etc.
  • Lack or realization and response rate. If someone calls him by names he or she doesn’t give any response.
  • Lack of expression like never cry or smile or scream
  • Lack of focusing power  on a single topic or thing
  • Act like a mimics and play what he/she thinks
  • Tend to play and stay alone, lack of sharing opinion or lay with other children
  • Tend to injure or harm any place of the body by own like biting, hitting etc.
  • Show same behave repeatedly
  • Becomes sensitive in small facts. Sometimes they overreact to any kind of events
  • The existence of sleeping disorder. Childs of autism have great problem in sleeping and waking up

Signs of autism in 4 years old & end up

Every child makes an own space in their mind & society by the age of 4. In if you see following Signs of autism in 4 years old child, immediately visit a doctor.

  • Nervousness to express something
  • Lack of interaction with other
  • Avoid playing with others
  • Troubling in writing & study
  • Use short sentence or single word to speak something
  • Unable to complete any term
  • Difficult to communicate with strangers
  • Sleeping disorder

These are the major signs of autism in toddlers at different early stages of their life.  U.S. Centers for Disease Control suggested taking a possible diagnosis from the early stage at the age of 2.

Signs of Aspergers in toddlers

Parents mainly find out signs of Aspergers in toddlers when they begin preschool & interact with other. These are the main signs of Aspergers in toddlers:

  • Lack of social skill like start conversation or taking with any other
  • Disgust any kind of change in regular routine
  • Lack of empathy
  • Use formal style for speaking rather using native tone. It may be an advantage in some cases
  • Talk with own
  • Lack of eye contact and verbal communication skill
  • Use odd expression & gestures
  • Highly sensitive & overreact highly on small facts

Signs of ADHD in toddlers

ADHD means attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which is very much common among toddlers especially autism child. Here I am showing you the major signs of ADHD in toddlers

  • Failure to focus on a single topic
  • Difficult to complete any task
  • Difficult to pay attention to anything
  • Lack of decision-making & problem-solving power
  • Unable to do something calmly
  • Talkative & make excessive disturbance
  • Instability
  • Show excessive impatience with everyone
  • Dislike to wait for own turn
  • Cuts off others conversation
  • Very hard to control own emotions

Toddler autism test

Above I show you every type of signs of autism in different cases. Though it is difficult to find out the real symptoms of autism because sometimes child behave like autism signs but actually they are not. In modern science develops some physiological terms to take toddler autism test and ensure autism. So if you are in confusion about your child’s autism sign take him to the phycologist and take toddler autism test. If the result shows negative figure takes immediate treatment. Early treatment is very useful for early recovery.


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