What is allergic reaction hives and how can be it treated

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Allergic reaction hives are called as urticaria in medical science. It appears on the skin unexpectedly like pale red bumps or plaques. According to a medical expert, urticaria is caused by certain allergens reaction inside the figure.  It may also have a different reason but allergic reaction hives affect 20 percent of people in the world. It occurs at different times of life.

Allergic reaction hives start with itching inside the body. Even it can be burned or created pain over your skin. Then it gradually grows up another part of the skin including surface, tongue, nose, ears, throat and hand. The affecting range of single hive is equal to a size of a pencil eraser. Several allergic reaction hives join together and affect large areas of your skin. It is known as plaques.

Plaques are so much painful to tolerate. Sometimes it takes 2/3 days to recover.

Causes of allergic reaction hives

Allergic reaction hives spots over the skin due to leakage of histamine from the blood vessels of the body.

  • Histamine is a chemical stuff which releases from skin cells. These skin cells are connected with the small blood vessels of skin
  • When an allergic reaction occurs, it leaks out from skin cells. Then it creates hives over the skin.
  • An allergic reaction can occur from certain food items, sunlight view, specific insects, trees/plants, infection, antigen, pets, medicines or even medications.
  • The allergic reaction releases histamine from skin blood cells and formed hives over the skin.
  • Allergic reaction foods: nuts, chocolate, fish, tomatoes, eggs, fresh berries, milk.
  • Allergic reaction medicines: aspirin, ibuprofen, blood pressure tablets, painkillers.

However, the specific causes and reasons are not possible to determine but these are the vital causes. Hives are the common enemy of girls. But it is not a long term disease.

Symptoms of allergic reaction hives

As hives appear over the skin suddenly, but there are some symptoms of hives exists. If you feel any kind of following symptoms, gently meet with your physician.

  • Hives looks like red. So if you find your skin to transform into red all on a sudden, that means a hive will grow up within hours.
  • After coloring into red, you will feel itching over your skin.
  • Gradually the center red point of hives transforms into white color. This is known as “blanching”
  • The size and shapes of hives are changing rapidly from the range between millimeters to centimeters. It sometimes dissolves from one place and again reform in another place
  • Giddiness: Feelings of unstableness sensation in the heads
  • Wheezing: Carrying air into lungs through red plaques
  • Hard to breath
  • Chest becomes tight
  • Inflate of surface, lips or tongue

How long do hives last?

Now it’s becoming a burning question, especially among girls that, how long do hives last? Ok..don’t scare. Hive is not a long term affected disease. Around 20% people face this problem in different terms of their life. Women are the most viral victim of the hives. But you will be glad to know that in most cases it lasts for 24 hours. Sometimes you can see red bump over your face in the morning and it can be gone within noon. Actually, it depends on one’s skin. If your skin cells are powerful then you are the lucky one.

There are several skin diseases which occur and recover very firstly including hives. But that does not mean you are out of risk. It disappears from one place and inflates from another place. There are some kinds of the hive that need 5 to 6 weeks to recover.

Let’s see different types of hives and how long they lust.

  • Acute urticaria

It is a severe form of the hive which lasts at six weeks. It occurs from some allergen foods, medicines, and infections.

  • Chronic urticaria

It is more dangerous than acute urticarial. It lasts at least six weeks over the skin. According to medical science, there is no fixed cause of chronic urticaria. But it can occur due to thyroid disease, hepatitis, infection, or cancer.

  • Physical urticaria

This type of hive inflates due to physical stimulation of coating like excessive heat, cold, pressure etc. It will lust one to days over the skin.

  • Dermatographism

It is the most common form of hives that lasts 12 to 24 hours only.

Can stress cause hives?

According to medical science, it is still unleashed to determine the specific causes of hives. But stress also plays a small role behind the spreading out of hives over the face.

You may be surprised to know how can stress cause hive. Emotional stress is related to the emotion and affects the immune system of your body. It causes hives over your surface. But the actual reason behind hive is not still identified.

Are hives contagious?

Basically, hives occur due to release of histamine from mast cells. Mast cells are found in skin and connected with blood vessels. When histamine releases from blood vessels, it swells the skin.

It’s a very common disease that most of the people face in their life. It occurs from foods, medicines or anything. But there is no certain reason behind it. Hive grows up over the skin for lack of physical immunity. But it dissolves with a time range.

So do you still in confusion about, are hives contagious or not? According to medical science, the answer is not. It can occur from infection but an infection cannot develop hive.

Home remedies for hives

Hives are very uncomfortable and painful diseases I have ever faced.  It is so itchy and inflates over the skin rapidly. But it is not a serious issue. It grows up and resolves within a time in its own way. If you are clever enough then discover your kitchen and garden to find some home remedies for hives.  Home remedies are the perfect solutions for relieving from hives pain.

Here I am showing you some home remedies for hives:

  • Cold compress
  • Soda
  • Apple vinegar
  • Ginger
  • Aloe Vera
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Turmeric

These items pretty much work well against hives and pimples than any other. You can easily find these things in your home easily. If you want to see details then read my another article 12 acne treatment home remedies for the teenagers

How to get rid of hives?

If home remedies do not work well then take medical treatment and medicines. There are several kinds of medicine are available in the pharmacy. From all of brands Benadryl for hives is so much effective. Benadryl is a cream and spray for itching. If hives spread out over the skin rapidly use Benadryl cream or spray over the infected places. It will help to release your itching and swelling of the skin.

  • One thinks you have to remember that never take hot bath or tight dressing after using Benadryl.


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