The Symptoms and Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder and Its Treatment

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A borderline personality disorder is a severe brainy problem. It is spotted by the change in human behavior and attitude. Sometimes the pattern of mood, emotion, thought, and the action gets unstable. It results in violent actions and unsustainable relationship with others. A patient with borderline personality disorder faces lots of problems. They face temper, frustration, depression, and nervousness. These symptoms are staying an almost couple of hours to a single day.

  • A patient of BPD has the highest possibility of happening other disorders like a mental disorder
  • It effects on the moods, anxiety or even the food habits
  • Sometimes it leads to the thinking of large abuse, self-harm, and forces to suicide at the last stage

Most phycologist and physician experts don’t cope up with the name of borderline personality disorder. It doesn’t lead us to the accurate term through the accurate meaning does not exist yet.   

Borderline personality disorder symptoms

Patient of BPD is very much mood swinger. Their mood and attitude change suddenly.  Sometimes, they don’t even remember their own identification. It changes their self-interest and values swiftly.

There are also some other common borderline personality disorder symptoms which I am showing you here,

  • Weird acts to refuse the real events and trend
  • A sign of a harsh and unsustainable relationship with family members, friends, classmates or even with the special ones of life. The swinging mood transforms them from idealization to devaluation
  • Losing of common sense of the human being
  • Distortion of own image in front of a public place
  • Awkward behavior like frustration, depression, overeating, risky sex, self-substance abuse, abnormal driving and so on
  • Patient of BPD often threat himself by own. It forces to take suicide at the last stage
  • Rapid swing of mood and attitude lasts only from a couple of hours to a day
  • Thinking of being lonely and separated from others
  • Anger management issue is the big fact for BPD patients. Sometimes they lose to control their hatred or anger
  • This kind of patient has a serious issue with stressful awkward thinking
  • Dissociate feelings: It’s a kind of feeling which separates someone from his/her soul. It disconnects them a reality.

A borderline personality disorder is a long-term problem. Most of the cases it recovers at the adult stage of life. So, childhood stage is not appropriated for treatment. At this stage moods and personality changes and grows up gradually.

According to statistics, BPD is very much common among girls. Now a day 1.5%-5.5% of people are facing borderline personality disorder.

Borderline personality disorder causes

Borderline personality disorder causes are not fixed in the medical science. But experts recommend some factors behind the cause of borderline personality disorder.

  • Biological factor

If any of your family members has severe BPD problems, then you have the 95% possibility of the occurring of BPD. It flows from the generation to generation by blood according to genetic predisposition.

  • Environmental factor

Most of the BPD patients come because of happening miserable event in their life like childhood abuse, unsustainable relationship. But it is not for all. There are lots of people of BPD without any miserable lifestyle.

  • Intellectual factor

From the research, we found that intellectual factor results in BPD in the long run. Patient of BDP faces a great functional change in their brain/intellectual ability. Especially it hits the function of the brain that rules impulses and emotions.

  • Irksome and stressful adolescence

It is the most vital cause behind BPD. If we check the history of the patient of BPD, we find that most of them have a serious issue in their childhood. These are neglecting, physical abuse, mental disorder or any other serious health issue. Some may lose or separated from their parents. They have to grow up with conflicts and unsustainable relationship.

  • Psychological factor

Psychology of human being especially that controls the impulsiveness, emotions, and aggression play vital role in the development of BPD.

These are the main culprits behind borderline personality disorder.

Borderline personality disorder test

Do you have any disorder issue or not? Here I am giving you the sample of borderline personality disorder test. It will help you to determine whether you have any disorder issue or not.

Just click on the yes or no options. The test will be completed within 5 minutes. So let’s start,

  1. Is your relationship with the closer one is impulse and unsustainable?
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Are your moods change swiftly and you feel panicked or sad or anxious?
  5. Yes
  6. No
  7. Can you control your anger in public places?
  8. Yes
  9. No
  10. Do you ever take any suicidal step or self-abuse act?
  11. Yes
  12. No
  13. Do you believe in yourself or not?
  14. Yes
  15. No
  16. Are you feeling paranoid or stressful often?
  17. Yes
  18. No
  19. Do you involve in an awkward act like unsafe sex, reckless driving or self-abuse?
  20. Yes
  21. No
  22. Do you have feelings of emptiness or fatigue?
  23. Yes
  24. No

Take this short borderline personality disorder test and the result goes negative, immediate counsel with phycologist and experts.

Borderline personality disorder treatment

BPD is very difficult to recover. If you have the issue of BPD, then I am suggesting you take borderline personality disorder treatment as soon as possible. Here I am showing you the basic treatment and medical procedures.

  • If you think you are abusing yourself or taking suicidal acts, then share it with your near or closer persons. Visit your personal physician or any licensed doctor. Share your problems with him.
  • If your loved ones are facing severe BPD, never let him live alone. Always try to support him. In serious cases, immediately takes him to the hospital. But the patient always needs someone beside him to control his activities.
  • Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy and counseling work well in this case. One to one counseling with the expert helps the patient to interact with the symptoms of BPD. There are some therapies which are very popular for recovering. Such as,

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: It reduces the awkward acts of the behavior of the patient.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy: It improves the control or emotion, behavior and maintains a sustainable relationship.
  • Schema-Focused Therapy: It focuses on interacting the patient with normal life and adjusting to the problems.
  • Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem-Solving therapy: It’s a group therapy that uses medication and counseling programs to treat the patient.

Borderline personality disorder medication

Borderline personality disorder medication is the primary treatment of BPD. Experts are recommending that medication helps to reduce depression, frustration, loneliness and other symptoms of BPD. But you just need to take this treatment under a professional.

Due to high risk of the suicidal act among BPD patients, the expert physician should suggest prescribed medication. Sometimes excessive medication brings side effects for the patient.

A borderline personality disorder is often detected according to a psychological test. The severity and history of these disease symptoms are being calculated. However, BPD may be treated. There are many kinds of talk therapy which are successful. These types of therapy are group therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Medications may help the person’s attitude swing. It also helps to treat some other situations which happen with BPD. In general, the attitude will also vary according to the severity of the symptoms. It also depends on the person’s disposition to take the help.


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