Tooth Decay Facts and Information

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Tooth decay can be started when bacteria create acid around the tooth. These bacteria can be named after plaque. The fluoride inside your teeth is a very important tool to decrease decay. The healthy teeth contain fluoride in the layer to beat the plaque accumulation.

The brushing of poor hygiene teeth once or every day will be the cause of plaque buildup all over the teeth. If your mouth contains a lot of bacteria which stay there, then one kind of bacteria will create acid to destroy your teeth. Decay producing bacteria will be transferred from person to person. It will happen if people share the same drink, eating on the same plate or kissing with each other.

When decay has stayed in your tooth’s enamel, the method will move gradually. Then the decay will create its way by your second level of enamel. This will be heading to the tissue at a better speed. Your tooth contains tooth’s nerves and also blood source. These are named as the pulp. The pulp is the most important part of your tooth and decay will start to pollute the pulp rapidly. Your tooth’s decay pain will be clearly visible while the decay spreads to this point. The nerve finishes of your tooth decay will be caused by this type of eating.

Causes of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is mostly known as dental caries. Decay is produced by bacteria which collect from the tooth enamel. Many bacteria dwell in a sticky and white film that is named after plaque. At all-time bacteria get their food from sugar and also from starch in a person’s food. The bacteria make an acid which attacks the tooth enamel and produce decay. Tooth demineralization is made by exact types of bacteria. These are live in dental plaque.

  • The bacteria are the living germs like we are. While we eat beverages and foods, we make some waste products. Bacteria also producing waste products like us. The bacteria are the sources of this tooth decay by using sugars as their food source. Then the waste products are made from consuming these sugars. These are the acids that cause the demineralization of tooth enamel.
  • As the bacteria are living in our mouth, and as we consume foods that contain sugars, these bacteria also get a meal. After getting their meal within few minutes, they start for making the acids. Then they start to make tooth decay. Bacteria can make acid and attacks the rock crystal. This method is familiar as demineralization.
  • The most important and initial sign of this is a pale white spot. After that, acid formation, and tooth demineralization start within few minutes. Then bacteria get sugary from the meal. It can start within some hours for saliva to take the layer of dental plaque. Then they help to defuse these acids. Then, the decay method can be withdrawn. By using fluorides from home and also in the dental care center can help the tooth to repair itself. If it is not treated correctly, the demineralization will remain. Then enamel starts to occur. The tooth can’t repair itself when the enamel surface is damaged. The cavity needs to be washed and repaired by a dentist. It will be the extent to the tooth’s pulp. It holds blood vessels and nerves if decay is kept untreated.
  • The pulp will also become sick. A swelling or a fistula can be made in the soft skins. So, you should follow the cavity stoppage suggestion. To keep your tooth protect from decay, you need to brush your teeth after taking every meal. You can take the time to be full with your flossing and brushing. Sometimes, those are places that you haven’t clean well. They are exactly in the locations wherever cavities will be formed. These are the main factor of tooth decay formation.

How Do Bacteria grow into the Mouth?

We tend to take the issue that our mouths port bacteria. As we are adults, it occurs. We keep bacteria as we have increased good habits of verbal hygiene. The babies are born with closely hygienic in the mouths. It indicates bacteria have been grown into a child’s mouth from the environment. Sometimes, it comes for the carelessness of the parents. The sharing of eating utensils is a method to spread bacteria. It is the main cause of decay. These tools let bacteria to spread without washing by the same token. By kissing a child mouth can be the cause of bacteria production and cause tooth decay.

When the child’s mouth is giving refuge to bacteria, the further step for tooth decay is the feeding of little bacteria. Sugar is also a key source of bacteria production. The foods which contain a high amount of sugar, for example, sweets, soft drinks and biscuits, can produce bacteria in our mouth. When we eat some sugar, it actually sends the bacteria into a feeding agitation. The sugary foods, like hard sweets, provide bacteria in our mouth. It takes more time to feed, make their groups, and create the tooth melting acids.

Signs of tooth decay

If you can go to a dentist, you can take help to end the main conditions. It can affect your teeth, mouth and also gums from becoming breaking out. We can take a part for the signs of tooth decay. It must result in a visit to the dentist to keep you away from tooth decay. It makes a plan of action to cope with the matter.

  1. A toothache: Though a toothache is the sign of various tooth disease and also mouth related issues, then tooth decay is one kind of them. It can be the largest signs for starting the decay. Tooth ache can also be a symptom of many other issues. If you get a fixed tooth ache which fails to leave, then you would really check out it.
  2. Bad Breath: Since tooth decay is one kind of teeth spoiling away and also dying, you may imagine the smell. It will leave and will beautiful to look at. This does the cause of nasty smell breath. It is also the sign of tooth decay. It would happen inside your mouth.
  3. Sensitive Mouth and Teeth: Most of the time, tooth decay can be the cause of a change in the feeling of your teeth, since the key tooth is decaying. This is showing the more nerve ending. For this reason, you can start to feel a lot of pain than usual. This is why you need to get checked out by a dentist if you feel more pain while eating food.
  4. Changing The Teeth Color:  This is a common sign that will be the cause of decay. You need to go to a dentist rapidly if your teeth start to show black, grey or brown spots. There can be seen coloration change in your teeth. It is one kind of sign of tooth decay.
  5. Nasty Taste: If you have to decay inside your mouth, then it is really going to leave a good nasty taste. It can be worse when you get up from sleep in the morning. It is an indicator of tooth decay though it can be down to the basic hygiene. So you must be taken seriously if it stays to happen.


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