How to recover thyroid hair loss problems?- Effective Treatments

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The thyroid is a vital hormone-related disease. It occurs when your thyroid hormones increase or reduce into an unhealthy stage and create an imbalance inside your body. Thyroid and hair loss areboth related to each other because the more imbalance in your thyroid hormone, the more hair loss will happen. Here I am going to show you how you can prevent your thyroid hair loss problem.

When in your body thyroid hormones reach into an imbalance stage, your body will get worse. It affects our weight, attitude, and behavior and so on. Hair loss is the most common side effect of thyroid hormones. But don’t worry! It is not a permanent fact. By proper treatment thyroid hair loss problem can be solved.

How thyroid hair loss occurs?

Normally hair loss is a very common problem among people. About half of the people of the world would experience hair loss by the age of forty. But things seem different in the case of thyroid patient. They face the problem of hair loss at an early stage of their time.

  • According to medical science hair cells are the fastest cells of human body. If any imbalance occurs these cell shut down their function and replace the energy other places where it needed inside the human body. At one stage numbers of hair cells shut down and hair falls occur rapidly.
  • Basically, every hair grows by half an inch per month. It grows according to this rate for next three years. Then it closes down and transforms into the resting season. According to medical statistics, one in every 10 hairs goes to the resting season at the same time. Within next three months, new hair replaces and takes out the old ones. But if more hair redirects to the resting season than the standard rate, the replacement process got disorganized. This imbalance will lead to hair loss at an early stage.

Including other causes, thyroid diseases are the most criminal of hair loss problem. Thyroid hair loss can occur in two ways including,

  • Underactive thyroid hair loss

Underactive thyroid hair loss occurs due to hypothyroidism. It means lack of thyroid hormone (T3 & T4 hormone) inside the body. Gradually it spreads over the whole scalp and hairs got thinning. But proper medical and hair treatment helps to regrowth hair. Substantial hypothyroidism and thyroid disease are vital cause for hair loss. So, one should take hair treatment at an early stage. In maximum cases, people wait too much to consult a doctor.

  • Overactive thyroid hair loss

Thyroid and hair loss also can be occurred for overproduction of hormones in the blood. Our brain orders to the pituitary gland to produce a hormone (T3 & T4). Pituitary gland detects the amount of hormone needed in the blood circulation and produces the specific rate of T3 and T4 hormones. But sometimes it produces at an uncontrollable rate. As a result, it causes too many hormones for whole body and hair loss. It is not only thinning the hair all over your head but also you will face hair loss from different parts of your body.

  • Levothyroxine hair loss

Levothyroxine is a kind of drugs like Synthroid, Tirosint, and Tirosint. People normally take these medicines for replacement of thyroid hormones. In some cases, it works well, especially for beginners and child. But these drugs have reactions too which cause more hair loss than the previous rate. The research said that longtime hair loss is the side effect of using levothyroxine drugs. So if you see levothyroxine hair loss problem, consult with your doctor and change your medicines.

Thyroid hair loss regrowth & solution

Losing hair at an early stage is a very frustrating issue for teenagers. Here I am showing you 7 tips to follow for thyroid hair loss regrowth and thyroid solution.

  • Meet with a Dermatologist

Start your regrowth program by consulting with a dermatologist or hair expert. He or she can detect the real cause of your hair loss problem. It may happen from thyroid diseases or anything else.

  • Be calm

Hair loss solution and regrowth is a long-term medical program. So you should be calm and follow the medical procedures.

  • Realize the forms behind hair loss

Hair can fall in three forms.

  1. The general falling of hair

This is a common form of hair loss due to hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. By proper thyroid treatment, it can be solved.

  • Complete hair loss in specific areas

It occurs due to substance infection or autoimmune alopecia. It is not thyroid related problems. It involves falling hair in some specific areas over the scalp.

  • Male pattern hair loss

It’s a crucial hair loss pattern that causes due to dihydrotestosterone. It shrinks the hair cells and dissipates them. Thyroid treatment is very useful for this hair loss problem.

  • Be sure before using Thyroid Drug

Thyroid drugs are very useful for hair regrowth but sometimes it creates a reaction to someone and causes hair fall. So if you losing hair continuously after using thyroid drugs, immediately stops using it and consult with a dermatologist.

  • Treat yourself good

Medical statistics show that an average score of TSH around 1-2 is perfect for producing the controllable hormone in your body. So always try to treat yourself good. Take proper care and stay out of stress.

  • Balanced lifestyle

Hair loss occurs for the imbalance meant of our blood circulation and lifestyle. If we maintain a healthy and diet lifestyle or hormone problem will be balanced and hair regrowth will speed up.

  • Consulting with a doctor

Consulting with an expert is the best tips I suggest if you face serious hair loss problems. There is some medical and prescript ionized treatment which allows thyroid hair loss regrowth.

  • Medicines

Now a day two medical drugs are very much useful for hair regrowth. I am showing below:

  1. Rogaine (minoxidil)

Rogaine is restricted for pregnant women and child. It is very useful for men. Doctors recommend using 2% of Rogaine for women and 5% for men for using on the scalp twice per day. You will see result slowly. Maybe one month or maybe it takes years.

  • Propecia

It is a hair re-growth medicine which takes by pill form. It’s more effective than Rogaine. It’s also restricted to pregnant women and child.

  • Hair Creams

Beside Rogaine or Propecia, fluocinolone acetonide cream 0.2 percent (Synalar) and betamethasone propionate cream 0.05 percent are available in the medicine store. These are prescript ionized medicines and show good result in hair regrowth and solution.

  • Light Therapy

This therapy uses on alopecia patient to recover. Alopecia is the vital cause of hair loss. If it recovered by proper “PUVA.” Light therapy. The initial response rate is 20-70%. But it has some negative reaction. Sometimes it makes weaken after full treatment.

Hair loss at an early stage of life is a very frustrating issue. But we all do same mistakes and take too much time for dragonizing. Hair regrowth can occur if you take to start your hair loss treatment from the beginning.


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