Temporal Arteritis: How To Find The Best Temporal Artery Thermometers

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Temporal arteritis is a disease in which the blood supplying temporal artery become damaged or inflamed. It leads to the suffering from a severe headache on temples and sometimes even scalp. These arteries blood vessels carry oxygen from the heart to the head, brain and the rest of the body.

In the state of temporal arteritis, these vessels become swell and narrow. This swelling slows the blood flows through arteries lead to the serious health problem like blindness. Since this condition occurs in the temporal arteries, it is called temporal arteries. Temporal arteritis is also known as giant cell arteries. It is also associated with Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

What is temporal artery?

In human anatomy there are two large or medium-sized terminal branches. These divide from the external carotid that runs along both sides of the head.

It is called the temporal artery or the superficial temporal artery. The artificial temporal artery can appear to be an addition of the external carotid. It depends based on its direction.

Giant cell arteries or temporal arteries  

GCA (giant cell arteries) also called temporal arteries. A Temporal arteritis or giant cell arteries is a form of vascuitis. It is an inflammatory kind of disease that affects the large blood vessels of your arms, scalp, and neck. Finally, the inflammation becomes the cause of blockage or narrowing the blood vessels. Then it interrupts the blood flow.  

This disease is also associated with polymyalgia rheumatic. Since temporal artery slows the blood supplying flow, patient can develop many serious conditions in this disease. However, the major complication is the blindness. The cell of these temporal arteries looks huge under the microscope. For this cause, it is also known as giant cell arteritis or cranial arteritis.

What is temporal artery thermometer?    

temporal artery thermometer is one kind of thermometer which uses the infrared principle report temperature. But you need to be cautious and find the right temporal artery. It is also called forehead thermometer. It offers rapid, non-invasive temperature readings. You can use it even on a 3 months old infant.

Why take the temperature of the temporal artery?

Fever among the children is the most common disease. There are many types of thermometer. The thermometer tip is inserted into the whole mouth under the tongue (oral or sub-lingual temperature). It also inserted below the armpit, commonly known as axillary temperature. Occasionally, it inserted into the rectum through the anus or rectal temperature. But among all these body spots, temporal artery is the best one to get exact body temperature. The blood flows through the blood vessels and temporal artery has a direct connection to the heart and the whole body. When we have the fever the temporal artery reacts to the increasing heat fast.

Temporal artery thermometer vs normal thermometer checking body temperature can be problematic sometimes. You must think about how measuring body can be a problem. Scientists have invented the thermometer a long time ago, that does not make any sense.

However, a normal thermometer can measure body temperature with accuracy. But, it is not necessary these normal thermometers are always 100 percent accurate.  When it is the matter of your child’s health, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. To check body temperature, you can use temporal artery thermometer.

How does it work?

These types of temporal artery thermometers will generally use the infrared scanner. Then it ensures the measure of temperature to the temporal artery located in the forehead. This thermometer can be used when a child feel asleep. On the top of this if you use a temporal thermometer; you don’t need any digital pacifier thermometers and fever strips.

How to use it?

Temporal artery thermometer is quite easy to use. But when you are using for the first time, it might look complicated to you. So here are some usual tips or steps to follow.

  • Step 1: Press the button to turn it on.
  • Step 2: Locate the middle of the forehead
  • Step 3: Find the artery line  
  • Step 4: Scan and slide the thermometer across to the forehead going to the hairline.
  • Step 5: Stop scanning at the earlobe or perfume point.
  • Step 6: Take the reading.

Caution to consider

Though temporal thermometer is easy to use, you need to maintain some caution. These are given below:

  • Avoid curve to get an accurate reading.
  • Use hand before using it.
  • Don’t touch forehead (thus it also measure your body temperature)
  • Use hand gloves to avoid any infection

Which one to buy?

There are a lot of advanced technical temporal artery thermometers available in the market. But the accuracy of a thermometer depends on the ability to provide correct readings of the patient’s body temperature. It can depend throughout the entire human temperature range (normal to febrile).

In this scale of accuracy exergen temporal artery thermometer is the best and promising one among other thermometers.

This exergen temporal thermometer is a product of The U.S.A based company Exergen Corporation.

Why should you choose Exergen temporal thermometer?

Exergen temporal thermometer has some amazing features to consider. Here these are given below:

  • Gentle stroke of forehead captures emitted heat
  • Red LED lights and soft beep show correct scan
  • Arterial Heat Balance computes the correct temperature
  • It can measure temperature over  C
  • Safe and easy to use

Pros and cons of temporal artery thermometer

All things in this world are not correct all the time. Everything has some good sides and some not so good sides. Here are some pros and cons of temporal artery thermometer.


  • Easy to use
  • Get correct reading
  • Hygiene
  • It last longer than any normal mercury thermometer.
  • It can measure temperature in both Fahrenheit and Degree


  • It is costly than a normal thermometer
  • Sometimes elderly people can’t understand its function.


But there are some kinds of temporal thermometers that draw certain criticism for hard to use. There is nothing to worry when you master your simple swipe-and-read method. You should learn how to reward for certain variables such as the sweaty forehead temporal thermometer. It is so easy to use that you are able to use it for the sleeping child. 


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