What Is an Asthma Attack?

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Asthma is one type of disease that affects the lungs and the airways. It is a long-term disease and for this the airways become narrows. There are some symptoms of asthma like wheezing sound, chest stiffness, coughing and smallness of breath.

Most of the time, the coughing symptom are found in the early morning and sometimes in the late night. Asthma attack is also known as an asthma exacerbation.

For this, the muscles will contract to make a narrowed breathing form, and you will cough and wheeze very much.

Moreover, it will be difficult for you to breathe normally. This condition can be mild to manage you at home. Besides, some cases need to close attention since it can be a dangerous situation.

When does Asthma attack happen?

While the airways become sore, and a control of airflow occurs, then it happens. In our body, the lungs are the organ which cleans the oxygen. The lungs clean the oxygen in the air, and while we breathe out, we release carbon dioxide from our bodies. It is essential for our body’s survival.

However, when a person is affected by acute asthma, the airways become swollen, and it does not permit the oxygen to enter. At that time, the result will be breathless and stiffness in the chest from insufficient oxygen. Then, it will be a very worrying experience.

Common signs of an asthma attack

There are many causes to consider for an asthma attack. Many people have fought against asthma for a longer period. However, they will know when an attack is about to happen and what to do.

If a person is formerly unknown about the symptoms of this disease, he will come first of an attack. So, here is given some signs of an asthma attack.

  • Your tightness of the chest will show the first warning sign of asthma. The victims will often feel stiffens and have heaviness which has a firm grip. This type of pressure in the chest has been considered to be the cause of sorrow.
  • Then, it will make panic from many people who would be close to the affected person.
  • Another sign is the shortness of breath, and it is a massive grasp for the victim. At the time of the attack, many people stop breathing.
  • Then the first aid is tailored to the condition, and it need to manage. Wheezing is also a sign of asthma and people should look out for it to recover. In fact, wheezing is a high whistling sound while breathing.
  • The cause of asthma is coughing, and it occurs at night.  Lots of coughing is a sign of this disease. Sign of coughing shows in the morning and at night, and it reduces in lung function.

What to do when asthma attacks

It is essential to know the patients and viewers about the symptoms of asthma attacks. Sheer panic is the common sign of this attack. So you need to know the basics treatment and it makes you become prepared when an emergency occurs.

As a viewer, you must be aware that it might be easier for somebody who has an asthma attack to breathe when he is sitting up for resting. Then it is needed to sit in the patient at a comfortable position. However, don’t allow the patient lie down.

  1. There shows a common matter that is a patient carry an inhaler with them. This device helps the patient to breathe easily by reducing the air passages.
  2. Then it brings breathing process to a normal state. It is like their partner where they go as it can happen suddenly.
  3. When an asthma patient goes out, ask him if he has taken the inhaler.
  4. If a patient goes to the doctors, first he will advise him to use the device. So the patients have to realize the importance of keeping it with them.
  5. When the inhaler does not take effect on the patient, call an ambulance quickly and go to the hospital.
  6. If you are the caretaker of these patients’ treatment, make certain to stay quietly.
  7. The patients will also be in anxiety if you are anxious. The worse thing to occur is that the condition can be worst.

What shouldn’t do during an asthma attack?

An important thing is not to let asthma always attack since it will make a harmful effect on the patient’s health. Patient’s breathing muscles will have to work hard and get tired as the small levels of oxygen in the blood flow.

  • At one point, if you let an asthma attack going on, the saliva in your lungs will become dry.  Then, the mouth breathing will continue, and you will not be drinking adequate liquids.
  • In this condition, it is urgent to take the patient to the hospital and simulated help to get air into lungs.
  • An asthma attack must not be permitted to become severe, and the rule needs to start giving an attack when possible after it starts.
  • Call a doctor before the signs become worse if there is not any progress after taking your regular medicine.

Final effect of asthma

Proper treatment is also unable to cure for asthma attack forever, but it will help you to reduce any further attacks. Usually, these treatments come in vapor or oral form. These medications provide long-term treatments, like leukotriene inhibitors, and also for a short time when an attack occurs.

Natural treatment can also work very well such as sage and garlic have been known to release the symptoms of asthma. There are also other natural treatments that can help to get rid of asthma and these are massage, meditation, hypnotherapy, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.


It is crucial to make a plan for handling your asthma and have to gain a sound knowledge about the above symptoms and suitable treatment. On the other hand, it is suggested to consult with your physician. You can also take advice from other medical experts before trying any new treatments.


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