Signs of Aspergers in Adults: Relation and Difference with High Functioning Autism

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Aspergers or you may call it Aspergers syndrome is really a very questionable topic in today’s world. First of all, you need to clear one –thing in mind, Aspergers is not a disease. The signs of Aspergers in adults syndrome are closely related to autism or high functioning autism.

There is a difference between disease and syndrome. A disease is a health condition where there is a clear underlying cause and doctors can recognize it. A syndrome is doing have clear characteristics. It is just a collection of symptoms.

Asperger’s is also a collection of some symptoms as well as behavioral, emotional and physical symptoms. Asperger’s was named after a German doctor named Dr. Hans Asperger’s, in 1944.

What exactly Aspergers depicts?

Asperger syndrome (AS) is one kind of developmental condition under autism spectrum disorder. Usually, an Aspi child shows certain behavioral, physical and social shortcomings. But they can make it up if they are trained properly. British psychiatrist Dr. Lona Wing who is also the founder of the national autistic society named this certain syndrome “Aspergers”.

Myths about Aspergers

The signs of Aspergers and the signs of autism is somehow are very closely related. People often mixed them and parents struggle to figure out the right treatment for their kids. You can say them, sister’s syndromes honestly. These two conditions of development are different from each other. The major distinction between Aspergers and Autism are given below-

  • The signs of autism in toddlers are normally shown in the very early, mostly in the first three years of birth. On the other hand, the signs of Aspergers among kids develop in late. Sometimes the signs of Asperger are become visible in the teenage.
  • Autistic children have a problem with their language. They often learn communication language lately. On the contrary, Aspi children develop language skill early. In fact, they have a huge stock of vocabulary.

Is Aspergers can be termed as high functioning autism?

Aspergers and high functioning autism both come under the autism spectrum disorder. High-functioning autism is characterized by features very similar to those of Asperger syndrome.

The signs of Aspergers and high- functioning autism (HFA) can be called mild autism. But both of these two health conditions have little difference. That is why very often it is getting hard to define these two health conditions separately. Here are some signs of Aspergers and high functioning-autism that can help you to know these conditions better.

  • People with Aspergers have a high verbal reasoning ability than HFA.
  • HFA people have better visual skills and their I.Q level is higher than the people with Aspergers.
  • HFA people have less deviating locomotion than people with Asperger syndrome
  • People with HFA more often have problems functioning independently. But Aspergers can easily overcome this problem with the help of guidelines in every step.
  • People with high-functioning autism have much more curiosity and interest for many different things than the people with Asperger syndrome
  • People with Asperger syndrome can form a connection better than the people with HFA.

Doctors often described these neurological development problems as the signs of mild autism. Though both of these situations are co-related, high-functioning autism cannot be termed as Asperger’s syndrome.

How to diagnose Aspergers?

The signs of Aspergers have some similarity with the signs of early autism. An Aspi child and an autistic child share some common symptoms. But define Aspergers is far more complicated than autism. The signs of Aspergers in adults, teens, and toddlers are a little bit different. So, here are some signs major signs of the Aspergers.

  • The signs of Aspergers in children

Aspergers syndrome has a great variety. No two children have same symptoms. The signs of Aspergers in toddlers are given below.

  • lack of empathy
  • An Aspi child usually does not understand others body language and have a difficulty to form a social interaction.
  • Obsessed with daily routine and react violently to any kind of change in routine.
  • Talk a lot about their favorite topic, mostly one-sided talking.
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Selective mutism. They only speak with those freely with whom they feel comfortable
  • Poor motor skill (they can’t maintain the coordination between their hand and eye and often results in bad handwriting)
  • The signs of Aspergers in teens

Most signs of Aspergers persist through the teen years. They learn to the tactics of social skills and communication. But there are still some symptoms of Aspergers in teens.

  • Depression is the major problem in Aspi teenagers.
  • Anxiety
  • The signs of Aspergers in adults

Aspergers is a lifelong condition. Psychotherapy can stabilize these syndromes. People with Aspergers can improve day by day. They even marry and have kids. Adults have both good and bad impact of Aspergers.

  • The good impression

Adults with Aspergers often focus on the detail, and this virtue helps them to flourish in their career.

They easily understand the complexity of any mechanism or technology. That is why often they choose to be an engineer in their career.

  • The bad impression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • Attention deficit hyper- reactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Taking everything literally.

Aspergers a matter to worry

Our world is changing rapidly and perhaps due to this rapid change and pollution, the numbers of autistic children are increasing.

According to a recent study as many as 1 in 68 eight-year-olds in the U.S. suffer from many types of autism including Asperger’s syndrome. Aspergers is increasing rapidly but the treatment of this health condition is not affordable.Therefore, the signs of Aspergers in adults are a very common problem in most of the countries of the world.

The lifetime cost of autism spectrum disorder per person with Aspergers or any other type of autism in the United States and the U.K. estimated at $24 million is amazing.

People with Aspergers or any other type of autism are different from normal people. Our society does not accept this difference. We often termed them as mad. It is completely wrong. Autistic people have neurological development issue. They are definitely not mad. We should be patience behave well with them.  


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