Disadvantage of second hand smoke from weed

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second hand smoke from weed

“Smoking’’ when we hear this name, we think that it is a thing which destroys a man’s life. The boys who use it, falls into serious problems. Even, the addicted person suffers from a hard disease which is the main cause of cancer. The smoking goods produce from many other things like weed. But actually, we don’t know, what is second hand smoke from weed?  Below the line, I will try to give a clear idea on it. Just keep your eyes on my text.

What is second hand smoke?

Second hand smoke is a health hazard thing. The addicted person or smoker fall into various kinds of danger for smoking. Mainly it is the tobacco burning result. There are two kinds of second hand smoke. The first one is mainstream smoke and second is side stream smoke. The mainstream smoke exhaled by the smoker and the side stream smoke is the burning tobacco product.

These two types of smoke are highly harmful for the boys or girls who are addicted on it. It has enough nicotine which is very dangerous for the man. According to the recent report, the tobacco produces more than 4000 products but most of these products are toxic. Its amount is 250. Among these products, 50 of the chemicals are responsible for cancer. Every year huge man is death because of smoking the second-hand smoke from weed.

Though we know the second-hand smoke but still we don’t know the symptoms of the second-hand smoke. If we don’t know it, we can’t understand which person has attacked by the second-hand smoke from weed. Now I will describe it-

Second hand home symptoms

There are many symptoms shown in a person’s habit when he is affected by second hand smoke. Then you will understand that he is attacked by the second home smoke. These symptoms are-

  • Unexpected weight loss
  • A cough stays in your body more than two week
  • Breathing trouble
  • Ear pain
  • Blood clots in the urine
  • Change in bowel habit
  • Narrow stool

These symptoms are spear in the smoking addicted people.

Second hand smoke facts

Before we known that second hand smoke from weed is a life destroyed things. But we do not know the true matter of the second-hand smoke. Now we will see it.

The smoker suffers breath problem. The person who doesn’t smoke, he can also be attacked by the breath problem if he goes to the smoker. We know that the second-hand smoke is the amalgamation of the tobacco product. These are the two kinds including side stream smoke and the mainstream smoke. Second hands smoke has very much health risk. It causes cancer and it occurs both old person and children.

Second hand smoke effects

There are many bad effects of second hand smoke. It may short time or long time. Some kinds of short time effects are-

  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Eye and nasal irritation
  • Sore throat

Some kinds of long term effect are-

  • Coronary heart disease which accelerate the 25% to 30% risk.
  • Lung cancer, it accelerates the risk 20- 30% risk and other cancers.
  • The second-hand smoke accelerates the stroke risk 20-30%
  • Accelerates the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other breathing problems. 
  • Angina, heart attacks, strokes and complete heart failure.

If you find any person who has attacked by the second hand smoke, you should advise him to go to the medical doctor and test the drugs. But can second hand smoke from weed fail a drug test? Now we will see it

Can second hand smoke fail a drug test?

According to the research, it is bring out that second hand smoke from marijuana or weed are responsible for increasing the THC levels. It is an active martials in marijuana or weed. When the THC levels increase, then the problems create and a person fail to test his drug. When he falls into this problem, his bloodstream does not work normally. If you want to lead a healthy and peaceful life, you should avoid the smoke and drug.

Second hand smoke lyrics

For awareness of the people, many organizations or conscious person have make many song lyrics against the second-hand smoke. It is very helpful to aware the people. I am giving a as lyrics below the line.

I am not lighting’ up, but I’m breathing you in.
With that perfect smile you’re out dressed to kill me again.
You’d think three years clean would be plenty of time.
Oh you’ve been out of sight, I’ve been out of my mind.


I kicked the habit,
I’m back in control.
I’m over you and better alone,
But you’re still hanging’ around –
Like second hand smoke.

Second hand meth smoke

Second hand meth smoke is another bad habit of a person or a child. Second hand meth smoke mainly attacks the children’s who are not conscious about this bad effect. When the parents become fail to control his children, then the children addicted by the second-hand meth smoke.

The meth is more expensive and addictive. So, every person wants to drink it for one time but when he drinks it one time he becomes audited permanently. A lot of people are going to try to inhale as much as possible. Some people keep the second-hand meth at the time of breakfast or long drives. It is very much shocking for us.

Second hand smoke from weed

 Is it harmful for pregnant woman? I will describe it.  

Second hand smoke during pregnancy

Every doctors or conscious person give an advice to the pregnant women to avoid the second-hand smoke at the time of pregnancy. At this time if she does not avoid it, it will create dangerous problems. Research has shown that only quitting is not the best way for avoiding this dangerous problem. The second-hand smoke comes from tobacco martials, most of this product are responsible for cancer. If you do smoking the second-hand smoke at the time of pregnancy, you and your baby may fall into danger.

Some kinds of bad health conditions relate with the second-hand smoke such as low birth weight, early birth, and miscarriage. If you want to avoid these problems you must avoid taking the cigarettes or cigar.


The second hand smoke from weed is the most dangerous things which are responsible for cancer and death. It attacks child, man, woman or old people. So, every person should avoid this second-hand smoke to lead a better and happy life.


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