Causes, Syndrome And Cure Of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain is a very common problem for the people of new generation. Statistics said that almost 8 Americans out of 10 are now facing serious back and sciatic nerve pain at least one time in their life.

It is not a very serious issue but it is so much awful and troublesome. Sometimes excessive back and sciatic nerve pain is the most viral cause for cutting out our busy schedule on regular life. Then it forces us to visit a physician.

Let’s discuss what is it?

This painis a kind of typical pain caused by the inflammation of sciatic nerve. It is the biggest nerve of the body which starts from the Pelvis and end at the end of the feet. Every person has built in two sciatic nerves in their body. Any disturbance of the part of this nerve creates sciatic nerve pain.

The most common causes of behind pain are lower back pain. In below I am discussing about the viral lower back pain causes of Sciatic Nerve Pain.

  1. Lumber Herniated Disc

Lumber Herniated Disc happens when the soft stuff of the disc come out through the fibroid outer core. It compresses the neighboring nerve from the root level and leaks out.

You can call Lumber Herniated Disc as slipped disc, ruptured disc or bulging disc.

  • Degenerative Disc Issue

Sometimes disc degeneration goes through a natural process. It varies from age to age. Some people faces degenerated disc on their lower back after reaching a specific age. It pinches the nerve root and occurs sciatica.

Degenerative disc disease also creates bone spurs. It irritates nerve root and causes Sciatica.

  • Isthmic spondylolisthesis

When a small fracture forces one vertebral spine to lapse on another, it creates Isthmic spondylolisthesis. It collapsed the space between disc and the fracture. Finally, vertebral spine pinches the nerve root to get irritated.

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis

It occurs due to the reason of narrowing spinal canal which causes Sciatica. It normally occurs to the aged people who cross the line of 50 years in age. It enlarged to the faced joints and soft tissues. Then, put pressures on the nerve and creates sciatic nerve pain.

  • Piriformis syndrome

Sometimes Piriformis muscle pinches the nerve and causes sciatica pain. Though it is not related with sciatica according to medical definition, you will get same pain on your leg from this piriformis syndrome as like as sciatic pain.

The most common syndromes of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Generally Sciatica effects on the lower part of the body. The pain it occurs comes from the back to back of the thigh to the end of the foot.

Some important syndromes of Sciatica

  1. Continuous soreness of one side of your leg. It hardly happens on both sides of your body at a time,
  2. Pain starts from the lower back of your body and ends at the lower part of the leg and foot.
  3. You will feel the pain while standing or sitting time.
  4. You will feel huge pain on lower body part.
  5. Makes unable to walk or moving the leg becomes so difficult in some cases
  6. Fragility and insensitivity while shifting legs
  7. Relentless ache in one leg, it makes someone difficult to move on or stand up.
  8. Ache or other syndromes on the toes and other place where Sciatic Nerve gets irritated.

These are the basics syndromes of Sciatic Nerve Pain. But there are also some other issues which are so much harmful for our health. If you find any of these syndromes then immediately consult with a doctor otherwise it will go far way.

  1. If your sciatic nerve fully damaged and makes you paralysis and unable to walk immediately meet with a physician.
  2. If you feel Cauda equine syndrome on your back immediately visit a doctor. This syndrome generally dysfunction the Saddle area. It affects the severe nerve root which causes paralysis.

Sciatic can occurs from an accident or injury. Some other syndromes like fever or cough sneeze are seen. So if you feel any of these syndromes inside your body then takes medical attention.

Cures for sciatic nerve relief

There are some nonsurgical cures and exercises for sciatic nerve relief. These exercises work very well on us. Let’s discuss about them in below:

  1. Heat/ice

In case of Sciatic pain heat or ice works very well in the initial stage. Use heat or ice at least for 20 minutes then you need to do it continuously in every two hours. Patience prefers ice at first but it is better to start with heat. It will make your sciatic nerve relief from pain earlier.

  • Medic

There are medic are available in the pharmacy which is very helpful for sciatic nerve relief. Example: Ibuprofen, naproxen, or oral steroids. These medics will relax your muscles and relief your pin for 48 hours.

  • Steroid injection

In cases of serious pain, a steroid injection can work well. It goes quickly to the sciatic nerve effected areas and stop irritation.

But this is just temporary protection. For further cure visit with an expert and take further medical instruction for sciatic nerve relief.

Alternate Sciatic Cures

1. Manual manipulation by an expert physician works well in case of serious pain,

2. Intellectual behavior therapy: It is a therapy which controls and develops patient’s behavior to manage the ache of Sciatic Nerve. Now physician or therapist provides this service through online or you can take it from face to face visit.

3. Massage therapy: Massage therapy is very helpful for back pain It raises blood transmission, muscle relief and reliefs other pain from the body.

These are the most basic treatments of sciatic nerve relief. There are also lots of options and medical process to reduce sciatic nerve pain depends on the situation of the patients.

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