Symptoms, test and treatment of rapid cycling bipolar disorder

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When we hair the name of rapid cycling, most of the time, we think that who drives the cycle randomly is called the rapid cycling. But our thinking is totally wrong. Medical science says that when a person attacks by many illnesses each year, it is called the rapid cycling bipolar disorder. When a person more rapidly attacks with this illness, it is called ultra-rapid cycling disorder.

Both male and female might be attacked by the rapid cycling disorder. In the present world, more than 60 million people have affected by the rapid cycling disorder. Commonly, young adult people attack by the disorder. Those people who are 25 years old, attack by the rapid cycling disorder.

Now we will see the symptoms of bipolar disorder


Although we are attacked by the rapid cycling bipolar disorder, sometimes we can’t understand it. For this reason, in future, we suffer more. So, here I will try to show the symptoms of bipolar disorder. There are many symptoms of bipolar disorder.

According to the mania:

  • In rapid speech
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Higher sex drive
  • Sleep reduction
  • Accelerate in impulsivity
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol

Depression includes:

  • Energy loss
  • Hopeless feelings
  • Concentration trouble
  • Irritability
  • Sleeping too much or sleeping trouble
  • Appetite changes
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Attempt to suicide

When a person attacked by the cycling bipolar disorder, he severs outbreaks of anger, anxiety, and depression. It may be lasting for few hours or a few days. The abuses of alcohol or drugs are the main causes of this problem. But sometimes, the people suffer from this problem because of lacking the wisdom in it. Most of the time, they may feel mistreated unfairly, empty, or even bored. For this reason, patient’s sufferings from borderline personality disorder also commit to suicide.

The borderline disorder is a very serious problem. It’s known to us as BPD which is related to mental illness. A bipolar disorder characterized by instability in behavior, moods, impersonal relations, and self-image. If you see that any person who attacked by the bipolar disorder is trying to hurt another person or self-harm you should call your local region emergency number. You should stay beside the person until the help arrives. The most important matter is, remove any knives, guns, medication, or other things that may cause danger. So that the disorder attacked people can’t do anything which is harmful to him and others. You should listen to the disorder attacked person speech but you should not talk, judge, threaten, argue or yell.

After knowing the symptoms of bipolar disorder, now we are thinking that how we will test it? Because above the line, we have known that sometimes it does not do diagnose it. I want to tell you that don’t worry. I will tell you the best way to test it.

Bipolar disorder test

Many people test their bipolar disorder by the screening test. But is not the best way of testing. According to the report, it fails to give a proper identify more than 33 percent people. If you want to test your bipolar disorder by the online screening, these screening tasks will ask you some question for testing your bipolar disorder. I will tell you again that you should avoid these processes. They can ask you some questions like,

  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Hopelessness and helplessness
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Change in appetite or weight
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of interest in most activities

If you can’t take this process, what process you will prefer for testing your bipolar disorder?

You can follow some methods which I am giving below the line.

What other tests will you need to take?

For testing your bipolar disorder, you should meet with the doctor. They will suggest you for some methods. Which is-

  • Conduct a physical exam
  • Test your blood and urine
  • Ask about your moods and behaviors for a psychological evaluation.

If you test your bipolar disorder by this method and if the doctor can’t find any medical cause then he will suggest you go the health care provider, like, for proper medication to treat this situation or the psychologist.

After testing the bipolar disorder, how can we take this treatment?

Bipolar disorder treatment

After testing your bipolar disorder, if you don’t take a proper attempt to reduce your bipolar disorder your test will go under. So, you should take proper step to treat your bipolar disorder. I will suggest you some kinds of treatment which you can take.

  1. Medications: Medication is the best way for you to treat your disorder. Because it has not any fault. You can depend on this process without any confusion. The doctors will give you a prescription which you will follow. Sometimes, they prescribed such as an antidepressant (Valium, Paxil), antidepressant-antipsychotics, anti-anxiety medications, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics.
  2. Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is another key method for reducing your bipolar disorder. To take this therapy, don’t feel shy. You must get out your negative thinking from your head. Talk with the therapist face to face. Moreover, you should practice some exercise and will control your food habits.

Bipolar disorder person suffers from a long period of time. The patients have to experience alternative episodes in which mood are abnormal. According to the rapid cycling disorder DSM, he does his moods abnormally for at least 4 days for hypomania and week for mania.

Without this treatment, you can also take some treat at your home.

Home therapies

If you capable of changing your lifestyle, you will prevent your rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Some home remedies are, you should avoid drinking alcohol and illegal drugs. Don’t keep the unhealthy relationships. You will do exercise for 30 minutes every day in your home. The most important thing is that you should eat balanced diet foods and vegetables. Getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Risk of bipolar disorder

There have huge risks of bipolar disorder. Till now, any idea doesn’t create for reducing the bipolar disorder. For this reason, the risk of bipolar disorder is very much. Bipolar disorder runs in the family to family. Namely, it connects with the genetic problem. Moreover, a bipolar disorder associated with brain structure. If a person attacked by the bipolar disorder, his brain can be damaged.

Prevention tips of bipolar disorder

For preventing the bipolar disorder, there is no quick ready way to prevent it. But if you maintain and follow some rules and regulation you can reduce this problem. It’s having a bad effect because it runs in the family instantly. Manic or hypomanic occurs in the rapid cycling bipolar disorder. For reducing it, a family member should talk softly to the bipolar attacked people.

A lot of people know that some feelings show when a mood change is developing. Small changes in mood, energy, sexual interest, concentration, motivation, thoughts of doom and even changes in hygiene and dress may be early signs of this episode. But I will tell you that for preventing this disorder, you can stay with people who have already experienced mania or depression.


It is clear to us from the above information that rapid cycling bipolar disorder is not a normaldisease. If you attacked this problem, don’t waste your time. Go to the doctor and take the treatment for reducing it. Otherwise, in the future, you will suffer more.


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