The profession of polysomnography and the polysomnographic technologist Salary

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Every person wants to develop his career by various jobs. For this reason, he always tries to find out the best jobs.  But most of the time they don’t know the advantage and others benefits of the job. So, when he joins this job, he feels discomfort. As a result, he can’t give his full concentration on his job. Polysomnography profession is one of the best jobs and so we need to know about polysomnographic technologist salary.

You can develop your career as a polysomnographic. But before starting your job, it is essential to know the salary or other activities of this job. Firstly, we need to know, what is polysomnography?

What is polysomnography?

Polysomnography mainly works for the sleeping disorder people. We can say it that polysomnography works for various kinds of sleep disorders. When a person can’t sleep properly or feel discomfort, then he needs polysomnography treatment. Polysomnography tests the sleep disorder carefully and give you better suggestion or medicine. It will help you to recover your problems. Polysomnography tests some kinds of sleep disorder like Bruxism, obstructive sleep apnoea, parasomnias, idiopathic hypersomnia etc. So, we can give the definition of polysomnography.

‘’ The technique or process of using a polygraph to make a continuous record during sleep of multiple physiological variables (as breathing, heart rate and muscle activity)’’.

From above the line, we came to know about the polysomnography. If we want to start our career as a polysomnography technologist, we need to know the polysomnography job. What is polysomnography job? A lot of people ask me. Then I give them the job idea of polysomnography.

Polysomnography jobs

There are three levels of polysomnography professionals, according to the American academy of sleep medicine. The polysomnographic technologist is the middle. The polysomnographic technologist tests the patients sleep disorder in the lab according to the medical report. To become a polysomnographic technologist, you need some kinds of merit. You need experience as an assistant or related skill, communication, overnight shifts, writing skills, handing delicate equipment etc.

Mainly the sleeping test undertaken in the evening hour but RPSGT frequently require a night-time work schedule. We can say some kinds of polysomnography job’s name. These are polysomnographic registered technologist, polysomnographic technician, sunny ale, polysomnographic tech reg, EEG technician, polysomnographic tech I St. Anthony’s hospital etc.

From the all kinds of technologist, now I will describe the polysomnographic technician and polysomnographic registered technologist. Because all polysomnographic are not the same. Just as the, polysomnographic registered technologist is different from others. Now, we will see it below the line.

Registered polysomnographic technologist

The sleep medicine industry always expanding due to new advances of technology and medicine and is trying to increase public awareness. If you want to become a registered polysomnography technologist, you need some kinds of merit. These will help you to become an expert technologist. Such merits are-

  • CAAHEP/CoARC programme graduate
  • Self-study STAR program with 1638 hours of experience
  • Another health care credential with 546 hrs experience
  • International option
  • Focused STAR program with 819 hrs of experience

Polysomnographic technician

To become a polysomnographic technician, you just need to gather some kinds of basic knowledge and clinical experience. If you can catch this profession, in future you will be able to get a better job. You need-

Moreover, your self-study STAR program starts with a cumulative total of 416 hours or more of clinical time.

However, you can take within 2 months of graduation, or a graduate of, a CAAHEP or CoARC.

Focused STAR program that includes lecture and clinical time.

Suppose you are a polysomnography technologist. But if anyone want to come in this profession, it is essential for him to know the salary of this profession. Because after coming this job if he saw that the salary is not enough for him, then he can’t give his full concentration on his job. He can’t bear his basic needs of the family.

Some people ask me, how much salary can we get from this job? I tell them that it varies from experience, location, profession quality etc.

Polysomnographic technologist salary

Polysomnographic technologist called a sleep technician who test the people sleep problems. When a person feels the sleep disorder problems, then he goes to the polysomnographic technologist. At that time, the technologist gives them proper treatment. Their salary varies from man to man, location, country and many other things.

According to the salary survey conducted by medical industry website, a polysomnographic technologist and technicians get $23.17 per hours work. You can imagine that it is a very poor salary. But if you see their average year salary, you will become amazed! Their average year salary is $47,660 according to the 2010 survey. Lead sleep technologist earns more, his per hour wage is $25.83 and his per year income is $50,346.

If you want to become a polysomnographic technologist, your starting salary will become $21.36 per hour and per year you will get $42, 159.

So, you understand that this job is highly effective for you, if you want to start your career as a polysomnographic technologist.

Nowadays, we see that a lot of people can’t sleep properly at night. They take some kinds of step to reduce this problem, but most of the time they fail. There are some causes behind this. They don’t take the proper medicine or therapy to reduce it. In UK, some people asked me, what is the proper way to reduce the sleeping disorder? They couldn’t sleep properly at night, they took several steps but they didn’t get the proper benefits from those treatment.

I suggested to them that they can take the polysomnography treatment. Most of them took it and got better benefits from this treatment. Now, you are thinking that you will take this treatment but you don’t know the cost of this therapy. Don’t worry because I will show you the cost of this treatment. Just keep your eyes on my text below the line.

Polysomnography cost

If you want to test your sleep disorder problem, the technologist will treat your problem in the evening according to your medical report. If you test it in your home, you can save your money than the lab test. If you take this treatment, I can say it surely that you must relief from this pain. Because according to the report, 75% people have gotten benefits from this treatment.

If you take it in your home, the total cost of this treatment will be

  • Technical fee- $4800.00
  • Physician fee- $500.00

But if you take it in the lab, you need low cost than the home test. The Total amount of the lab test is

  • Technical fee- $3500.00
  • Physician fee- $1100.000

So, you will prefer the test system, what is the best for you. I just show you the system.

Polysomnographic technologist salary, you can imagine that it is very cheap than the other cost. But if you deeply think, then you can realize that it is a human service. So, you are getting job salary as well as getting opportunity to service the human being.


If you want to start your career, I will tell you that without any thinking you can join this job. If you become a polysomnographic technologist, you will get a better salary. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to gain a job experience which will help you in the future.


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