Piriformis syndrome Symptoms, Test, Treatment and Pain

A lot of people don’t absolutely know that what is piriformis syndrome? Piriformis syndrome is a very difficult problem. It is occurred by the painful musculoskeletal condition. Piriformis syndrome takes few months to reduce it forever if you don’t take right treatment. In many articles, piriformis syndrome is identified as a peripheral neuritis. Huge women are attracted by the piriformis syndrome than a man, with female to male ratio of 6:1.

 In this article I will try to show what is piriformis syndrome and how we can relief from this pain. I also show you that how you can test it and others activities of piriformis syndrome.

What is Piriformis syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome is a painful musculoskeletal condition. It can be occurred in many ways. But it mainly caused by the compression of your sciatic nerve by your piriformis muscle. Piriformis syndrome is two

types. First one is-

  1. Primary piriformis syndrome

It occurs by the anatomical variation.

And the second one is-

  1. Secondary piriformis syndrome

It occurs by the precipitating causes like microtrauma, microtrauma etc.

What causes piriformis syndrome?

There are many causes of piriformis syndrome. But main causes are when you misuse your piriformis muscle than it occurs. The overuse can occur with many activities.

Symptoms of piriformis syndrome

When a person attracts by the piriformis syndrome he doesn’t performs clearly. He can’t sit on a chair, can’t move to one place to another place. There some causes behind this piriformis syndrome. Such as

  1. Pain IQ
  2. Tingling
  3. Numbness
  4. Pain that can go from the back to the foot
  5. Intermittent pain
  6. Certain movements pain

Piriformis test

Exercise and piriformis test are similar. The first hint you have the piriformis syndrome close fitting buttocks. Piriformis test is a very difficult process. For this test, the victim needs to lay with the asymptomatic leg against the table. The leg position need to 60 to 90-degree position and 90-degree position of the knee joints. The patient must keep his face directly to the examiner. He should keep his hand on pelvis to stabilize this point and other hand keeps on the literal side on the knee. The examiner gives attempt brake on the lateral side of the knee. He gives effort to as far as possible in this movement to start to numbness. The other name of this test is a fair test. The examiner works a plane adduction at the time of giving pressure on the knee to the table until the patient feels pain or discomfort.

Treatment of piriformis syndrome

Now I can say it that you know the piriformis syndrome pain. So, it is time to treatment of this problem. To complete this treatment successfully I will give you some idea that can follow you. The easy way is, you will break this vile ring that holds your piriformis syndrome in place right now. You can perform three exercises. This way is very easiest for reducing the piriformis syndrome pain. This cod reliefs the pressure on your painful piriformis muscle. It can help you to reduce this problem. In the meantime, you can do some exercise such as-

  1. Piriformis stretch is very helpful to reduce piriformis muscle pain.
  2. Piriformis training to increase its load ability
  3. To solve your radiating pain, you can do stretching tour sciatic nerve.
  4. To reduce your piriformis pain, you can mobilize your hip.

If you can do this exercise regularly, you permit your piriformis pain. Another best is that you can do this exercise on a yoga mat. If this exercise doesn’t help you enough, I will tell you another way that can help you. But firstly, I will discuss the piriformis stretches

Piriformis stretches

The most important exercise is piriformis stretch. According to the recent report that piriformis stretch is the best way for reducing the piriformis muscle pain. This exercise also relief your piriformis muscle tension. To calm your sciatic nerve pressure, you need to reduce your piriformis muscle pain. To remove this pain, you can massage your painful spot. Doing this massage, you need to massage oil. If you do this regularly, you will be able to relief your pain.

Piriformis massage

Piriformis massage is one of the effective processes for reducing the piriformis syndrome pain. For doing this massage, you should keep in mind some important points.

  • The important thing is massage the gluteal region.
  • The victim must sleep in a humble position.
  • Then the therapist will start his work from the sacrum and down to the head of the femur.
  • The therapist will be applied deep pressure on the threshold according to the patient comfort.

If you don’t get benefit from this process, you can follow another few processes such as

Use a foam roller

Foam roller can also help you to reduce your pain. You give the pressure on your piriformis muscle specially on your tender point. It can decrease the tension and relieve your pain.

Use heat or ice for pain relief

You can use heat or ice for reducing your buttock pain. Which you will use? You will decide according to what works the best for you. If the pain started from overuse muscle, it is better for you to apply the ice. But if it is longer period, then you will apply heat. Remember it, you don’t use the heat or ice directly. Before using the heat or ice, you must keep a towel on your skin.

Piriformis syndrome hip pain

Hip pain is also causes of the piriformis syndrome. You need to know this, that your piriformis muscle serves many of your hip movements. When you overuse the muscle, then piriformis syndrome occurs. The main causes of developing a hard hip are hip arthritis. It indicates the cartilages in your hip joint vanish. The scarcity of cartilage results in less mobility of your hip joint.

What can and can’t I do with a piriformis syndrome?

Now I can say it that already you have known how to take treatment for piriformis syndrome. At this moment you want to know, what you can do and what you can’t do with your piriformis syndrome. Putting heavy pressure on your piriformis muscle can be a cause to tens up again. For those activities you can again fall into danger. Some activities such as walking, swimming, cycling can increase your piriformis muscle strength.


I have tried to give you some information above the line. I hope this information will help you to reduce your piriformis syndrome pain. If you think that this information is very helpful for you. So, you can apply it. If you are capable of completing this process, you will get the benefits from it. Keep in mind that piriformis syndrome pain is not a simple disease. So, you should apply this process regularly for reducing your piriformis pain.

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