The Way of Obesity Prevention for the Children

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Is obesity prevention important for a person or a child? Yes, the prevention of obesity is important for any age person. Obesity is the condition of huge fat and overweight in the body.

Overweight and fat have a negative effect on the health. It is not a normal condition of health. If the body weight is more than the weight should be, it is considered obese.

Childhood Obesity

Obesity is not a normal condition of health. It causes fat in the body. Childhood obesity is related to the children and teenagers. For every person or children, has a right body size that is right for him or her. For the reason of obesity, the children have not right body size.

If the excess fat is in the body of the children, it is considered childhood obesity. It changes height and weight of the children. The disproportionate growth of weight has a negative impact on his or her health and healthy development overall.

The store of too much fat of adult or child is considered as obese or overweight. The children are fall in obese more than adult. For this, it causes health problem like chronic disease and also has an impact on their height.

The Reason for Becoming Obese or Overweight

The causes of children unhealthy weights or overweight is not exercising enough and eating too much. A complex system of producer keep contributes to rising rates of obesity. However, it has a great impact of overweight on the psychological, social, biological, behavioral, cultural, economic, and technological. These are managing at whole levels from the separate to the society to the family at all.

The reason of the overweight is the lack of physical activity changes, brokering food and beverages high fat, eating sugar, and rise fast-food availability. The following children are at the risk of suffering obese or overweight:

  • The children who are not physically active all day long.
  • Like and eat consume drinks and foods which are high in sugar and fat. These are such as candy, baked goods, pop, sugar-sweetened food, and other fast food.
  • The children who play a lot of video games on mobile or laptop and watch a lot of TV.
  • Healthy eating and physical activity don’t support in the environment in which the children live in.
  • The children who are dealing with social problems and stress.
  • The genetic reason that in which family member is in overweight. Especially, in the family, those are not given priority on physical activity or healthy eating.
  • The low-income family those do not have the way, time or money to make sure about active living and healthy eating.
  • The lack of information or do not have the idea about nutrition.
  • The children those are suffering hormone disorder or genetic disease.
  • Do not have the availability or affordability of healthy foods.

Tips for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity

Do you know about the way of childhood obesity prevention? You must know about the ways of early childhood obesity prevention. It will help your children to grow or develop a healthy condition.

Many of the developed countries of the world arranged many childhood prevention programs. They arranged obesity programs in the school, child care, health care and community. They discuss with parents about childhood obesity causes and prevention. They also arranged obesity prevention programs for the adult.

Some of the national obesity prevention programs organizations such as CBFC, DASH-NY, Local IMPACT, HPNAP, JSY, WIC etc. They arranged programs in community sectors. CHSC arranged the program in school sectors. EWPHCCS, Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care has arranged programs in the childcare sectors. BQIH, Breastfeeding Friendly Practices Designation, and OPPHCS have arranged programs in the healthcare sectors.

Balance the calories are the way of prevention and control of obesity. It helps the children to maintain a healthy weight. Overweight give obstacle to the normal development and growth of the children. The following tips help about the prevention and cure of obesity:

  • Encourages the children with healthy eating habits is the primary prevention of childhood obesity. Provide the children with fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products. With regular diet, the chart includes non-fat or low-fat milk, dairy products.
  • For regular diet, chart chooses poultry, fish, lean meats, beans and lentils for protein. Give encourage your family to drink lots of water.
  • Make some changes in the recipe of the cook. Add some healthy ingredients into the regular dishes. Make your favorite dishes into heart-healthy dishes with a few changes.
  • Keep in the limit of high-sugar, salty snacks, and high-fat food. It can help the children to develop healthy eating habits. Some low-fat and low-sugar foods are a medium-size apple, banana, 1 cup blueberries, grapes, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers etc.
  • Physical exercise is good for both children and adults. Give the idea about benefits of physical exercise to the children. The physical exercise has benefits like increasing self-esteem, reducing stress and anxiety, helping with weight management, strengthening bone etc.
  • Stay active at least 60 minutes in a day is the best for children and teen. Sports help the children to keep physically active and it also easy for the children. Some physical activity like playing tag, playing soccer, brisk walking, dancing, swimming, and jumping rope etc.
  • Reading and homework are good for the children. But spend time with watching TV and playing games in mobile and laptop is very harmful to the children health. Give encourage to the children to find activities with family members and friends.

Final Thought

Parents can help in childhood obesity prevention by keeping healthy foods and meals in their daily diet chart. They also keep the children physically active daily and give the idea about nutrition education.

Parents should focus on the good health, not again weight goal for the children. Eating too much is not a good habit as well as it increases the risk of overweight.

Nutrition education is helpful for children and adults for a lifetime. It can give the idea of healthy food and helps to reduce or prevent overweight and obesity.



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