The Effects, Causes and Prevention of Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

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All over the world obesity has become a problem. It has declared as a national epidemic in most of the developed countries. Moreover, diabetes has been another difficult disease to treat among human diseases. Try to keep the two in the same. Then you have been an endemic, which would test all the limits of science for saving lives. It will help to remove the danger of diabetes and obesity.

Childhood obesity is a very common problem among children of this generation. According to statistics in USA, one-third children and in UK one-fourth children are being obsessed or over weighted. At first overweight increases the chance of childhood obesity and diabetes.

This type of diabetes is called T2D (types two diabetes). It effects on optimal glycemic slowly. It also increases the risk of health difficulty from childhood. It’s now becoming a public issue. Social awareness and medical solution should be taken as soon as possible. It will help to prevent the symptoms of childhood obesity among children.

The connection between childhood obesity and diabetes

Through the link between obesity and diabetes is not definite. But according to medical science, childhood increases the possibility of diabetes mellitus. 80-90% obsess children carries the risk of type two diabetes 80 times more than a normal child.

You can see that two –third people are now facing childhood obesity problem. Moreover, diabetes rates have been growing up in 33 percent in the last 10 years. There is a connection between these two and that happens at the situation called insulin defiance.

Now let’s see how insulin defiance occurs.

  • Our cells give a response to the actions of the insulin. But when it gets stopped, it forces to over produce insulin and drive glucose into the cells.
  • The excess limit of insulin increases body fat and leads to obesity. Finally this result the cause of diabetes.

Childhood obesity effects

Childhood obesity and diabetes have very long term effect on human life. Here I am sharing you some vital childhood obesity effects.

Morbidity and mortality

Childhood obesity and diabetes are the sources of various diseases. Even sometimes in some cases, it takes us to death.  If you face it from childhood, you have 90% chances of early death in your real life. It spreads out some diseases like heart attack, diabetes, mental disorder and other in the human body. It effects in the later life.

  • It effects on your regular sleeping habit. In the shot, it called sleep apnea. It also creates problems in your bones and joints parts of your body.
  • Childhood obesity is the reason for gaining overweight in the early stage of life.  It effects on the youth’s mentality. Most of the time they got harassed by his/her classmates. It isolates them from school life and creates a depression in their mentality.  Sometimes it makes them frustrated and leads to mental disorders in later life.

Cardiovascular problems

Childhood obesity is the factors of cardiovascular problem. According to the Bogalusa Heart research, In USA 70% children having obesity problems face cardiovascular problems in their later life. In Netherlands, this rate is 62%. It also damages the cardiovascular system from childhood.

Flat Feet

It’s a very risky effect of childhood obese. Sometimes a child with serious obesity develops flat feet. It reduces the strength of long-distance walking ability. In these cases, the child needs some body spanning exercises to focus on the heel cord of the feet.

Childhood obesity causes

The main causes of childhood obesity and diabetes are given below:

  • Injurious and unhealthy food diet

It is the most vital reason behind childhood obesity. According to statistics around 90% children of America are depended on snack and other high-calorie foods. These are fast foods, chocolates, baked food than fresh homemade meals. It increases calorie consumption level. As you need to know that standard calorie consumptions rate is 156/per day but it takes 500-600 for unhealthy food habit.

  • Lack of physical task

Our child is very much internet and games-addicted than playing outside. They are just combining themselves in their rooms by internet fascination. If they don’t like participate in physical tasks, higher the calorie will burn and causes obesity and overweight.

  • DNA facts

DNA effects for the occurring of overweight and childhood obesity. If you born in a family of over weighted people, you genetically bear the possibility of getting huge fat, obesity and type 2 diabetes in your life.

  • Economic factors

In statistics, we found that poor economy and poverty spreads childhood obesity. A poor parent cannot provide healthy foods to their children. Even they cannot send their boy to the gym for physical fitness for low income. Lack of proper care and food habits is the big issue for obesity in poor countries.

These are the vital causes of childhood obesity and diabetes.

How to prevent childhood obesity?

Recovering childhood obesity is a very big issue among parents. The rate of childhood obesity and diabetes has been increasing rapidly day by day. Here I am providing you the basic information about how to prevent childhood obesity,

  • Inspire to maintain a healthy food routine to your boy or girl from childhood. If you are a mother then my suggestion is to bring a change in your cooking recipe of healthy food habits.
  • Serve a specific amount of green vegetables and low-fat dairy products in the meal.
  • Drink water as much as you can. Water is very helpful to reduce the habit of overeating.
  • Avoid sweetened and unhygienic items. It contains lots of fat and intakes more calories.
  • Encourage your child to participate in different physical tasks. Send them for playing different kinds of sports rather than playing games in mobile or laptop.
  • Every child should take at least 60 minutes of physical work to increase physical ability. It reduces the possibility of childhood obesity.
  • Make limitation of staying in the digital world like TV, laptop, the internet, video games. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested avoiding TV for the 2-12 years children.

Childhood obesity solutions

Those who think that childhood obesity has no solution are not exactly true. Childhood obesity solutions still existed.

  • Run childhood obesity and diabetes cure programs and counseling with parents. It increases social awareness against obesity and diabetes.
  • Make healthy food and nutrition campaigns to inspire every child maintaining a balanced diet.
  • Follow the doctors’ recommendation of participating regular physical activities from childhood.
  • Reduce the tendency of spending time in the digital world of internet and games. Rather motivates to participate in real life works and spending time with the family members.

Childhood obesity and diabetes is now becoming a viral issue among teenagers and parents. But don’t be panicked. Everything has a solution. In this case the best solution is to teach a healthy food diet and daily work out habit from the childhood.  It will reduce the obesity rate gradually.


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