Top Best Secret of Mild Multilevel Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

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Mild multilevel degenerative disc disease, everyone knows that it is one kind of serious disease. But actually, it is not a disease. It mainly relates with the age condition. Degenerative disc disease occurs when the wear and tear on a spinal disc.

Degenerative disc disease is a common and very painful disease. Most of the time, we are attacked by it and suffer from much more pain. What causes for this disease? There are many causes for mild multilevel degenerative disc disease like weakness, numbness, hot and leading for heavy weigh carrying. Why is it important for you to solve your problem?

It is very important for us to reduce our degenerative pain problem because if we don’t take proper step to reduce it, in future we will suffer more. Even, many people loss their walking power. If you follow my text, you will get some secret treatment for reducing your problem. Just keep your eyes on my text.

What types of mild multilevel degenerative disc disease attack us?  We are attacked by some kinds of common degeneration disc disease. Below the line, there are some descriptions about it.

Degenerative bone disease spine

In US, every year a large number of people are attacked by the degenerative bone disease spine.  These diseases, also known as an osteoporosis. There are some kinds of cells which help us to maintain our bones. Those cells are:

  • Ostheocalsts: It is helpful to remove the bone tissue.
  • Osteoblasts: It makes new bone cells.
  • Osteocytes: It simplifies the whole activities.

But some kinds of substances like smoking, drugs, alcohol, body weight loss etc are responsible for leading to osteoporosis.

Degenerative lumbar spine

Lumbar spine, it is one kinds of degenerative disc disorder. It occurs when the narrow space creates between the spine bones. This disorder appears with the disc when they become dry and hard. Most of the time, lumbar spine damage because it leads to carry the whole body weight. As a result it falls in danger. There are three main causes which are lead to lumbar disc disease. They are

  • Internal disc disruption
  • Degenerative disc
  • Segmental instability

Degenerative joint disease knee 

It is clear to us that it is one kind of joint problem disease. In USA, twenty million people are attacked by the degenerative joint disease kneeproblem every year. When we go to doing exercise or playing game, it occurs. There are some causes behind this. Firstly, I can say it that old people are main victim of this disease. Second one is obesity, the obese person are attacked by this more than thin person.

When the knee joint carries over loaded substances then it fall in danger. Moreover, we can say some others causes such as gender, family history, joint injury etc.

Degenerative thoracic spine

Degenerative thoracic spine is very painful disorder. If a person suffers from this problem in many times, that means there is a huge problem in your body. But don’t worry. The doctor can reduce your problem with an x-ray.

If a person suffers from chronic pain more than one month, it is the symbol of thoracic spine. This pain location is situated in the center of the pain. Some person imagines that he is suffering from thoracic problem but it is not true. It is not related to the bones. Mainly it relates to the muscles in the back.

Mild degenerative joint disease

Cartilage of the joints, when it is breakdown or loss then occur degenerative joint disease. We know it also osteoarthritis. According to medical science, arthritis has more than 100 types. Arthritis is the common and it mainly attacks hands, feet, spine, and large weight bearing joints.

Some causes are responsible for creating this problem such as lacking of regular exercise, smoking, obesity, genetic problem, carrying heavy weight etc.

Many people told me in UK, that doctors said them, their degenerative changed in their spine. Really, is it spine change? I told them about this. Now, I am trying to discus on it. Just keep your eyes on my text.

Mild degenerative changes

Degenerative changes means osteoarthritis of the spine. Many times the doctors describe that it is a degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease. It mainly creates problem in the neck and lower back.

If you fall in the danger, the doctor will give you treatment to recover your problem by different kinds of processes including exercise, medication etc. He should also give you a suggestion to take rheumatologist, physical therapist, or orthopedic surgeon.

l5 s1 degenerative disc

L5-S1 is the most painful disease. It occurs for intervertaebral disc space between two vertebrae of the spine. We know that spine is made by the intricate l5 s1 vertebral segment. It also refers the lumbosacral joint. These all spinal segments connect to each other.

When you will attacked by this problem, some symptoms become appear in your body. It creates the pain in the lower back or neck. To get prevention from this disease, you should play game daily or do exercise. You may try to lose your body weight.

After knowing the some kinds of Mild multilevel degenerative disc disease which attack us, now you are thinking that how can we treat it? Don’t worry because I will give you some kinds of secret treatment tips which can give you a proper result to recover your problem.

Degenerative joint disease treatment

Where there are two bones meet, it is call joint. Unfortunately sometimes it becomes damage. But many people don’t know that how to treat it. There are two best ways to treat it. First one is medical treatment and second one is natural treatment. Below the line I am discussing on it.

  • Exercise and physical therapy: To get better blood circulation in the certain muscles and loss your obesity it is very effective medication for you to reduce your degenerative joint disease pain. In USA, a lot of people told me that when they understood that they are attacked by the degenerative joint disease they didn’t loss time. They started daily exercise to remove this problem. Finally they get better result from it.

It is true that daily exercise and physical therapy play a vital role to reduce your pain. So, you should make daily habits to do exercise.

  • Medication: If you want to recover your problem permanently, it is the best way for you to take medication treatment. Some injections like localized cortisone may help you to reduce your problem. 
  • Stay active: We get to see that a lot of victims are lazy or workless person. So, if a person always active on his own works it has less possibility to attack by the degenerative joint disease.  To stay in active, you may do some kinds of activities. In this case, you can do swimming in the water.

For the old ages person, it is the most essential to do daily exercise. Old people are the main victim of this disease. Old ages person becomes more obese. So, their body weight is very high that creates the problem.

  • Nutrient dense diet: A new report shows that lacking of diet is responsible for creating this joint problem. When the water becomes short in the collagen, then the problems create. The collagen maintains some kinds of healthy tissue. Cartilage needs 60 to 80% water to maintain the three tissues include collagen, proteoglycans and chondrocytes.

To get better nutrition and maintain the diet, you should eat some kinds of foods like-

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Yogurt, kombucha, kvass etc.
  • Caught fish, eggs, omega 3 fatty acids
  • Fed butter, coconut oil

You must eat these types of food. Moreover, you will go to the doctor to know some other foods name which is essential for you.

  • Maintain body weight: We know very well that joints carry the whole body weight. If you become an obese person, your joints fail to carry your whole body’s weight. So the joints become damage and you suffer from joints disease. So, you should maintain your healthy body weight. To get a better weight, you may take balance diet food.
  • Get enough rest: The experts said that lacking of sleep is another causes of joints pain. The whole day, your joints lead to carry your all others weight. So, if the joins can’t get enough rest, they become damage. So you should take enough relax for avoiding your problem.

To reduce tour degenerative joints disease pain, many doctors will say you to take the medication or surgery. But you have alternative processes too.  This is natural processes. Now we will see natural remedies which may help you to reduce your problem.

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture mainly helps to reduce the lower back or neck pain, muscles aches and join stiffness, osteoarthritis and chronic headaches.
  • Massage therapy: Massage therapy accelerates the blood circulation in your muscles.
  • Reflexology: Many years ago, it is used for stimulating nervous system and help to handle body stress, fatigue pain etc.

Degenerative disk disease treatment

Degenerative disk disease is another parts of the mild multilevel degenerative disc disease. When one or more kinds of discs destroy, then the degenerative disease occurs. We call that it is a disease but actually it is not disease. So don’t worry. It is possible to reduce this pain. For reducing your problem, you must follow my instructions.

  • Heat or cold therapy: Cold or heat therapy is the best way for reducing your degenerative disk disease pain.  When you give the heat in your pain location, it damages the inflammation that causes pain. When the inflammation become damage, you will feel better than before.
  • Surgery: If you become fail to reduce your pain within six month it is better for you to take the surgery. You may take disc replacement or a spinal fusion. Disc replacement relates with the broken disc. On the other hand, spinal fusion relates with the affected vertebrae.
  • Physical therapy: If you go to the therapist, he will give a suggestion to strengthen your muscles. To strengthen your muscle daily exercise is the best way. When you will do exercise every day, your back muscle could be strengthen.
  • Over the counter medications: Acetaminophen and ibuprofen is the best remedies for reducing your problem. It helps to solve the pain problem as well as decrease the inflammation. Keep in mind that you should go to the doctor. What is appropriate for you, you will know by the doctor. Otherwise, you will fall in the danger.

Though mild multilevel degenerative disc disease is not a disease but its impact is very dangerous. If you don’t take the proper step to reduce your pain problem, it may carry various kinds of danger which is life threaten.


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