Marijuana addiction: Reasons, Signs and Symptoms and Effects of Marijuana Abuse

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Marijuana addiction fuels the degradation of youth society rapidly. It is one of the most abused drugs in the world and proved to be dangerous for health. Marijuana basically comes from shredded and dried parts of the cannabis plant and the part which contains drug is found in the buds. It is legal in some states but the human body can’t identify legal or illegal when affected.

Once you have taken this drug, your body won’t respond you positively for not carrying out neurotoxic effects. Marijuana abuse and addiction require proper treatment.

Reasons behind marijuana abuse

Several reasons are there for the rapid growth of marijuana abuse. Following are given to get more ideas about that.

  • Mental depression

There are ups and downs in life. Some people find it very difficult to cope with the stressful situation in life. As a result, depression leads an individual to choose addiction even though it is not a permanent solution to get relief. Sometimes the mental illness such as anxiety, panic disorder, and disoriented thoughts of life seems to never end.

Sometimes intense trauma provokes one to adopt the spoiling way marijuana addiction. Even though taking drugs may be considered as an effective way to reduce emotional stress, they can become a monstrous problem over time.

  • Curiosity

Curiosity often produces on teenaged people mind for unknown things they feel interested. Addiction to marijuana is a dangerous habit. If you have a friend addicted to marijuana, your curious mind will choose to test what your friend is doing. Thus, people attract with this life-threatening addiction that leads to the death at last.

  • Pleasure seeking tendency

One of the sole causes of this addiction is pleasure seeking tendency, believed by most of the people. Most addicts seek funs in having marijuana. Slowly they become habituated with this habit. Then a habit may eventually turn into an addiction. Short termed pleasure they gain in restoring this dangerous addiction. Finally, it can damage their life with long-term bad effects.

  • Genetic heritage

Genetically we inherit particular characteristics and habit from our parents. Luckily you can achieve good values for your generation. Yet an unlucky individual may also have to suffer their whole life for genetical reasons that run thick in their veins.  Marijuana addiction is something that is difficult to treat if the basic source is unknown. That’s why knowing your genetic background is much needed in this case.

Signs and symptoms of marijuana abuse

There are some particular signs and symptoms of marijuana abuse. Several signs are most visible to users. Let’s know about that.

  • Forgetful memory

Marijuana and addiction are closely intertwined with each other. Marijuana addicts tend to forget things frequently. It decreases their brain activity and leaves an opposing impact on their brain development. Drugs used to leave a bad impact on fewer neural fibers in certain areas of brains. As a result, their intellectual level reduces apparently. These abnormalities sometimes lead them to schizophrenia.

  • Detached from regular activities

Is your relative seemed to be irregular in his or her regular activities such as school going, tuition class, having dinner together? Is he or she is losing interest in friends, family, school or work? If your answer is positive then be sure that he or she is getting addicted. Generally, it is very difficult to give up on addiction because addicts feel more reluctant to leave it.

  • Inpatient

Addicts often become impatient with small issues. They tell off people without any reason. Their tolerance level goes under zero when they are a hyper mood. They lose control over their tolerance and feel uncomfortable to talk with others. They prefer loneliness and crave for marijuana when they are not using it.

  • Lack of regular responsibilities

Another noticeable marijuana addiction symptom includes unwillingness of performing regular activities or taking responsibilities. When addicts smoke pot, they just do their work without caring for anything else. Desperate behaviors are commonly seen in their attitude. When anyone focuses his or her attention on smoking pot, they quit living a normal life.

  • Choosing a company based on drug activities

You can definitely have some ideas of an individual by judging his or her company. Moreover, good people tend to associate with the good company. Otherwise bad people surround their life with the destructive company. When an individual is regularly seen with drug addicted folks, he or she has definitely taken a step in this dark way.

Effects of marijuana on body and mind:

Marijuana abusers have to go through some devastating experience on their body and mind. Irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety, lose appetite, nausea including drug taking tendency are majorly seen in physical symptoms. The psychological symptoms associated with marijuana abuse are mostly found in brain abnormalities. Marijuana is neurotoxic and stops proper functioning on the adolescent brain.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, in short, named THC, is the major active chemical in marijuana. It acts on particular areas of the brain and passes from the lungs into the bloodstream while taking. Furthermore, rapid heartbeat, red bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, difficulty in problem-solving, losing thinking capability is equally associated with marijuana abusers. Furthermore, it leaves long-term harmful effects on marijuana abusers.

The increased rate of schizophrenia and depression is on the rise. Additionally, it increases an individual’s heart rate for up to three hours. According to the information collected by the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), there is a 59% increase in hospital emergency department visits that are connected with marijuana between the years of 2006 to 2010.


Marijuana abusers have to suffer from in the long run because marijuana addiction makes them captivated in a cruel circle. It has spread its dark effect on the number of people in our society, especially in teenaged boys and girls. It’s not that easy to come out from this life-threatening addiction.

Proper treatment is much needed with extra caring concern. Psychologically depressed people are increasing in number rapidly. That’s why meditation, counseling or other therapy associated with psychological courses is very necessary for patients who are suffering from addiction. At last, it will power is mandatory to recover from this addiction.


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