How to Get Double Eyelids Overnight?

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The double eyelid is the fold of the skin that is hidden when we keep our eyes open and completely relax when we close them. This channel on the eyelid makes the eye look larger and brighter. It gives a little more dimension to the face. It is the surgery of double eyelid that is one kind of plastic surgery. We do not choose the statistics. However, we undertake to say which the most required plastic surgeries are.  In fact, it is a general plastic surgery procedure. Surely, the answer would be as for example bust, nose, glutes, and liposuction.

There are several factors of how to get double eyelids overnight. It is the process of dropping the eyelid such as making eyebrows with wax. This seemingly harmless fact causes that little by little we lose elasticity. Do not take care of the skin sunbathe without protection. Besides, it is not enough to hydrate some reasons why we reach a certain age. Finally, we begin to notice these effects.

How to get my double eyelid?

  • Your hand must be needed and clean for making double eyelid. Clean your skin well to remove any traces of makeup or sweat you may have.
  • Discover your usual crease to put the back end on your eyelid. Moreover, open and close the eye to find where your eyelid creases.
  • Tilt your head back slightly. Then stick these thin strips on top of the changeable area of the eyelid. Then, you can open your eyes.
  • Use the tape toward your eyelid. Then close the eye to place the tape softly on your eyelid. A bigger and more expressive look without the trick being noticed.
  • Use a little quantity of glue to clean any extra glue from the brush. Do not use extra glue. It may harm to your eyelid as a double eyelid tape side effects.
  • In addition, these strips are very light and do not produce any kind of pain or anxiety while wearing them. Also, best of all, you can make up without being noticed. 
  • There are two different sizes the medium, which is ideal for an intensive eyelid lift for larger eyes. Another is the small size for smaller eyes and with a softer effect.

Complete engraving

The complete incision is the most common procedure and one that guarantees the most natural effect. It is considered the best solution to totally and permanently change the eye look.

Hidden suture

The hidden suture is a method that was used a lot in the past. It was widely used without cutting and non-invasive that allowed reproducing a very natural double eyelid.

Partial engraving

Partial engraving is an alternative to the two methods listed above. When this procedure was proposed, it was thought to be an outstanding alternative to complete incision. The main reason is that the scar was significantly smaller. However, over the years Korean plastic surgeons have become more and better at getting smaller scars. So they tend to use complete incision for most operations. Try to know how to get rid of double eyelid naturally.