How to Fix Droopy Eyelids Instantly

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Having droopy eyelids is a big problem. Do you have droopy eyelids? Keeping the skin smooth and young is everyone’s dream. We want our skin to always be radiant. That’s why many of us follow skincare routines, more or less. Much of our skincare routine is about maintaining face. The eyelid is one of the most important parts of the face. And yes, we are talking about girls’ eyelids and will tell you how to fix droopy eyelids instantly.

Nobody wants their eyelid feels droopy, especially women. However, with age, different types of skin complications can occur. The common complication is eyelid droopiness and skin dullness. Over time, eyelids become droopy, and a sagging effect is placed on your face, which reduces your beauty. We need a solution. Let’s discuss it.

What is Droopy Eyelid?

Eyelid drooping means excessive sagging of the upper eyelid. Some call it baggy skin. Whether you say baggy or droopy skin, the edge of the upper eyelid may be shorter than it should be. Your eyelid looks heavy. It is a combination of two types of disease named dermatochalasis and ptosis.

It is also called Blepharoptosis. It is usually caused by poor development or weakness of the levator muscle, which lifts the eyelids.

This could have happened for multiple cases like nerve damage, an underlying medical condition, stroke, or neurological disease.

Why Does Droopy Eyelid Cause?

Droopy eyelid is a common eyelid issue that can cause at any time. In most cases, we have seen this happen with old-aged people. The harshness of droopy eyelids is complicated to identify. You cannot easily find its source. Besides its source, we try to find the types of droopy eyelids. We have found three types of eyelids droopy.

  • The first type we see is the height of the eyelids.
  • The second type is the position and height of the eyebrow.
  • The third type is folding skin between eyebrow and eyelid.

We contacted an ophthalmologist to get the eyelids drooping. He explains the reason behind the fall of our eyelids. We have discussed this issue for a long time. We get that over time, their skin becomes dull due to the skin elasticity loss. The areas around the eyes become swollen. It happens to both males and females. However, women are more concerned about this.

Our eyelids are the thinnest area of ​​our eyes, even though it is the thinnest area of ​​our body. You may know that many girls and boys apply face scrub, but we teach them not to use it around their eyes. The skin sensitivity of the eyelids cannot tolerate such harsh products. We are giving this example to show how thin our eyelids are.

Thus, it is not only the thinnest area of ​​our entire body, and it is fully exposed when we are exposed to sunlight. In addition, the eyelid area is constantly moving. Now you calculate how much this region moves and constantly blinks, expanding with time and gravity.

Many women try different processes to get rid of this. They try cosmetics, natural ways, medicine, artificial recovery or costly surgery. We know everyone wants to eliminate this issue to make them more attractive. Aging is the reason, and you cannot avoid it if you don’t maintain a healthy diet. You may think, why do we need to be healthy to get rid of eyelid drooping? You will get your answer now.

Avoid 7 Things to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

Obviously, age results in droopy eyelids and baggy skin. But you should not blame only age for this. There is a phrase that a human can control his age. You can also control your age. Avoid the below seven things and also every bad, unhealthy habit.

  • Taking stress.
  • Smoking.
  • Insufficient sleep.
  • Lazy life lead.
  • Eye or facial injury.
  • Walking under harsh sunlight.
  • Ignore allergies.

These are seven things you should practice from today. You should not do anything that weakens your skin tissue. Maintain a healthy routine to keep your body and skin fit and protect your eyelid from drooping.

Till now, we have been explaining how to prevent droopy eyelids. Now, we teach how to fix droopy eyelids. 

How to Fix Droopy Eyelids with Botox?

Eyelid treatment is especially needed if you face droopy eyelid problems with asymmetrical or affecting vision. Botox is just an injection used in a hooded eyelid. It is a protein used to relax the muscle and wrinkles on the face. Doctors inject some common areas of our eyelids like the two wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead horizontal line and eyelids.

Botox is a liquid eyelid solution applied mostly on the eyelid. Eyelid droop is much less common than eyebrow droop. The liquid of Botox we inject diffuses over the eyelid. It does not stay in the needlepoint where we inject. Botox diffuses and relaxes those tiny muscles mainly responsible for the opening eyelid.

This injection treatment causes the eyebrows to lower or curl slightly, causing the eyelids to droop lower than they should be. The injection was applied outer edge of the eyebrow to raise the eyebrows slightly.

This treatment is mainly used for hooded eyelids. We have seen many young and aged patients come with hooded eyelid problems. Most of them are given the same injective treatment. Mostly the complication level is significantly lower for younger patients. When you have a droopy eyelid, you will feel your eyelid become heavy. But in the practical, droopy eyelid of youngers does not look that heavy.

Hooded eyelid droop is very temporary. Within a couple of weeks of treatment, it can be solved. After a few weeks, the effect of Botox will be gone as well as the droopy eyelid, and you will come back in normal mode. So, the doctor decides to inject Botox or other medicine on your eyelid. Hopefully, now you understand how do you fix droopy eyelids with Botox and how Botox works on droopy eyelids?

How to Fix Droopy Eyelids Naturally?

Hooded or droopy eyelids damage your beauty. We want to fix it and can fix it in two different ways. We can choose a fast surgery process that is costly, or we can choose the natural way that is not costly but takes a long time. Sometimes, eyelid problems are solved by medication. But this part will only talk about natural ways to fix droopy eyelids.

  • Drink enough fluids through your meal every day.
  • Reduce the level of salty foods, alcohol and coffee in your meal routine.
  • Natural remedies like Cucumber and potatoes can improve droopy eyelids.
  • They have enough potassium and vitamin C sources to revitalize the eyelid skin.
  • Do you know chamomile tea bags are great for eyelid skin? Place them on your eyes like Cucumber for 20 minutes every day. You can also try green tea. Moisturize your eyelid skin by applying a moisturizer, lotion or homemade lotion. Aloe vera, yogurt, oatmeal, and peeled cucumbers are good ingredients to make homemade lotion.
  • Apply water to your eye multiple times a day. You can also apply ice cubes to the eyelid. It helps to prevent irritation and inflammation and tighten the skin.
  • Use olive oil, which is considered one of the best skin solutions. Massage the olive oil on your eyelid daily to get rid of a droopy eyelid.
  • You also take healthy foods to keep your skin good as well as your eyelids. So, make a proper diet routine and include grapes into the routine.
  • Lastly, go to bed on time and take a sound sleep. Quit the habit of waking up at night. It is not suitable for your health and skin.

We have discussed 10 easy and effective ways to permanently remove droopy eyelids from your face. If you do surgery to remove a droopy eyelid and then again go through your undisciplined life, you cannot remove the droopy eyelid permanently. Mind it; discipline is the permanent solution, not the surgery. Hopefully, you understand how to remove droopy eyelids naturally. 

Best Eyelid Cream for Droopy Eyelid

Good disciplined life can remove a droopy eyelid by maintaining proper discipline. Surgery is a costly solution, and everyone cannot afford it. Some eyelid creams are available on the market, and dermatologists recommend some. We are not doctors, so we cannot prescribe you any of these eyelid creams.

So, the better option is to consult a dermatologist and share your problem with him. If he thinks eyelid cream can remove your droopy eyelid, then feel free to use the cream he recommends. Here are some popular dermatologist-tested eyelid creams –

They are the top-rated brand of eyelid cream that comes with good reviews. If you cannot consult a doctor, just try to contact them and ask them if you can use any of these creams or not. We hope they won’t stop you from using them because these three creams are the best eyelid cream for droopy eyelids.


Can double eyelids be natural?

Ans. In medical science, there is nothing wrong between a natural double eyelid and a single eyelid. You can transform your eyelid both naturally and surgically.

Is double eyelid common?

Ans. Double eyelids are mostly common in Asians. Moreover, people apply double eyelids on different occasions to look more attractive.

Do eyelid exercises work?

Ans. There is no proven evidence that eyelid exercises remove droopy eyelids, but people believe it works.

Final Word

Since you are clicked this article to learn how to fix droopy eyelid instantly, hope you get your answer. Getting rid of hooded or droopy eyelids without surgery is no instant process.

We have discussed every solution to the eyelid problem. Today or tomorrow, you have to consult a dermatologist to take a suitable treatment for you. This article is to gather information and help others with knowledge. But the final say you should follow from your doctor.