How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat- Very Effective Ways

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Everyone wants to keep his body slim, but most of the time they can’t do it. The main reason is that they fail to maintain their food habits or other activities. To keep a body fit or slim, it is the most important to eat a balanced diet food as well as perform daily exercise. In the UK, most of the time a lot of people asks me, that’s how to build muscle and lose fat. They also ask me that what is the best way of losing fat and build muscle. I gave them some tips from my experience. After following these tips, they get better benefits from these.

Below the line, today I will try to give you the suggestion that how you can build your muscle and fat lose. But before giving this suggestion, it is essential to know what is build muscle and fat lose.

What are fat loss and build muscle?

Build muscle is related to the daily exercise. Every bodybuilder even a lot of people want to see his body slim and fit. But they do not maintain their daily food habits. As a result, their body becomes fat and they can’t do their daily normal work. At the same, though their body becomes fat, their muscle can’t build in a proper way, because they don’t do their daily work. So their body muscles become lazy.

Suppose, your body has become fatter now you want to lose your fat and build your muscle. But you don’t know the proper way of losing your fat. So, we will know the best way to lose fat and build muscle.

Best way to lose fat and build muscle 

When we don’t know the best way to lose fat and build muscle then we will fail to remove this problem. But today I will speak some kinds of way to reduce your problem which you can follow. These ways are tested. So, without any confusion, you can apply these. Now, we will see it below the line-

Bump up your protein consumption

To maintain your fat, lose and build your muscle you should increase your protein in your body. You may think that it is a harmful method to control this process. But keep in mind that only diet control is not the best way of reducing it. For your body, you need 1.5 or 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. To get plenty of protein, you should eat some kinds of food which have huge protein.

Eat healthy fats

A lot of women suffer from fat problems. So, they want to relief from it. To solve this problem, they attempt to weight loss. But when they do this job, they start to loss their hair. Moreover, they loss their skin and nails glamour. As a result, they fall into danger instead of getting benefits from this. So, I will suggest to them they should eat 0.5 grams of fat for every pound of body weight each day.

Moreover, I will tell you some other ways to lose weight and build muscle. You need to make sure you’re eating enough, know that cardio is not the holy grail of getting lean, that being said. Don’t lift just any weights; longer workouts are not necessarily better. You may not be doing your workouts in the right order; you might have plateaued with your workout routine. Make sure to eat before you work out and make sure you’re getting enough protein after.

You will follow it as well as you can apply to another process. This process is more effective than any other methods and called diet control. Now, I am describing it below the line.

Build muscle lose fat diet

We always try to lose our overplus weight and building muscle. But we don’t get the best way of reducing this problem. We take some kinds of medical treatment or medicine but we don’t get the better benefits from this process. Without this whole process, if we try only one process, we may get a better result from it. If we eat balanced diet food, we can control our fat and build our muscle strongly. You may have decided that what kinds of food you will eat per day. I am giving you a one-day food list that you can follow. Like-


  • Breakfast time: 2 egg omelettes with cheese
  • For snack: smoothie: blend 1 apple, 50g blackberries, 25g protein, 50g blueberries and a banana with water.
  • For lunch: With 90g sardines on one slice of the wholemeal toast.
  • For snack: 150g raw carrots.
  • Dinner: About 100g grilled salmon with green beans, asparagus, and 70g brown rice.
  • Daily total: 1, 8222 calories, 135g protein, 221caarbs, and 36 g fats

If you capable of maintaining this foods list, per week for a few months I can say that you will get better benefits from it.

How to build muscle and lose fat? It is the burning question for all the people. Moreover, one question runs in the mind that how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time? We often see that when the people attempt to lose fat, they can’t build their muscles. So, now I will describe it.

How to build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Most of the time we fail to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. But if we follow the instruction which I will give below the line, you will get better benefit from it. Just look at this and apply-

  • If you want to build muscle, you must store energy. But to lose your fat, you must burn energy.
  • When you are in energy overplus, your body stores energy. But when you are in a deficit your body losses energy.
  • I will suggest you that you must be in energy overplus to gain muscle and in a deficit to lose fat.

Moreover, we can do another few works to build our muscle.

  • To build your muscle, you can drink plenty of water during a cut, so no problems there.
  • You can eat several kinds of protein which may help you to gain your muscle.
  • Moreover, you can eat glycogen and triglycerides.

From above the line, we came to know about the muscle build and fat loss. But if a woman wants to build her muscle or lose fat, then which method she should follow? I will say it below the line.

How to lose fat and build muscle female?

To keep a female body fit and slim, it is very difficult. Moreover, if you want to build muscle and lose fat, it is more difficult. The main problem creates the thighs, hips, and buttocks. Beyond you want to do it; you need to keep a combination of strength training exercise and cardio activity in your work out. You should follow some kinds of the method which may do at your house. You need to follow some cardio comes first and get those weights ready. Don’t forget about your diet, variety is the space of life. If you follow those methods, you can get better benefits from this.

According to the above text, we knew how to build muscle and lose fat. Build muscle and lose fat is very important for both men and woman because it keeps us free from various kinds of dangerous diseases.


If you want to build your muscle and fat loss, only diet control is not the best way. It depends on various activities and your lifestyle. To reduce this problem, you should follow these above instructions, and then you will get better results.


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