Health effects of vaping on our health

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The use of an electronic cigarette is called vaping. Many health authorities are concerned that this could reduce the number of the smokers. It is a trend to use mainly among young people. The culture of vaping is purely and simply to inhale water vapor. The process involves applying heat to a liquid that evaporates. The vaper user can inhale a vapor with the appearance of almost odorless, smoke and enjoy the simple act of smoking substance.

Is vaping the same as smoking?

Vapers are conventional cigarette-shaped devices. It releases nicotine through heating a liquid mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The mixture is heated up to 350 degrees by a battery. It is charged with a USB port and aspirated through a nozzle. The inhalation of nicotine with flavors and aromas is not safe. The studies show that in the short term, the use of these devices irritates the airway and changes lung function. However, the long-term effects of vaping are still unknown. It is a habit made as an alternative to smoking, without odor, without bad breath, without burns, without ashes, and, in some cases, without nicotine.

How does Vaping affect your brain?

We all know that nicotine is a powerful alkaloid. That can be stimulating and relaxing at the same time. It stimulates to release of glucose and epinephrine. Vaping increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine as do amphetamines and cocaine. At higher doses, nicotine is relaxing, increasing levels of serotonin and endorphins. There are observational studies, of lesser value that show aid to reduce the symptoms of abstinence. The international health authorities American FDA and the European EMEA only recognize nicotine, bupropion, and varenicline as the only drugs to treat tobacco addiction.

Is vaping bad for you?

Experts guess that it could produce less toxicity than conventional cigarettes. It is known that it produces less poisonous substances than conventional cigarettes. At high temperatures, propylene glycol decays and can produce propylene oxide, probably carcinogenic. The glycerol produced acrolein. This is less than a traditional cigarette. Propylene glycol and glycerol produce carcinogens such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Classical tobacco has also been found. These are nitrosamines, metals, phenolic compounds, and volatile organic compounds. The levels of nickel detected are greater than classic tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine increase the heart rate and cotinine levels in the blood. This varies depending on the smoker’s experience and the inhalation or vaping technique. There may be a risk of nicotine poisoning if ingested orally when handling the container. So it is dangerous to leave an electronic cigarette within reach of children. The effects of conventional tobacco may be cancer, ischemic heart disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and etcetera.

Health effects of vaping on the lungs

The electronic cigarette produces changes in lung function. The sensitive changes found in respiratory function. This such as bronchoconstriction is less than conventional cigarettes. Some study shows it causes asthma in children. It also causes irritation of the eyes, throat, and airways. There are no long-term safety data. This new way of smoking also causes lipoid pneumonia. Isolated cases have been described in large consumers, related to the deposit of glycerol in the lung.

Vaping health risks

In the scientific study, ‘vaping‘ is no safer for health than smoking. These electronic cigarettes also damage the cells of the human body. The results are overwhelming. The double helix of some DNA chains breaks giving the possibility that the subject will get cancer. The substances of electronic cigarettes cause a greater risk of developing cell necrosis. Then ‘vaping’ involves important risks to human health. Specifically, to the lining of our organs, glands, and cavities like the mouth, or even whole organs like the lungs. On the other hand, the nicotine itself also causes the deterioration of the cells. Something it has also been proven in a study that exposes the reality of electronic cigarettes. The researchers’ statements, on the other hand, point to the need to establish new controls and regulations on this type of device. That is as we have seen in recent years.

Can it be helpful to quit smoking?

Some experts consider as a sanitary product and continue the controlled research in this field. Experts continue to advise traditional pharmacological methods nicotine, bupropion, and varenicline. If a patient chooses the electronic cigarette, he should be informed about the state of science at this time about its efficacy and safety.

 Negative effects of vaping

If it does not have nicotine, electronic cigarettes do not cause physical addiction. The risk of being hooked depends on whether it is used to replace tobacco, to reduce consumption. Simply, recreationally by people who have never smoked. However, it is important to know that electronic cigarettes can maintain the psychological addiction to nicotine. The addiction has a physical component, of short duration, and a psychological one, more lasting in time. The electronic cigarette makes it difficult to break the behavior with the cigarette given the similarity with the conventional cigarette. For the above reason, it is considered that, although they would help to reduce physical abstinence, electronic cigarettes would limit the abandonment of tobacco.


Finally, the effect on future smokers is harmful. They do not think about the prevention of smoking. The electronic cigarette could increase the consumption of tobacco in young people and normalize the consumption of tobacco. Meanwhile, follow the instructions and recommendations of your health professional. These same doctors recommend, as more effective, replacement therapies with patches, gum, or tablets to suck. All the manufacturers of the liquids that are used offer, at least, a product with zero nicotine. Most users start with a high level of nicotine. But little by little they reduce it, and each time they need less to be satisfied.


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