Grandma Remedies for Weight Loss

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Being overweight is a curse to some women as they face a lot of difficulties in their daily life and they are prone to various health hazards. Even your expected life span will get diminished because of excess weight. For that reason, you need to be cautious enough to take some necessary steps to lose excess weight. In this struggle of losing weight, some grandma remedies will help you a lot in your weight loss journey. Grandma home remedies for weight loss are very much helpful for you. Because they are not only healthy but also easily available. Even these remedies are not highly expensive. So if you are following grandma remedies for weight loss, then go ahead. You are certainly on the right track.

Grandma useful tips for weight loss

Grandma tips are very much useful as they never have any kind of side effects or any adverse impact on our health. Also, the tips are budget-friendly and easy to execute.

  1. Motivate yourself with a strict deadline: It is an old saying that success is a bit impossible without proper motivation. You should follow a strict deadline to check your progress on the weight loss journey. Make a goal for yourself and reach there. Never make such a goal that is impossible for you to reach. Rather plan smartly according to your capability. Then chase it. After reaching your goal, enhance the standard of your goal. Through this way, you will be able to reach your target swiftly.
  2. Try to follow a food diary: Maintaining a food diary is not the same as counting the calories. Rather keeping a food diary will help you to alter your habit of unhealthy eating. Keep a record of what you are eating. Then check the record after one week. And try to figure out the food which was not congenial to your weight loss journey. It is not possible to make a large record and carry it all the time. You can even do it on your phone, laptop. This monitoring will help you to find the culprit that pushes you back from your goal of losing weight.
  3. Vacate the fridge: Before starting the journey to lose weight, you must vacate your fridge. Throw all the foodstuffs that will hamper your weight loss mission. You should never allow any junk food in your fridge. Because they are a constant threat to your goal of losing weight.
  4. Shop frequently: Try to shop very often as it will lead you to some physical work. Also, regular shopping is a must for having fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruits are crying need for weight loss. You should alter the position of snacks in your diet with the vegetable and fruits.
  5. Chew properly: You should chew the foods properly and take time in doing so. Because improper chewing will lead to overeating which is very much annoying for you. Also if you don’t chew the foods properly, it may cause disturbance in proper metabolism. Hence, there remains a chance of getting overweight due to impaired metabolism. If you chew properly, there exists the assurance of proper metabolism. As a result, there will be less chance of getting overweight. So don’t rush while taking your meal.
  6. Don’t finish your plate: If you are fond of eating, then you may face a problem If leaving the plate until the plate gets empty. In that case, you may keep a vow in your mind of leaving the plate being empty. But it will lead to wastage of food. So, you can take less amount of food on your plate. As a result, there will be no chance of eating a large amount and getting overweight.
  7. Improve munching habit:  Most of us are fond of munching.  This is almost impossible to stop the practice of munching. But you can exchange the food items. That is you can select cucumber or tomato instead of chips. Low-fat milk can be a great alternative to Ice-cream. You may love chocolate a lot. But you need to bid farewell to the chocolates. And you can welcome strawberries, grapes and others fruits.
  8. Follow no cheat day:  You need to follow grandma remedies for weight loss aa it doesn’t allow any cheat day. Any type of sweets is strongly prohibited. Taking a cheat day may cause severe harm to your weight loss schedule.
  9. Go for some breathing exercise:  You should always practice taking a long breath.  Because a long breath will keep your lungs filled with oxygen. As a result, you will feel fresh and energetic which is very important for a weight-loss mission.
  10. Make room for physical exercise in your daily routine:  Try to do some physical exercise on regular basis. This physical exercise will help you to burn excess calories.  As a result, you will remain fit.

Some grandma recipe for quick weight loss

There are some recipes from grandma which act too much efficiently to reduce weight.  These recipes are easy to produce. And they are never highly expensive. You can try these recipes with the ingredients available in your kitchen.

  1. Garlic: Garlic is very much useful for your body. Grow the habit of taking one piece of garlic every day in the morning on empty stomach. It will help to detoxify your body.
  • Cinnamon:  Cinnamon is a very healthy option for you. Because it will help to detoxify your body. Also, it has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, this will help you to lower the blood sugar level. So try to take cinnamon tea every day.
  • Honey and lime water:  Add a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of honey to a glass of warm water. Stir the mixture and drink it every day in an empty stomach. It will help you to lower your body weight to a great extent.


Grandma home remedies are the best ways for a weight loss journey. Because it will lead you to your destination without any side effects. Also, you don’t need to get puzzled about how to execute these remedies. Because these are too easy to execute and can be done in your house.