Godox Beauty Dish

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If you are a professional fashion shooter or a portrait shooter, then you might look for the gear that will ease your job. If want to master your job, there is nothing more important than the gears that are related to the photography career. To give you some relief here comes the Godox beauty dish that is exceptionally good in its field. Nothing is more efficient than the Godox beauty dish that helps you to master your job. When you want a natural and also smooth look, Godox beauty dish is the best option for you. It will provide an exceptional edge of crispness that is never provided by umbrellas and soft boxes.

Products that made Godox exceptional

Godox is the brand that takes care of your profession in the same way you do. It provides high-quality gear and accessories which make it easy for you to use your talent to the fullest. Thus you might be able to master your job.

  1. Godox ad s7 beauty dish: Godox ad s7 beauty dish is preferred by almost everyone because it can produce soft and smooth photography even with illumination. This one is preferred by both professionals and amateurs in their photography of portraits or other goods. Shooting a portrait with this is exceptionally aesthetic as it provides attractive light to the eyes.

Features of Godox ad s7 beauty dish

  • Honeycomb cover: There is a honeycomb cover that covers the octagonal beauty dish. The objective of this covering is to control the exposure of light and soften the light. Sometimes it may add light to the eyes if you are doing photography on a portrait.

  • A diffusion cover: The most common problem that may be faced by a photographer is the improper diffusion of light. If there is lacking proper diffusion of light then you may face trouble in getting soft and smooth light to obtain a pretty natural photograph. A diffusion cover can help you to get rid of this trouble. A diffusion cover can cause proper diffusion of light thus the light becomes more smooth and more natural.

  • Accessories:  An aluminium disc is a crying need to make the beauty dish a functional one. Aluminium discs will ensure the proper emission of light. Thus you will be able to get the desired photo by using your talent of photography.

Pros of Godox ad s7 beauty dish

This one is multifunctional in nature which made it highly demand all over the world. This one has excellence in emitting light from the flash. The presence of an aluminium disc has made it too adorable as it controls the exposure of light. There is also a black fabric grid that limits the excess exposure to light. Thus the light can’t get excess smooth and soft. The best thing about godox ad s7 beauty dish is that it can unfold just like an umbrella. Thus carrying it is not a big deal.

Cons of Godox ad s7 beauty dish

It is not so large in size. For that reason light emitting from it is not too bright. So you may face difficulty in a shooting. This is not too much robust. So you need to handle it with care.

  • Godox beauty dish 42 cm:  Godox beauty dish 42 cm is a popular choice among professional photographers. Because this one maintains an edge of crispness in the photo unlike the umbrellas and soft boxes. This one can bring magical lights into the eyes of the portrait while shooting. But the best thing about its ability to cause soft diffusion of light.

Features of Godox beauty dish 42 cm:

  • This one provides an easily removable honeycomb to cause directional exposure to light. This one also has the unique feature of excluding harsh shadows. It is removable thus easy to carry and lightweight.

  • It prevents the scattering of light which results in soft and smooth diffusion. In combination with both of them, it can produce a smooth transitional edge.

  • This one is the best alternative to the softboxes because of its ability to reflect light by central domes into the main dish in case of diffused light.

  • A soft-edged lighting effect is evident because of the even spread of light around the subject.

Pros of Godox beauty dish 42 cm

This one comes with a great feature of centralizing the scattered light to a main dish. The large reflecting area allows a very small amount of light to get scattered. Soft diffusion is evident in it. Thus this one is very much helpful for professionals.

Cons of Godox beauty dish 42 cm

You may face difficulty in handling it as it’s not too simple to operate it. Also, you can find it difficult to ensure your desired brightness.

  • Godox beauty dish 55 cm: This one is the best for professionals for doing portrait and beauty photography. Godox beauty dish 55 cm is popular because of its ability to produce shadow-free, soft, and smooth light.

Features of Godox beauty dish 55 cm:

  • This one is the popular choice of professionals because of its ability to produce flawless, smooth, and soft light.

  • Always produce shadow-free Natural light that helps you to master your job.

  • It eliminates the scattering of light thus preventing the undue diffusion of light.

  • Cause even the spread of light results in smooth and soft light.

Pros of Godox  beauty dish 55 cm

This one is suitable for any type of studio. If you are a professional and want to shoot a portrait, this one comes with all the necessary features to ease your job. Also, there is less scope for scattering light.

Cons of Godox beauty dish 55 cm

You may face difficulty in handling it. There may arise problems regarding the brightness of the light.


You may find it confusing to choose the right beauty dish that will help you to exaggerate your skill in combination with your talent. Godox beauty dish ensures a soft and smooth light. Even it produces shadow-free, perfect natural light. So you should choose Godox without any doubt. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur. Just choose Godox to get the best facilities.