Easy way to follow a good food pyramid plan

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Many people are aware of the Egypt pyramids with mummies of rulers buried inside. Some others know about the mathematical pyramids. These are used for graphics. Very few people are conscious of a good pyramid is not found where near river Nile or in any graphics book. These are known as the food pyramid.

The food pyramid is one type of nutritional guideline. These were commonly known as Improved American Food Guide Pyramid. First of all, it was published in Denmark in 1978 by the FDB. The food pyramid is not luxurious with eatables. But it is a guideline and it proves very healthy. The food pyramid proposes much beneficial of the whole foods nutrition plans for the food type’s percentages for our diet.

After some days, the food pyramid is divided in an ecological nutrition pyramid. It is considered as a graphical symbol. It is planned to explain the biomass production in the trophic level. Sometimes, it is essential to elaborate quite about biomass. The amount of living is present in a being. Then, the biomass productivity is the yield in biomass. The ecological pyramids first start with manufacturers on the bottom. Then it is progress over the different trophic levels and here the peak level stays on the top of the food chain.

All these food groups stated earlier and there is some food grouping that is the food guide pyramid. These include vegetable group, carbohydrate group, fat group, fruit group, protein group and dairy group. In the food guide pyramid there is a balance about a person will starve by grains. All these healthy food items can be taken in a balanced quantity. By this way, the food pyramid will give you a healthy balanced plan.

If you want to know about the groups of the food pyramid, it will be better. The carbohydrate group is considered as a root of energy. Then, the luxury of carbohydrate will be bad for health. It can lead size and some of the carbohydrates can loss health. The fruit and vegetable group can use of fruits and vegetables. It contains smaller fats. But it gives some vitamins like A and C in large quantities. The fat group is necessary for a small ratio and the diary group is more important for minerals and calcium. At the same time, the protein group gives zinc, iron and vitamin B12 to the body.

Top of the food pyramid

If you look at the nutrition pyramid, you will get a picture of only some fats. It rapidly develops a low fat diet. The fats are sometimes placed to the next sweets.

There is not a variation of the kinds of fats. Now it is a common knowledge where some fats are needed for the best health function. Also there is a big difference in a hydrogenated margarine spread and in the cold pressed coconut oil.

The fats from a natural source can help in weight loss, lower blood sugar, decrease heart disease risk and lower cholesterol.

Children’s Food Pyramid

Children’s food pyramid is more available for the children since it describes things by using geometric patterns and colors. Moreover, it graphically shows the things by using fat and thin. The children’s food pyramid is a large section of fruits and vegetables. These sections are started as a quite thick below the pyramid.  As you rise into the food-pyramid and then up through the units they become very thin. If you put into it to a high sugar, it will not more beneficial for you.

The food pyramid inspires the children to eat foods taking from different colors. Also children’s food-pyramid helps children to eat foods from all the food colors. The graphical symbols of nutrition of the children will have more understanding about the whole foods nutrition types. This nutritional advice will prick a child’s mind easier than the usual food pyramid. Moreover, the children’s food pyramid will help the children to inspire their peers and the adult relations in order to make changes to combine good nutrition facts in their lives.

Food pyramid to solve childhood obesity

All people know that childhood obesity is a problem. But there is much debate about the process of solving it. The roots of the nutrition pyramid turn back to 1916, as soon as the U.S. Department of Agriculture frees its first “Food for Young Children” guide. At that time, it was refined for many years. The new four food groups were extended to six and the graphic “Food Guide Pyramid” was made in 1992.

Rice, bread, pasta and cereal comprised most of the food group, behind the triangle. The vegetables and fruits were given one half of a nutrition pyramid block. The vegetables are given slightly more importance. Proteins were the next block on the pyramid. The dairy products acquired up to 50% of this block. The eggs, red meat, nuts, poultry and legumes contained the significant other. The pyramid apex was given to oils, fats and sweets by the approval to use sparingly.

The Agricultural Dept. revised the look of the Food Pyramid in 2005. They do it by changing the horizontal blocks to 6 vertical colored stripes. But the whole food nutrition groups keep on the same. In an effort to address the issue of child obesity, the government website emphasizes the higher nutritional aspects. This information is enough to shoot the rising flow of childhood obesity.

There are many areas that differentiate among the two food pyramids. Harvard keeps it in the eating sparingly group while the red meat is high on the Dept. of Agriculture’s list of the healthy proteins. At times, Harvard moves the dairy products from the main source of protein to smaller 2-3 servings each day from the source of Vitamin D. When grains have an essential place on the Harvard list, you can refine foods like white bread. It has been moved to the eating sparingly category.

There are two other important differences ask for the special mention. Harvard makes a difference among the healthy and unhealthy fats. Olive oil must take pride of place with fruits and vegetables when saturated and Trans fats need to avoid. At present, the new USDA pyramid contains a figure like another nutrition pyramid climbing a flight of stairs to take exercise. Harvard version gives more emphasis on the exercise by placing it in the base of its structure.


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