Food intolerance symptoms, causes, and prevention solution

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When a person eats something but he can’t a diagnosis, it is called food intolerance. Some kinds of foods are responsible for creating this problem in the human body. These foods are dairy products, grains that contain gluten, beans, and cabbage. When he or she eats these foods, then the food intolerance symptoms appear. Before knowing its disadvantage, it is important for us to know the definition of food intolerance. 

Food intolerance definition

Food intolerance means, food digestion problem. Suppose a person eats various kinds of foods but he can’t digest it properly. It is called food intolerance. If a person falls in this situation, we have to understand that his stomach is not working properly. There are various types of food intolerance like lactose, wheat, gluten, caffeine etc.

A lot of people ask me that they can’t understand what food intolerance is and what is an allergy.  Really, it is a remarkable question. Though allergy and food intolerance have a different definition, we can’t understand what allergy is and what food intolerance by our naked eye is.

If a person is attacked by the food intolerance, we will find some kinds of common symptoms.

Food intolerance symptoms-

  1. Migraines
  2. Bloating
  3. Headaches
  4. A runny nose
  5. Stomach ache
  6. Feeling under the weather
  7. Irritable Bowel
  8. Hives
  9. A cough

Above the line, I tried to give some kinds of common food intolerance symptoms. I believe that it will help you to understand food intolerance problem.

If you are attacked by the food intolerance, it is essential for you to go to the doctor and take treatment for reducing it permanently. It is true that maximum people don’t know what types of treatment they will take. There are various kinds of treatment to recover the food intolerance.

Now we can show it that what types of foods are responsible for food intolerance.

7 foods that cause intolerance

  • Dairy: Dairy is the most responsible for food intolerance. It is Brocken down in the body by an enzyme, which called lactase.
  • Gluten: It is another food which generates the food intolerance.
  • Caffeine: Mainly it reduces fatigue and increases alertness when consumed.
  • Salycilates: Salycilates has anti-inflammatory substances.
  • Amines: Mainly, it produces the bacteria when the foods stay in the storage.
  • FODMAPs: FODMAPs are very common among people.
  • Sulphites: Some people can tolerate this food but maximum people become failing.

Food intolerance test

You can test your food intolerance in two ways. One way is a home test and another way is medication. I suggest you that you should take medication to recover from your problem. To test your food intolerance, you should take MRT test. If you want to take this test it is important to take the doctors order. If the doctors don’t give the order, you will not take this test.

How does the food intolerance test work? This question is moving into our mind. Food Intolerance test works-

  • Firstly, you should take order from the doctor who is your nearby.
  • Secondly, you must complete your blood test and collect this report
  • Thirdly, you should mail it to your doctor
  • And lastly, you must receive your report on the secure platform within just days.

Food intolerance test is not an easy process. In the US, many people ask me that how we can find food intolerance test near me. I suggest to them that you are a European. So, don’t tense because, in the Scotland Glasgow city, you will find a better testing way.

Food intolerance test Glasgow

The Glasgow city situated in FIT Scotland (4th floor), 41 St Vincent place



If you want to take it service, the service charge is varied from time to time.

From these all activities, I shall tell you that food intolerance blood test is the most important things in all other activities. If you test your blood, you will find your problem easily.

Without medication, you may control your food intolerance. You may ask that how it possible? Yah, it is possible. If you become capable of controlling your diet, then you can control your food intolerance. Below the line, I am giving a foods chart which will help you to control your diet.

Food intolerance diet

You may take some kinds of foods which will help you to control your diet. Foods like fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, cassava, sorghum, quinoa, millet, flax, yucca, nut flours are the most important to control your diet.

Food intolerance symptoms

It is not only appearing in the human body, sometimes it appears in the animal’s body.  The dog is the animal which is attacked by the food intolerance problems. Now I am discussing it.  

Dog food intolerance

People are attacked by the food intolerance but sometimes the animals are attacked by the food intolerance. The animal is a dog. In the UK, there is a number of dogs are attacked by the food intolerance. When they are attacked by this disease we find some kinds of symptoms like

  • Dry or raw skin
  • Hair loss
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting
  • Flaky skin

These symptoms don’t appear right way, it appears suddenly.

It is a common question that what differences between food intolerance and allergy?

Food intolerance vs allergy

Many people asked me in the UK about this. It can be truly said that many people don’t know what food intolerance is and what is an allergy. Below the line, I am trying to discuss on it. Just keep your eyes on my text.

Some kinds of physical reactions are common but most of the time it occurs for the food intolerance. There are many same causes or symptoms of food intolerance and food allergy. For this reason, a lot of people become confuse the two.

We know that food allergy is caused for immune system reaction. If a person falls into this danger, his organs are attacked by this disease and lost his work power.  You become astonished that food allergy is more serious than a food intolerance. For the food allergy, many people fall into death. But it can be said that food intolerance does not life-threatening.

If you are attacked by the food intolerance, you can eat some kinds of foods like lactose-free milk, lactase enzyme pills etc. Moreover, you can able to protect your reaction. But if you fail in allergy, it is totally impossible for you to do these activities.

Histamine food intolerance support 30 capsules

In the US, many doctors suggest using the histamine 30 capsules to solve your food intolerance problem. Some experienced people told me that they used the histamine 30 capsules to recover their problem and they got a better result from it.

There are some examples of foods which are responsible for increasing your histamine levels in your body. These are alcohol, aged, pizza, cheese, cocoa, black tea, peanuts etc.

How does it work? Mainly it works to solve your root level problem. Some food intolerance which develops the histamine level in your body, these capsules fight against them. It contains vitamins that support to produce DAO.  Some kinds of elements like enzyme. These capsules help to inter the enzyme in your body for digesting some kinds of foods such as dairy and gluten.

When food intolerance symptoms will appear in your body, I want to give you a suggestion that you should take LORISIAN food intolerance test. It is very effective for you.

LORISIAN 150 food intolerance test

When people eat some kinds of foods which is not life-threatening but they fall into various kinds of disease then LORISIAN 150 test is needed. LORISIAN is the best way of testing your food intolerance. LORISIAN has 30 years’ experience doctors who will test your problem without any side effects.  What does this test for?  It tests for grains, dairy, meats, fish etc.

Finally, I want to say, though food intolerance symptoms are not a sign of dangerous disease, you should take proper step to reduce it without losing any time. If you ignore it, you will suffer more in the future.  Keep in mind; it creates some other serious disease which is very dangerous for you.


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