The secret of Fasting for Weight Loss Plan

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Fasting is the desirous shortening or stops from some or all drinks, food or both, for a period of time. Fasting for weight loss plan helps to reduce weight. Many people do fasting for their weight loss. They find a good result from fasting.

A dry fasting or an absolute fast is normally kept at a distance from all liquid or food for a definite time, generally 24 hours. In water or juice fasting, stop all food except water or liquid juice.

Fasting is also often done for religious reasons. In fasting, eating little food will result in fasting to lose weight. Fast lasting one or two or more days is also dangerous for health.

Fasting and Weight Loss:

Is fasting healthy? Fasting is not a weight loss engine. It helps to slow your metabolic rate down. Fasting for weight loss also carries other health risks as well.

If you are healthy, keep fasting for one or two days is rarely a problem. In fasting, you can walk for 30 minutes a day and get sleep. In water or juice fasting, you can drink water or juice and stop other liquids.

Fasting agrees on the body to most successfully remove waste products from the body. It can medicate serious health conditions such as colitis, arthritis, depression, heart disease.

Intermittent fasting:

There are many different types of ways to lose weight. All of them, intermittent fasting weight loss is very popular in recent years. This is a way of eating that engages balanced short-term fasts.

If it is done right, it can carry huge benefits. It will save your money and time. There are some methods of intermittent fasting for weight loss is given below:

  • The 16/8 System: Skip breakfast regularly and eat from 12 noon to 8 pm.
  • Eat-Stop-Eat: Keep one or two 24 hour fasts a week. Not eating from lunch one day until lunch the next day.
  • The 5:2 Diet: Eat only 500 to 600 calories on two or three days in a week. But eat normally the other days.
  • The Fighter Diet: Eat one large meal every night and keep fast for 20 hours a day.

In the non-fasting period do not eat more food. After that, these systems will help to lose weight.

Water Fasting:

The system of water fasting is easy and simple. Drink only water not others food during the fast. You also restrain from taking any supplements, vitamins or medications.

In water fasting for weight loss, drinking 8 or more ounce glasses of water a day. In water fasting, also avoid exercise except for gentle walks. Water fast lasts more than three days.

In water fasting, the amount of weight you lose depends on the range of the fast and body. You may lose as much as three pounds a day. Two weeks long water fasting also helps to normalize blood pressure.

Juice Fasting:

In juice fasting, you may lose your weight 1 pound per day. In juice fasting, it contains little calories. It provides protein, essential nutrient and calories. It is considered a fad diet and not a long-term weight loss solution.

Benefits of Fasting for Weight loss:

You think, how fast for weight loss you will do? There are several fasting diet plan for weight loss such as intermittent fasting. They also have several benefits. The obvious benefit is weight loss.

  • It is a good way of teaching yourself to get pleased with the feeling of hunger. It gives time to our body to digest and repair meals. It also helps in fat burning
  • Moreover, it improved mental clarity and concentration.
  • It also helps to lower blood insulin and sugar levels.
  • Besides, it increased your body energy.
  • It increased growth hormone.
  • It helps lower blood cholesterol.
  • It prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

In normal diet creates complication. But fasting simplifies problems. Diets are expensive and can take time. Fasting is free and saves time. Fasting diet plan has unquestioned efficiency. It is a powerful method for decreasing body weight and lowering insulin.

Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent fasting can help in weight loss. It lessens the risk of rejuvenates cells and diabetes. On the other hand, it can cause headaches, brain fog, heartburn, hunger trouble, lessen energy, diarrhoea, and bloat.

It may have a negative effect on woman’s hormones. Intermittent fasting for women should avoid during their pregnancy. We have read and know about the benefit of an intermittent fasting diet. But it does have its side effect as well.

  • When we are in fasting, we may eat one or two big meals in a day. For that, it can leave of feeling constipated and uncomfortable. Eating big meals at night also can create a problem in the quality of sleep.
  • Intermittent fasting plan gives permission to drink coffee to kill hunger. Drink coffee regularly lead to addiction. Drinking coffee can lead to stress, anxiety, poor sleeping and causing weight gain in return.
  • In intermittent fasting, it may cause heartburn. Because, when the body is used to the old eating pattern, it releases acids at certain times.
  • A headache is a common case during fasting. In a headache, drink enough water. It may help to relieve a headache in some cases.
  • In intermittent fasting, women’s feel problem in metabolic disturbances and hormones. It may create adult acne and obsession with their body image.
  • Due to long-time fast, it can create low energy and weakness. This can prevent exercising or staying physically active.


Though fasting has some side effects. But keep fasting for weight loss plan is helpful for you. It helps you to weight loss if you have overweight. It is a change in eating patterns.

Have you fasted before? If not, you may feel problem at the beginning. Then, you can feel lose weight, healthier and better condition of the body. Do not eat all the time. If you are truly hungry, eat something.

Over fasting is also harmful to health. Choose a fasting diet plan keep in mind about your health condition.


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