Fall Leaf Peeping Guide

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Leaf peeping is an off-the-cuff, in the USA. For that activity, people visit to view and photograph on those places where leaves change their colors in autumn. They travel, particularly in northern New England and the upper Midwest.

The leaf changing is not a fast process. It takes time. We need to wait until mid-October will come. The main reason is that the lower parts of the leaves are starting to change colors. Usually across the U.S. Peak foliage saw between the last week of October and the beginning of November.­­

If you’ve not thought of a journey to autumn foliage, then it is the proper time to think of a trip to these areas. And one special matter. Don’t forget to take a DSLR with you. Because it will help you to keep all your enjoying moments and you should block them in a frame. Here are some guides of fall leaf prepping.

Montage Deer Valley

It is a great resort for adventurers to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. It is situated near Park City and 36 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport. During the autumn season, the resort offers a special package to the tourist so that they could enjoy the charming fall foliage environment.

Here the color of the leaves changing by the mixing of the color orange and yellow. You may take a bike ride adventure there which will make your trip more interesting and enjoyable. This beautiful area is located in Park City.

Santa Fe N.M

Many tourists or adventurers don’t know about the seasonal falls of this place. This place is the perfect escape to truly relish in the South West’s autumn bliss. The Sunrise Springs Spa Resort is the perfect one for the travelers to stay.

From this resort, you can enjoy not only a beautiful fountain but also great scenery of the leaf-peeping of Santa Fe. The place offers a sturdy choice of all-new fall wellbeing experiences for one-of-a-kind leaf-peeping. You won’t get bored there.

Beacon Hill

This place is located in Boston. There is a hotel named XV Beacon that is very popular in that place. This hotel is situated in the heart of Boston’s distinguished Beacon Hill. Someone says this is a historic place also. Here you can enjoy both the leaf-peeping and charming scenery of the fountain. You admire the heart-touching scenery of changing of leaves.

Adirondack Park

Adirondack Park situated in New York, U.S.A. It is covered by Adirondack Mountain just like a type of boundary. This park established in 1885. This is a place of a great adventure for those people who love peak foliage. There are so many valleys and foothills. In the last week of September, it started to color in Central High Peaks.

There are also some areas where you find a good seasonal touch in changing the color of leaves. Lake Placid, Keene Valley, and some other areas are including them. Here, the color of leaves changes around the first week of October. Leaf of some places started to change their color around the third week of October.  These are like Champlain Valley or Lake George. In these places, you find the best view of leaf-peeping.

Among them, Lake George is our favorite one.  We are going to discuss it in the next paragraph.

Lake George

Now we are talking about another interesting place. This is Lake George. It’s in New York.  For traveling, it’s a favorite place for many of the tourists. The Lake Saint George region offers a singular mix of distraction, emotion, generation, natural beauty, and affordability. It creates a proper destination for each instance. You’re bound to notice one thing to inspire you in Lake Saint George. This lake is also called the queen of American Lakes.

Lake George has some of the best scenic views in the autumn season. In late September, all the mountains and Adirondack Park are surrounded by full of colorful leaves that deeply touch your heart. They might make you emotional also.

To visit Lake George, the first half of October will be a perfect time. Usually, peak foliage in Lake George begins throughout the primary week of October. However, since peak foliage time’s modification year-to-year, you’ll be able to expect to see brilliantly colored leaves through the second week of October month in the calendar. Therefore, don’t forget to take a camera with you. If you forget, you will miss something huge to capture in your frame.

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the U.S. State of Virginia. This place is especially known for skyline drive. This park is not seasonal. Shenandoah National Park is special for every season. The trees with flowers are looking beautiful in spring. The forests are spectacular within the summer. The foliage colors are looking impressive in autumn. Moreover, the winter arranges a special and different look for snow. Finally, all of these natural changes are amazing for visitors to gain a better experience.


Breckenridge has a gorgeous view with cool weather where you can pass the incredible time. It’s an amazing place for the people who wanted to visit places like fall leaf-peeping. Breckenridge’s high peaks are looking more charming. So, they become peppered with groves of the best ever-changing aspens. Hence, the fall colors vary from golden yellows to bright oranges and reds.

The matter does not affect at all that which transport you are using to travel in that area. Whatever you use – bus, car, cycle, bike, you will see those fall leaf seekers will uncover golden foliage around the city. Also, on the encompassing mountains, contradicted by the Colorado blue and cover 10 Mile chain of mountains. For travelers, the name of the best sides of this place is given below:

1.    Boreas pass area.

2.    Fairplay pass and Hoosier pass (like a loop)

3.    East of the town (French Gulch Area)


People want to travel and for someone, traveling is their hobby. So, they always want to travel places where they find nature, peace, beauty, and freshness. The above places are the gift of nature. And nobody should miss the gift of nature. Red, yellow, green, it seems like there is the rainbow of leaves surrounding those places. Human doesn’t want to miss the beauty of the sky rainbow. So, why should you miss the beauty of the leaf rainbow? Travel those places with your family. I ensure you that your time will not be wasted.