Elinchrom Beauty Dish

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When you are a professional photographer, you might look for some instruments that will ease your job to a great extent. The beauty dish is one of those instruments which help a photographer to flourish his talent. Elinchrom presents the best beauty dish that is a must for beauty and portrait work. Elinchrom beauty dish is a bit tougher than a traditional softbox to operate. Even this beauty dish is able to provide a greater definition of facial features. Moreover, this beauty dish is able to modify the softness of light. Elinchrom beauty dish holds its position aside because of some unique features.

Features that made Elinchrom beauty dish a unique one:

Varieties of beauty dishes are available in the market. People always choose the best one that is congenial to their work. Requirements vary from person to person depending on the nature of photography. But some common features are needed for all types of photography.

  • Facilitates a greater definition of facial expressions.
  • Has the facility to modify the tone and softness of the light.
  • The presence of a diffuser provides better smoothness of light.

Some beauty dishes that made Elinchrom a unique brand:

Elinchrom allows a photographer to remain tension free about the lighting. As a result, he can focus on his job without any tension.

  • Elinchrom softlite 44 cm beauty dish: Elinchrom softlite 44 cm beauty dish is a parabolic reflector. It is also featured an adjustable deflector shield. The deflector shield enables it to remove the specular lights from flash tubes and redirect them to the reflector. Elinchrom softlite 44 cm beauty dish is a perfect choice for a professional photographer. It is perfect for fashion and commercial photography. Because it can produce broad, soft, and even lighting. This beauty dish also provides greater crispness than a traditional softbox.

Features of Elinchrom softlite 44 cm beauty dish:

  1. It comes with an additional diffuser to provide more softening of the light that is emitted from the flash tube.
  2. A deflector set is available. The deflector set is able to modify the softness of the light.
  3. Presence of beauty dish reflector with 44 cm diameter.
  4. Elinchrom provides the best-designed reflectors.

Pros of Elinchrom softlite 44 cm beauty dish:

  1. The Elinchrom softlite 44 cm beauty dish is very much strong and durable to last long.
  2. The beauty dish is portable and easy to carry.
  3. The beauty dish is lightweight.
  4. The beauty dish ensures soft and smooth lighting.
  5. It helps to obtain the more excellent definition of facial features.

Cons of Elinchrom softlite 44 cm beauty dish:

  1. The beauty dish needs to be handled with care.
  2. There may arise some problems regarding the brightness of the light.
  3. The beauty dish is harder to operate than the traditional softbox.

Elinchrom beauty dish 70 cm: Elinchrom usually provides a variety of beauty dishes. You can choose the perfect one for you according to your requirement. This one is a parabolic pan reflector. The beauty dish provides a deflector that can be adjusted according to the requirements. This beauty dish has the unique feature of preventing specular light from the flash tube. Even the beauty dish is able to resend the light back to the reflector for smooth and even diffusion of the light. Professional photographers need this beauty dish for portrait and commercial photography. Because these sectors need more broad, soft, and even light. Also, the beauty dish ensures natural color balance. The best part is, the beauty dish provides a warming effect.

Features of Elinchrom beauty dish 70 cm:

  1. It provides a diffuser to soften the light to a great extent.
  2. The presence of a deflector helps in the modification of the softness of the light.
  3. The diameter of the beauty dish is 70 cm.

Pros of Elinchrom beauty dish 70 cm:

  1. The Elinchrom beauty dish is more durable than any ordinary beauty dish.
  2. The Elinchrom beauty dish is not too much heavy.
  3. The beauty dish is portable.
  4. This beauty dish provides greater crispness than the ordinary softbox.
  5. The beauty dish is able to soften the light in a great way.

Cons of the Elinchrom beauty dish 70 cm:

  1. It might be proven as a tough job for the beginner to operate the Elinchrom beauty dish.
  2. There may arise problems regarding the brightest of the light.
  3.  It is not an easy task to assemble a beauty dish for a beginner.

Buying guide :

The newcomers might find it hazardous to find the best gears that are compatible with their requirements. If anyone chooses the right thing then he will be able to flourish his talent to the fullest. So you should follow some guidelines to find the best one for your job.

  1. Understand your requirements: It is most important to understand your requirements before selecting anything. Because for different types of photography, different types of beauty dishes are required. That is the perfect beauty dish for fashion and portrait photography is not the perfect one for commercial photography.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the first and foremost requirement of professionals. One can’t concentrate on his job until it is comfortable for him to work. Comfort is a must for both professionals and amateurs.
  • Budget-friendly: Budget is a very important factor to consider while choosing the right beauty dish. You need to choose a beauty dish that is not only useful to your work but also congenial to your budget.
  • Portability: If the beauty dish is not portable then it is a tough job to conduct the photography work. Because one has to carry it for outdoor photography work. If it is hard to assemble the beauty dish, the photographer finds it hazardous to continue his work.


The beauty dish is a must for professional photographers. So if you want to master this job, you need to get the best instruments that will help you to use your talent properly. If you don’t have the right beauty dish, then you may face problems regarding the softness and smoothness of the light. So, the Elinchrom beauty dish is the best choice for the entire photographer.