Double Eyelids

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Even if eyelids are small, they are very critical for keeping our eyes safe from debris, and perspiration. Not to mention, they keep our eyes perfectly functional. However, not all the eyelids look the same. In the south and southern part of Asia, you will find people with double eyelids. So, yes, some people do have natural double eyelids. Anyway, some people like to get double eyelids by surgery. That is why today we are going to talk about double eyelids. Mainly, this is going to be about natural double eyelid vs surgery. So, make sure you check read the whole content to understand the facts and importance of double eyelid.

What is Double Eyelid?

Many people like to think double eyelid is a physical condition. Most of the time, the condition occurs when you have twice the amount of eyelids. However, that is not the case for double eyelids. Double eyelids mean that the eyelid comes with a crease or fold. Well, maybe you are thinking this s not that common.

You are wrong. Double eyelids are very common among Asian people. Half of the east and South-east Asian women are born with a fold in their eyelids. People around the globe think it as a beauty standard. So, people who don’t have that like to complete a plastic surgery done. In this way, they can also get double eyelids.

What Does Double Eyelid Look Like?

To be honest, the double eyelid is just a crease of the skin of one’s eyes. Because of the crease, there is a lining on your eyes. Many people can say, I got Double eyelid naturally and some people will ask what a double eyelid is in the first place. Well, now you know this is nothing but a crease. A well-known thing in the Asian region. However, people are undergoing surgeries for double eyelids. If you search on the internet, you will find a lot of double eyelid images.

Is it Like the Double Eyelids on Dogs?

Another natural phenomenon is the double eyelids on dogs. But that is called a third eyelid. Other than that, it is known as the nictitating membrane. This membrane is located at the bottom of the eye’s inner part. Also, it is between the lower eyelid and the globe of the eye. Mainly, the eyelid will protect the eyeball and remove foreign elements. So, we cannot call that a double eyelid. However, it is kind of same in a way.

When Do Double Eyelid Develop?

This starts when your baby is just 2 months old. Yes, the condition occurs naturally. No, I don’t mean that every kid starts to develop a crease on the eye skin. If you are likely to develop double eyelids naturally, you will develop them in your 2 months age. However, kids tend to have monolids. Also, they have to stay with the monolid forever. But some people in the Asian region develop double eyelids naturally. That is why their appearance looks better and eyes bigger. Some people can develop double eyelids buy using some products such as eyelid tape or glue.

Do Double Eyelids Disappear?

Yes, sometimes double eyelids can disappear. Double eyelids are natural in the Asian region. Many people think this as a beauty standard and that is why some people go for double eyelid surgery. But after a few time skip, the double eyelid will start to fade away. Why so?

What can be the main reason for that? The first thing that we found is that double eyelids can make your eyes bigger and animated. Loss of the attachment between your levator muscles and the skin is the top reason for fading double eyelids. Also, the problem may occur from your surgery actually. Skin without puffiness doesn’t have that problem. However, your eyes are puffy or you have any other disease, you are likely to lose your eyelids.

Another reason is the problem with your surgery. Yes, the surgeon needs to incision the eyelids on the tissue. If they mess that up, your double eyelids will disappear.

Do Double Eyelids Look Better?

Yes, double eyelids can enhance one’s appearance. What can we say? Double eyelids are great for making your appearance more alert and expressive. For an eyelid without crease is not that expressive. Most of the time, one’s eyes look droopy or sleepy. So, other people cannot be sure whether you are interested in their conversation or not. Even people who face difficulty with facial expression can rely on double eyelids.

There are more than to a double eyelid. Applying make-up gets much easier. People who have double eyelids can apply eye make-up such as shade with ease.

So, yes, double eyelids look better. And this is not an uncommon condition. People in Japan, Korea, and in many other countries, people are always going for double eyelid surgery. Because, their carrier depends on it.

Do Double Eyelids Make Eyes Bigger?

Of course, it does. It can give your eyes a better symmetry. We can give you a good and natural example. Many people come with a crease on just one eye. And that is why there one eye looks bigger than the other. Mostly, this can happen due to genetic or hereditary traits from their ancestors.

Just looking at this case gives you a bigger view of double eyelid surgery. People who face a problem without having an eye without crease can get help from this one. However, there is a misconception about double eyelid surgery. People think that this is only for appearance. No, it is not about being wester. Rather, it helps you to be expressive.

Is There Anything Called Natural Double Eyelid?

There are always some people, who don’t like the thought of going under the knife. So, they are not happy with the idea of surgery. Now, is there a way for you to get a natural double eyelid?

Well, our research didn’t give us permanent and sure-fire solve. But Asian people try out some things to get their double eyelids naturally. But how to do so? Well, to escape the surgical route, they choose some products or eyelid tape or glue to create the crease.

Well, earlier we said that half of the Asian people have a crease. So, the people with one eyelid purchase eyelid tape or glue. Anyway, people with puffy eyes should take the surgery route. Because you need to get rid of the excess fat and some muscles.

Also, people often come with double eyelid on one eye. We talked about this earlier. So, you know this is a normal genetic problem. They come with a natural crease on their one eye. But the other eye does not have a crease. That’s ok. They can always go for surgery and fix the problem.     

Can I Get Double Eyelids Naturally?                 

Suppose, you are watching TV and there you have noticed a person having natural double eyelids. You are regretting yourself saying if I had those beautiful eyes! Since eyes with double eyelids look attractive many of us wish of having double eyelids.

Nowadays we are having a modern era with a huge developed medical science. Therefore, fixing double eyelids artificially is not a matter of wonder. We can fix artificial double eyelids in our eyes by plastic surgery. But many of us step backward when the matter concludes to surgery. The reason behind this behavior can be financial or maybe, they are not comfortable with surgery. Probably, the thought of going under the knife is scary for most people.

However people are searching for a non-surgical option. In that case, what can we do? No worry, don’t be impatient so fast. We have some amazing solutions for you. So, no need for feeling jealous of the double eyelid stars. Even you can have natural eyelids without going through surgery. And for that, you don’t need to spend a lot of cash! We can apply different options according to our preferences and acceptability. All of them are inexpensive and safe. Nowadays these non-surgical processes have a huge acceptance all over the world. We assure you that you can apply any of the processes among our suggestions to have attractive eyes with double eyelids. We are affirming you that you will not find any difference between your one and a natural one.         

How To Get Double Eyelids Naturally 

If you have a monolith and cherish to be looked more attractive or already you have a double eyelid and you want to make it defined, then here we have some effective solutions for you by maintaining which you can have your desired double eyelid. We have many a way to resolve this issue. We will suggest the most effective options. Let’s start!

Roll Sticker Eye Tape

Take a roll sticker eye tape. Cut it according to the size you want it to be. Let’s make it easy for you. You have to cut off a moon-shaped tape. This is good for those who prefer to cut the tape in their way since every eye has different shapes. Or, you can use Sticker Eye Tape. That’s already shaped in an arch so you won’t need to cut it yourself. Take a tweezer to peel it off, so your fingerprint won’t stick on it. Before applying the tape, make sure your eyelids are clean. Apply your eye tape before Eyeshadow primer, Eyeshadow, or even Eye Skin Care Product. Use a stick to check the line of the double eyelid. If not sure, you can always try a few more times. Use a tweezer to place the eye tape. Most brands of the eyelid tape will come with an applicator that you can use to find your eyelid crease. Check the double eyelid is well-placed. A few days later, you will notice a significant change in your eyelid. Thus you can get a natural double eyelid without going under the knife.

Double Side Sticker Eye Tape

Double Side Sticker Eye Tape is a standard product. You should maintain the brand quality by using the double-side sticker tape. First of all, peel of the sticker from the file. Use a tweezer to pick the tape. Both sides of the sticker are sticky. Be careful, don’t leave a fingerprint on it. Place the Double Side Sticker Eye Tape. Look upward to make the sticker tape together. Gently pinch the eyelid to secure the eye tape. Make a habit of using Double Side Sticker Eye Tape for a few days, you will discover a defined double eyelid. So, this is another effective process to fix the natural double eyelid.

String Double Side Eye Tape

These tapes come in a packet. Take one from the packet. Pull it and the fiber of the String Double Side Eye Tape will then become longer. Check your double eyelid line. Pull the String Double Slide Tape. Place it along your eyelid. Pull the string to fit your lid. Cut the end of the fiber carefully with scissors. Check to see if it’s fit. Lightly pinch your eyelid to make it stick. After using string double side-eye tape for a few days, you will discover some changes by yourself.

Double Eyelid Glue

You will find Double Eyelid Glue in a cosmetics shop. There are several brands of eyelid glue most of them come from Japan. Buy a Double Eyelid Glue. Open the glue bottle. Wipe off excess glue and take a small amount of glue. Check your double eyelid line. Before using the glue make sure that your eyes are clean. Apply a small amount of glue right along the double eyelid line. Be careful, the glue should not go into your eyes. Use a stick to support and push the eyelid. Open the eye and use a stick to make the double eyelid line stick. Gently push your eyelid. Using the Double Eyelid Glue may result in a few days. Day by day you will discover the progress.

Which One is Better – Natural double Eyelid vs surgery?

Getting double eyelids naturally or by surgery – which one is the better option? This is a critical question to answer. Most of the time, people don’t like to go under the knife. And that’s ok, as surgery can cause some major problems. However, going for it naturally is always a lengthy process. Not to mention, it takes a lot of effort.

For making double eyelids naturally, you need to use some products. Many people have a double eyelid on just one eye. For them, the natural process is the best. But the process does offer some let down of its own. We are not saying having surgery is bad or risky. Rather, it is fast and accurate in some ways. Consulting a specialist on plastic surgery will do you good.

Just like we said, the natural process is lengthy. And you have to purchase products and take care of your eyelids a lot. Not all the time you will get a crease. Most of the time, the crease starts to disappear. On the other hand, the surgery also has some bad risks involved. We will discuss them later on the content. For now, which one is the better option for you?

There are some considerations you need to take care of. For instance, your skin tone and other health issues. Some diseases can be identified by checking your eyes. Also, if you use products that are bad for the skin of your eyes, you better avoid doing so. Another thing we should mention that, if there is any fat in the area where you want crease, the surgery may involve risk. So, which one is better of the two completely depends on your perspective.

Is Double Eyelid Surgery Painful?

To be honest, double eyelid surgery is not painful. Double eyelid surgery is nothing but a plastic surgery process. During the surgery, they use local anesthesia. So, you should not feel any pain at all. But yes, the sound of having eye surgery is scary. Once you are under sedatives, you will not hear or feel anything. After the surgery, you will wake up without any pain at all. But there may be a little aching as the skin becomes tighter. So, you don’t have to worry about the pain.