Causes, types, and treatments of cystic acne scars

A very common for teenage boys and girls is to get a pimple over their face. After some days or some hours, it will grow up and looks like deep red over your skin. It’s very painful when you touch your face. The pain you feel on your skin is called cystic acne scars.

It’s a very stressful fact among teenager to have scars on their skin. It makes them deserted, frustrated and unappealing. But don’t worry. There is always a hope. This disease also can be cured under the proper treatment of medical expert and medicine.

One thing you must remember that this acne stays for a long time and gradually spreads out other parts of your skin. So don’t be late. If you find out any kinds of symptoms take the medical cure.

How it happens

It does not happen within a day. It happens slowly and suddenly you will find out that your skin looks red. The process is explaining below.

  • Start with a pore on your skin. Dead skin cells sometimes mingle with oil and become tacky. It clogs the pore and creates bacteria on your skin. These bacteria spread out in the deep of your skin and create an infection. This is a process of how cystic acne disease spread out.

When it occurs most

Cystic acne mostly attacks between the ages of 16 to 21. But it is not fixed. Anyone from the ages of 8 to 50 can get attacked by it. It mainly occurs in the face, arms, shoulders or even back.

Not only men but also women can get attacked by it over their pretty lovely faces. It’s really awkward to see a scar over a lovely skin. Right!

Causes of cystic acne

Acne causes for various kinds of reasons. It could happen from eating too many chocolates or oily food like French fries. Even oversleeping and unwashed face cause acne.

Actual it’s not only your fault. The main culprits of acne are enlisted below.

  • Etiology

The process of acne is pretty much depended on etiology. Your skin and immune system will fix by your etiology. If your genetics response system to bacteria is low, overproduce of dead cells and clogged the pores of your skin with the dead bacteria mixed cells. Then you have to accept your fate. So don’t just charge yourselves. In some case your parents have serious cystic acne then you have only 5% chance to get rid of it.

  • Hormones

Hormones also play a vital role for cystic acne scars. During adolescence, everyone including boys and girls produce androgens, a kind of hormones. Girls’ androgens are mixed with testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA-sulfate. In the case of boys, it contains testosterone and androstenedione. Androgen hormones are the cause of oil production on your skin. The higher the oil produce and the lesser the dead skin, the higher the chance of acne will occur. That is why it occurred among teenagers mostly.

  • Stress

At normal sense, you may not think about it but stress is one of the vital causes behind acne. When human beings face or feel stress, they release more androgens and cortisol from their cells. It causes oil production.  In the case of women, the releasing rate is higher than men as they have lots of stressful points in their life. According to medical research, the reason for acne among teenager is physical and mental stress. So my suggestion to youth is to just keep you always calm and free from stress. Take regular sleep and exercise like jogging or meditation. It will very much helpful for your body.

  • Environments & Habits

Sometimes environment and human habits cause for acne of your skin. Pollution, extreme heat of the sun causes acne. It forces high oil production and trapped the dead cells sticky with the pores. Skin is the largest and sensitive part of our body. It protects us from injurious objects. But too much defense of objects creates chloracne, rare types of acne. It’s different because it spreads out from pollution, not from hormone or genetics.

Sometimes our personal habits effects on our skin. Excessive use of hair gels, spray, shampoo or any other hair products create trap on the pores. It causes acne over the hairline. Even usage of makeup blocks the pore of the skin of your face and creates acne. My suggestion is to use good cosmetics product especially “non-pore blocking” product for skin.

Acne types

Different types and forms of acne have been discovered among people. Among all there are five types of acne are very crucial. These are:

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Inflammatory acne
  • Back Acne
  • Acne in different skin variation(oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin etc)

Treatments for cystic acne scars

According to from a dermatologist, following suggestion will bring good result against cystic acne. Just scroll below and read:

  • Take oral medicines to kill bacteria over the skin. If bacteria get killed, acne will not response.
  • Contraceptive pills help women to control their hormone but too much of it is very injurious to health.
  • Vitamin A is very helpful to unclog your pores over the skin. Eat those foods which contain a huge quantity of Vitamin A.
  • There is lots of cream, gel and lotions are available in the medicine shop. These can help you to get rid of acne. But remember at first go to doctor and use prescript ionized stuff only. Some creams or gel don’t suit your skin. So instead of reducing acne, it may force to increase it.
  • Isotretinoin, Myorisan, Claravis, Sotret are the high quality of drugs for recovering cystic acne. Take suggested dosage every day at least for five months and see the result with your own eyes. If you get improved then continue it for the long term. I see lots of people to get recover by using this medicine. But In the case of women, I suggest avoiding pregnancy while using this drug.
  • Spironolactone s kind of pill that helps women to get rid of acne but it also reduces unwanted water from the body.

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