Cure hemorrhoids during pregnancy

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The period of pregnancy is a very diverse time for the body of a woman. Every organ goes under changes to make space for the growing uterus that is for the embryo. The body also undergoes lots of hormonal changes. With all these, there can be extra irritation caused by hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a very common problem for women. About thirty-eight percent of pregnant women face this problem. Let us know about the causes and treatments of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Causes of hemorrhoids at pregnancy time:

Hemorrhoids are basically swollen veins in the rectum and anus. Normally, women get hemorrhoids in the last trimester of pregnancy as the uterus becomes large. 

During pregnancy, your uterus grows rapidly to give space for the embryo. This growing uterus puts pressure on other viscera in the pelvic region like the rectum and anus. Due to this pressure, the veins in the anus region get swollen up and cause hemorrhoids.

On the other hand, there is a hormonal effect on hemorrhoids at pregnancy time. There is a large secretion of progesterone hormone, which normally relaxes the veins’ wall. So they become more swollen prone. This causes hemorrhoids.

With these, there are some common causes also behind these piles or hemorrhoids;

  • Stressing too hard during bowel passing.
  • Because of carrying the extra weight of the baby during pregnancy.
  • Because of sitting or standing for a long time.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids during pregnancy:

General hemorrhoids and pregnancy hemorrhoids are typically the same from the viewpoint of symptoms.

In the case of internal hemorrhoid:

  • The patient may find bleeding during or after defecation.
  • The pain only is felt in internal hemorrhoids when it becomes prolapsed.

In the case of external hemorrhoid:

  • Itching somewhere near the anus.
  • Pain and discomfort.
  • Hard lumps in the anal opening.

Prevention of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoid is not imminent during pregnancy. You can easily prevent this by following some daily habits.

  • Be regular: This is the basic prevention technique. Go to the toilet regularly to defecate. Try to follow a routine.
  • Drink water: Drinking plenty of water is very much effective to soften the bowel. This will keep you free from constipation and thus will reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.
  • Do Kegel exercise: Kegel is mainly an exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments. This is kind of essential to give birth to a baby. But at the same time, it helps to prevent hemorrhoids by increasing circulation in the anorectal region.
  • Do not sleep on your back: Sleeping on the back can be harmful to both baby and in case of hemorrhoids also. Try to sleep on any of your sides. However, it is better to be on the left. If you sleep on your back, your uterus will pressurize more to your rectal region. This will cause hemorrhoids.
  • Do not sit for a long time: It is natural to feel tired to move during pregnancy of the weight of the baby. But you must not sit for a long time. This will reduce blood circulation to your anal region and may grow hemorrhoids. Try to walk for at least five minutes every hour.
  • Do not force defecation: Do not stress too hard for bowel movements. If it does not come out, try later. If you force too hard, soft tissues in the anal canal may be stretched and cause bleeding.
  • Stay clean: Cleaning is a must to get rid of hemorrhoids. If toilet paper is too rough for you, try using soft wipes.

Prevention is to take before the disease attacks. But if you are already suffering from hemorrhoids, what you can do. There are natural home remedies to get rid of it.

Natural home treatment:

There are some natural ingredients to treat hemorrhoids at home. You need to use follow these instructions regularly to get rid of them.

  • Warm bath: Take a warm bath for ten to fifteen regularly. It will increase blood circulation in the affected veins and will shrink those. This also relaxes the anal canal. You can mix some salt into the water also.
  • Witch hazel: Witch hazel is a natural antioxidant. It can easily reduce the discomfort, pain and itching of piles. It is available in the market in liquid form. You can apply it directly to the infected area. This additionally comes as wipes and soaps.
  • Use ice: Ices are great helps to hemorrhoids shrinkage. Take some ice cubes in a cloth and sit on it for ten to fifteen minutes. Try it two or three times a day for a better result.
  • Baking soda: Baking soda bath can be very soothing for hemorrhoid pain and especially itching. Take some warm water and simply mix baking soda to it and take a bath for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Apple cider vinegar: This ingredient has natural crude vinegar, which will shrink the veins and swollen tissues of the anal region. To apply it, take a cotton ball and soak it into the vinegar and apply it to hemorrhoid directly.
  • Use potato: It may seem a bit strange, but the grated potato has astringent properties. So it can greatly heal hemorrhoids. Make a compress from the potato and use it overnight. You will see the change.
  • Use tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to reduce itching and discomfort. Take a tablespoon of tea tree oil and apply it to the affected area by using a cotton ball.
  • Use coconut oil: Coconut oil is an antibacterial ingredient. It soothes away the pain and itching. Take some extra virgin coconut oil and soak some cotton balls in it. Now apply this to the affected area.
  • Use petroleum jelly: We all know the moisturizing and lubricating properties of petroleum. Applying this to the anal canal may help you to pass the bowel without pain. Take some vaseline on your fingertip and apply it to the anal opening gently. I hope this will help to reduce pain and discomfort.

Pregnancy is a period of lots of changes in the body which is difficult to cope up with for anyone. Having hemorrhoids may increase this difficulty a lot more. We all know, prevention is better than cure. So, try the preventive measures to get rid of hemorrhoids.