Benefits and Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy

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Colon hydrotherapy is not a recent idea. From many years ago, it has been continued. To remove the drastic fecal matter, gas or mucus the colon hydrotherapy is used. It is an easy and relaxes process. For removing your health problem, you can use it without any bad side effects. For the colonic problem, the blood flow in our body becomes damaged. For this reason, you can’t do any works or daily activities normally.

The colon hydrotherapy mainly related to the liquid.  All of the bad stuff which are the causes of your health problems, the colon therapy gives pressure on this bad stuff. It reduces your problems with easy and relaxation. For this therapy, the trained therapist uses castor oil, heat and other colon massage to reduce this problem.

Before taking this therapy, it is important for you to know that how much does colonic hydrotherapy cost? Moreover, you should know the benefits of it.

Cost of colonic hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy mainly works for developing mental and physical wellbeing. Presently, this therapy is maintained by the high professional doctors. However, trained therapist performs it in a series of three treatments procedures. Colonic hydrotherapy cost varies from man to man or location and canters. If you want to take this therapy, you need to $55 to $95 for per treatment. This package and discounts are depending on affordability of this treatment. A week or two weeks may take up to finish this therapy.

Benefits of colon hydrotherapy

There are a lot of hydrotherapies located in NYC. Moreover, there have many trained, specialized therapists who will treat you. But, the usual medicine doesn’t believe that colon therapy is the best way for reducing the problem. I think that this therapy should only use for certain medical treatment like severe constipation and procedures.

Many people believe that colon therapy is the best way for removing problem in the irrigation state. Many colon wastes are harmful for creating many problems such as constipation and toxins. The colon therapy removes these colon wastes.

The colon therapy destroys those wastes and allows bacteria to grow, which is essential for you. Each session, it takes 30 to 50 minutes. If you take this procedure, you will become capable of removing your problems. You will be able to do your daily movements with comfortably. We may show some benefits of colon therapy below the line:

  • Colon therapy makes the digestive system more effective
  • It’s maintained the regularity and prevents the constipation
  • Colon therapy increases energy
  • Develops the body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients
  • Improves concentration
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Decreases the risk of colon cancer
  • Increase fertility
  • Maintains ph. balance in the blood flow
  • Improves whole body well being

Colon hydrotherapy before and after

Before: You should maintain some rules before taking this therapy. These are very important for you to complete this therapy session successfully. Before taking this therapy, you must maintain your food habits for 24 to 48 hours. You will eat primary seasonal and organic vegetables, fruits, and grains. Drinking of water ex. 200lbs divided by 2= 100 ounces of daily water intake will also assist in this process. The day when you will take your therapy, eat some lightly foods, mainly vegetables, juice and fruits. I will suggest you to avoid some kinds of foods. These are coffee, alcohol, chocolate, fried food, ice cream, sugar, onions, cauliflower etc.

After: After colon therapy, most of the time it shows that the victim person doesn’t move hid bowel normally. He feels weak. It is a normal fact that after taking this therapy all the colon muscles makes strengthen. So, you feel weaknesses.  Keep in mind that after taking this therapy, you should avoid eating those foods which is responsible for creating this problem. To solve this problem, this therapy takes a few days or a week. So, in this week you will be careful to eat some kinds of foods. I will suggest you to eat some kinds of foods like fresh fruit juice, organic, green vegetable, nuts and seeds. Moreover, you can apply some home remedies such as take probiotic supplements, drink lemon water, use Epsom salt baths, and castor oil packs. Try to take a few times to recover it, and eats aloe Vera capsules.

Colon hydrotherapy for weight loss

If you want to do colon cleanse of your obesity, you can apply colon hydrotherapy. Because, it absorbed water and other waste from your body without any side effects. This is the best way to reduce obesity problems or weight loss undoubtedly. But getting the best benefits from the colon cleanse; it takes 3 weight loss steps which are the most important.

The First step is,

We know that there may be many ways to do colon cleansed. But if you want to get better results from the colon cleansed, you should use natural products regularly. Don’t use herbal products to reduce. It can apply non-herbal ways like OTC medications and laxatives might give better result to recover this problem.

The Second process is,

Eating a balance diet food and regular exercise. When you eat food, keep in mind that what kinds of food are helpful for you and what is not. If you eat the food randomly without maintaining the rules after a few days you will again fall into danger. For weight you should do daily exercise. It is the ancient and the best process for you.

And final process is-

You repeat the colon cleanse therapy regularly. Keep in mind that weight loss is not a quick process. For losing weight, you should repeat this therapy every 6-8 months.


At the time of colonoscopy, the patients need to wear the gown to feel comfortable. Then the doctors can do their duty easily. Patients ask to the doctors to lie in the bed with knees down upwards. This procedure takes 30 to one hours. But don’t be anxious because the whole process maintains by the trained therapist. After taking this therapy, the patients should avoid doing the hard works. After the procedure I will suggest that don’t eat your usual meal. You should eat liquid for at least two weeks. If you don’t maintain this process, you will fall in danger again and again.


Before taking the colon cleanse, it is important that you should go to a medical practitioner. We know that if we take the colon hydrotherapy, it is good for our body. It helps us to make a healthy life. But keep in mind that you will take it for one year. You will not take it every year.


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