The Unknown Things of Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is a manic depression. It is a treatable illness including in extreme changes in behavior, thought, and mood. Rapid cycling bipolar disorder is a distinct episode, an example of frequent in bipolar disorder. A person with this disorder experiences more episodes of depression in one year.

It can occur in the course of bipolar disorder. However, it can pass for many years depending on how good the illness is medicated. It is not necessary for an indefinite or “permanent” pattern of episodes.

Rapid cycling bipolar disorder is thought to be a more sharp form of bipolar disorder. It can feel like an out-of-control for someone. People who have these are more likely to attempt suicide.

Who is at Risk for Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder?

  • In teens or early 20 years, most people are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They are at slightly mid-teens, late-teens, younger age-are likely to be rapid cyclers.
  • Women seem to be at higher risk than men for rapid cycling. It is possible that the use of antidepressants may steed rapid cycling. The others possible contributor is a coated low thyroid function.
  • It is not clear that how many people suffer from rapid cycling bipolar. Between 26% and 43% of bipolar patients may have during their illnesses. One-third of bipolar patients may have disorder during any given year.
  • When people can be diagnosed with bipolar disorder and move into rapid cycling, they find out rapid cycling of moods crawl up on them gradually. It is common in and out of rapid cycling.
  • The bipolar disorder develops nearly borderline personality disorder before age 50. People with a direct family member are at higher risk of bipolar disorder.

Sign and Symptoms of Rapid Cycling

Rapid cycling bipolar disorder is diagnosed when there four states mixed, depressive mood, hypomanic episodes in a year. The mood vibrates tend to be unpredictable and random.

Those with rapid cycling bipolar disorder may be especially angry, impulsive and irritable. The people may have explosion they are not easily controlled. They with rapid cycling are at higher risk for alcohol abuse, drug, and suicide.

Most people with rapid cycle bipolar stop cycling by doing a proper treatment. Those who maintain rapid cycle after a year with treatments may sustain the cycle for many years.

The feature of Bipolar Disorder

Rapid cycling bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of depression and mania. There are many types of disorder, including cyclothymia, bipolar I, bipolar II.

Rapid cycling can be experienced by bipolar II disorder. A person with bipolar disorder rapid cycling has four or more episodes of mania in one month.

The main feature of bipolar disorder is given below:

  • At least one episode of mania in the people’s lifetime.
  • Episodes of depressive disorder, which are often repeated.

Cause of Rapid Cycling

The main cause of rapid cycling remains unknown. But some causes are includes:

  • Sensitization: Early episodes are triggered by real or unexpected life events. These are the death of a dearly one or an upcoming examination. At last, the person may start to have episodes without any “triggers”. Episodes become increasingly deep. The end consequence of this method, when the illness is completely treated, may be quick, ultra-rapid cycling bipolar disorder.
  • Biological Disturbance: This theory offers that people with rapid cycling have regularly biological rhythms. This theory for the sleep disturbances typical depression and mania and other symptoms as well.
  • Hypothyroidism: This theory propounds that rapid cycling occurs due to an insufficient amount of thyroid hormone in the brain. Most people have sufficient levels of thyroid hormone in the blood. But they replay well to treatment with thyroid hormone unheedful of their primary blood levels.

Treatments for Rapid Cycling

It is difficult to treat rapid cycle bipolar. Especially points out patient’s moods are completely stable. It may be challenging to find out the correct summation of medications. Be sure from the doctor before adding any medication, herbal or natural supplements to your treatment.

  • Psychotherapy: It can be an essential part of your treatment plan. People with bipolar disorder are unfairly judged. They may lose the advantages to develop a good relation or face problem achieving their goals.

          This fight may contribute to self-respect problem. It is helpful for the people with bipolar disorder to consult their physicians about personal advice. It provides advantages for     couples, group or family therapy. Discuss a treatment plan that work, manage and prevent suicidal thought.

  • Chart Mood: It can help the doctor to identify things that can cause stress, and track improvement. DSBA offers calendar as a tracking tool of mood. This calendar helps to record mood level each day.
  • Help Yourself, Help Others: With bipolar disorder, no one needs to feel lonely or shy. The people in rapid cycling bipolar DSM needs to meet people, share skills, support and inspiration with them who understand. It helps the people who are in rapid cycling bipolar for self-discovery, understanding and mutual acceptance. It helps to understand that a mood disorder does not judge who you are. It gives the opportunity to take benefit from the experience.

Rapid Cycling Bipolar Test

There is no cause to feel shy and suffer in silence. Find out, if you may have a depressive disorder, which can be treated in medical condition. Take the rapid cycling bipolar test and find out your options.

This bipolar and depression test is completely confidential. It takes a few minutes to complete. After the test, you can understand bipolar disorder conditions. The test helps your physician in your treatment.


Rapid cycling is different from other bipolar disorder. Rapid cycling is more difficult to control than other types of bipolar disorder.

In rapid cycling bipolar disorder, people need help, care, and love of other people. It helps them to improve their conditions. Don’t give chance to them to feel them alone and shy.

They need to work closely with a doctor, find more effective medication. However, you should keep lovely relation with the friend, family member and work as a normal person. It helps them to get rid of their depression and frustration. And help in living a normal and healthy life.


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