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In today’s episode, we’re going to explain the allergy and asthma associates. Allergy, a common disease, may shoot any of you or some of you are suffering from this symptom. It might be some of you never knew how it can vanish or how to control it. If you read our content carefully, you’ll find a relief path and will say ‘goodbye’ to your disease.

Do you or any of your loved ones have allergy and asthma? An allergy is a rare susceptibility to a substance or substances (allergens) that are normally harmless. Asthma is a long-term lung disease characterized by inflammation, constriction, and congestion of the airways.

Allergy and Asthma associates

Asthma caused by allergies is a common type of asthma. In this case, the symptoms of asthma are caused by allergic reactions to, for example, mites, pollen or dust from animals. Although not all cases of asthma are caused by allergies, and not all allergies cause asthma symptoms, it is estimated that between 75% and 85% of children with asthma suffer from some form of allergy.

Some reactions, such as eczema or asthma attacks, may be caused by an allergy. For example, continuous inflammation of the lung tissue may be the reason for the asthma attack observed after exposure to the causative allergen. Asthma attacks can also be triggered by episodes other than reactions of IgE.

What’s Allergy?

According to the specialist, allergy hits more than 50 million population of united state per year. An allergy causes when your immune system responds to a foreign substance, called an allergen. It can be invited to something you eat, take breath into your lungs, touch someone or inject into your body.

Due to this reaction, you might suffer from variety types of diseases like sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, itchy eyes or scratchy throat. It can also cause low blood pressure, spots, inhaling problem, asthma disease or even death. No relief is there for the allergy but you can control it through better treatment or prevention. 

A Statistic of United Stated

•   Nasal allergy affects more than 50 million people in the USA

•   It’s in the process of rising. They affect more than 40% of children and 30% of the adult.

•   Allergic diseases, including asthma, 5th leading chronic disease in the USA, for people of all ages 

Allergy Symptoms

You or your child may have allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, or itchy eyes or watery eyes that are caused by the allergy. If the common symptoms of allergy are managed, they can hide more important problems (or cause more serious illnesses), so it is important to control them. 

A blood test for allergies can help your doctor know whether you or your child have allergies or not, but if so, follow your doctor’s prescription.

Common allergens include:

•   Drugs

•   Dust

•   Food

•   Insect venom

•   Mold

•   Pet dander and other animals

•   Pollen

Some people have allergy-like reactions to hot or cold temperatures, sunlight, and other environmental triggers. Sometimes friction (a scratch or a sharp blow to the skin) will produce symptoms.

Allergies can lead to worsening of certain conditions, such as sinus problems, eczema, and asthma.

What’s Asthma?

Asthma is a type of long-term or chronic disease of the respiratory tract characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways that causes tightness or trouble breathing. In addition to breathing problems, asthma sufferers can also experience other symptoms such as chest pain, coughing, and wheezing. Asthma affects all ages, whether young or old.

Although the exact cause of asthma is not known clearly, but there are some things that often cause it, such as cigarette smoke, dust, animal dander, exercise, cold air, viral infections, or even exposure to chemical substances.

Basically, allergy and asthma come up together. In this case, allergies always become a quick factor that makes asthma worst.

Symptoms of asthma

The following is the impact of asthma that can happen:

•   Psychological problems can be shown like anxiety, stress, or depression

•   Reducing performance in school or at work

•   The body often feels tired

•   Disorders of growth and puberty in children

•   Status asthmatics (severe asthma who do not respond to normal therapy)

•   Pneumonia

•   Respiratory failure

•   Damage to the part or the entire lung

•   Dead

Controlling Asthma

If you’re suffering from asthma or living with asthma for a long time, do not worry about these conditions because asthma is a disease that is manageable as long as you can;

•   Recognizing and avoiding asthma triggers

•   Following asthma management plan created with your doctor

•   Recognize an asthma attack and take action appropriate treatment.

•   Using asthma medication recommended by doctors on a regular basis.

•   Monitor the condition of your airways.

If you use your inhaler asthma reliever and a quick reaction is increasing, immediately consult a doctor so that your asthma management plan is readjusted. 

Finally, allergy and asthma associates often come together. They are same elements that respond your lungs symptoms like dust mites, pet dander, or pollen may cause asthma sigh. And they are called allergic asthma. If you just find any sigh of allergy and asthma symptoms to you or your dear one, instantly go to your nearby clink or take advice from doctors.



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